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Peerless Snow Chains Z547 Z Review

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In winter you will need increased traction to be able to drive safe on roads covered with ice and snow and the most easy to install and use tire chains are  Peerless Z547 Z Chain Passenger Vehicles Light Truck Snow Tire Chains.

With the new improved design these tire chains will ensure you will have maximum traction and grip and that you will not have to spend a lot of effort to install them.


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Peerless Snow Chains

Peerless Chain Company began as a small tire chain manufacturer for automotive in 1917 that was supplying garage owners locally but as time passed they evolved in the market leader for design, manufacturing, and supply of tire chains.

They are known for innovation, custom solutions and best in class products all around the world delivering premium patented products to satisfy all the market’s demands beyond all expectations.

This company manufactures a wide variety of chains to fit all the needs of the market from small passenger cars to light trucks, SUV and more.

Tire chains are very important in assuring safety and increased traction during the extreme and harsh winter conditions so acquiring high-quality tire chains will save you from a lot of troubles.

Z chains are designed to fit many models of tires from passenger cars to light trucks having some unique features that differentiate them from many other tire chains models.

The Z chains line has a very fast, easy and safe installation that does not require additional adjustments after installation thanks to the rubber tensioner that is designed-in.

The increased all-around performances, greater durability, better compatibility, S class clearances, low damage potential makes this line so much appreciated.

Acquiring high-quality tire chains like the ones manufactured by Peerless will keep you safer and will increase your car performances in very difficult weather conditions.

Peerless Snow Chains Presentation

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Peerless Snow Tire Chains

Peerless Snow Chains Z547 Z Snow Tire Chains are designed specifically to ensure a maximum and aggressive grip and traction for extreme performances in icy and snowy roads.

The manufacturer advises you to fit the chains to the tire before actually using them to make sure that they will fit perfectly.

In this kit, you will receive the cable chains, protection gloves, and the instruction all being very well kept in a very high-quality durable nylon cover bag.

The installation of the chains is very easy all you have to do is to lay on the ground the chains making sure that the smooth side will face the tire tread and connect the fastener by reaching both sides.

The outside cable must be pulled toward the exterior of the tire then the faster at the top must be connected and after that the bottom fastener. It is important to make sure that both of them are adjusted within one bead of each other.


By moving the vehicle forward you can fit the chain better and adjust the slack afterward by tightening the adjustment points equally.

The Z chains from Peerless meet all the S class clearances and ensure high durability because they have the coils made from a very durable manganese alloy steel that will wear evenly.

The Z design will ensure optimum system performances for traction control and ABS by increasing the contact area with the surface of the road making your vehicle fit to face even extreme weather conditions.

The new design includes inner cross member connectors and a new system for fasteners that make it fit to be operated in small spaces.

The inside hoop was replaced with a more flexible semi-rigid cable made of steel being so much easier to roll and to store them in smaller spaces.

This line of Z chains has less tightening points that the old version(3 points for tightening) so you can adjust just using 2 places.

With all the new changes in design, this line of Z chains is compatible with many models of light trucks, SUV and larger passenger cars.

Having these chains properly installed will allow you to feel in command of your vehicle even in the roughest winter roads and by being so easy to install anyone can do that with no effort.


  • easy to install
  • easy to use
  • made from very durable manganese steel alloy
  • provide superior traction
  • all-around performance in traction
  • high compatibility with anti-lock brakes, all wheels drive, traction control
  • very safe installation
  • no danger to damage the vehicle body


  • must use well the instruction before installing


If you need increased traction for your car on icy and snowy roads you can try the new Peerless Snow Chains Z547 Z.

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