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Best Snow Chains for SUV and Light Truck

snow chains


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winter roads

Because winter is near and it is always best to be prepared from advance we are going to talk a bit about winter snow chains.

To be able to drive safely in bad winter condition it is important to take all the precaution measures and having snow chains in your car might come in handy later.

A good set of chains might save you from icy roads, heavy snowfalls by increasing traction even on the poorest winter road conditions.

Because on the market exists such a wide variety of models available it is important to know how to make a difference when it comes to quality to be able to properly choose what would better fit your needs.

Because some guiding lines might be helpful, we have prepared in this short article a short presentation of the most important features to consider when looking for snow chains and as an illustrative example the best snow chains we have found.

How to properly choose the Best Snow Chains for SUV

The first thing you have to take into consideration is the size of snow chains because they must fit exactly with your vehicle’s tire size, so before anything else, you must know what size are your tires.

Best Snow Chains for SUVs – Important features

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1.Size-Clearance Classes

The tire size is imprinted visibly on the sidewall of your tires and in the owner’s manual, you can find also the vehicle’s model, make and year and all the restrictions like limited clearance.

Depending on certain minimum clearances tire chains are differentiated in 3 classes: class S clearances, class U clearances, class W clearances.

The Class S snow chains are designed for vehicles like newer cars, small trucks, vans that have a restricted wheel clearance (large aftermarket tires).

2. Chain Adjustments

Automatic Adjustment

Automatic adjustment of snow chains is a very useful feature especially if you live in areas where you need to use them very often because high-quality automatic snow chains will almost do all the job by themselves.

These snow chains are designed using the most advanced technologies and materials that allow them to center and tighten themselves automatically as you drive keeping you protected and not exposed to the situation of spending a lot of time on your knees and hands in the snow trying to install them. (Konig/previously Thule K-Summit and XG12Pro, LowPro, Easy Fit SUV, Easy Fit CU9 or CG9 models).

Assisted Adjustment

Using snow chains that incorporate Assisted adjustment technologies have the same purposes as automatic adjustmenr making snow chains installation easier for you.

Even this type of snow chains will not tighten and align themselves automatically they still have integrated pulls or cams that make it easier and safer for you to fit and secure tire chains (Konig/previously known as ThuleXB16 or CB12, CS10, CD10 models).

Manual Adjustment

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icy roads

Snow chains that have Manual Adjustment require installation with more steps included because they have integrated not as much technology.

This type of snow chains are suitable for drivers that do not use very often snow chains and hit only occasionally the mountains.

Having a set of snow chains just in case of emergencies is a very good idea and buying snow chains with a manual adjustment is more affordable because they have a simpler design and lower prices.

Another important feature for high-quality snow chains is a Quick-Release Mechanism that is integrated into some automatically adjusting chains in the form of an easy to use a lever or just a quick-pull release.

This feature is very useful because it’s reducing the amount of time spent outside in the snow and cold weather and makes all the process safer and less complicated for you.

Additional features as rim protection, off-road use, plastic coating, link types, icebreakers, chain pattern, high-quality durable construction materials are as important as the rest because having all these features included in the design adds to the quality and high-performances of snow tires.

3.Protection for the rims

I know for sure that any driver wishes to protect the rims and avoid scratching or damaging them and this is where it comes in handy to have snow chains that have integrated rim protection mechanisms like rubber buttons, or just no contact with the rim.

This is why many Konig/Thule snow chains are very appreciated and used by many drivers that wish to keep their cars in perfect shape and avoid any damage to the wheels.

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4.Plastic Coating

By having plastic coatings in the most used point for installation on the chains will prevent your fingers from freezing and feeling all the discomfort of a very cold touch when you are not using gloves(many models of Konig/Thule have also this features included in their design).

5.Off-road design

For a driver that needs extra powerful chains, many companies have designed heavy-duty off-road snow chains that are strong enough that they ensure powerful traction even in heavy mud.

These models of chains that are specially designed for off-road conditions withstand extreme off-road driving stress and have strong side-links which provide excellent traction even in mud(many Konig/Thule models are specially designed for off-road driving)

6.Built-in Icebreakers

For drivers that face icy roads not only snow, having integrated icebreakers in the design of the snow chains might be a lifesaver because they will add a lot of traction and extra bite ensuring a safer drive on icy and heavily snowed roads(some Konig/Thule chains have integrated icebreakers also).

7.Link design

The link type is also important because each link design is responsible for performances on different kinds of surfaces, for example, some link design is better fitted to face heavy-duty ice and snow while others might be a better fit for light snowfall.

Links can have a square design, d-shape design, twist design, and rollers each with special characteristics that are suited for different environments making them more suitable for certain conditions than others.

For example, d-shaped and twist links because they have rounded edges that help limit jarring will ensure a smoother ride compared with square links that ensure increased bite on ice but a rougher ride also.

Twist links offer an advantage because they ensure great traction in mud and deep snow without losing the smoothness of the ride.

For drivers that need good traction in light snow and a smooth ride, the most suited chains are the rollers which are very light steel pieces that are warped around cables making them very flexible, easy to maneuver and light.

8.Chain Pattern Design

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Best Snow Chains for SUVs

The pattern design as with tires is related to traction and different pattern designs will ensure different traction and manufacturers use chain patterns like diamond patterns, ladder patterns, V-patterns in diagonal and full-coverage patterns.

9. High-quality durable materials

It is very important to know the quality of the component material for each snow chain model because each type of material has certain applications and some might be more suitable than others in different weather conditions and surfaces.

Because durability is crucial for quality snow chains most manufacturers use different steel alloys as manganese nickel alloy steel(resistant to corrosion and durable), low-carbon steel(economical and durable), titanium alloy steel(long-lasting, very durable, corrosion-resistant) but also other materials like rubber cords with wrapped steel coverings (steel rollers for low profile design).

In the following part of this article, I will make a short presentation for some of the most appreciated snow chain models along with what I believe are the features that stand out the most for each one.

1.Thule Koening K-Summit K11-Snow Chains

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Thule Snow Chains Review

The Thule K-Summit K11-Snow Chains are high-quality auto-adjustable snow chains that are very easy to use and install ensuring maximum grip in extreme winter conditions.

These foldable chains come in a very compact and durable storage bag making them very easy to store in your car to have them at hand whenever you need and with the tool kit included you can fit them with different lug sizes.

Thule K-Summit chains are designed for vehicles with narrow tire profiles and large diameter rims protecting expensive finishes thanks to the rim protection feature that limits the contact with the rim.

Thanks to the D-link that is dual-sided made from a very durable steel alloy, diamond pattern, and icebreakers these snow chains will provide strong and solid traction.

Because they are adjustable and can fit many tire sizes they must be properly adjusted with the help of the tool kit included to perfectly fit the size of your car’s tires.

In this particular model is important to check if the installing key fits over the lug nuts all the way because there you will attach the lug anchor point witch will auto adjust the chains once installed.

Even if at a first sight, they might seem a bit intimidating to install, after the first sizing and initial set up done, all you have to do is to tighten up one nut that holds the anchoring point and with a ratchet to position it closer to the tire.

One cool feature is the self-adjustable and self-centering mechanism with spring-loaded self tensioners.

The D-link with the extra edge will bite and ensure extra grip in snow for excellent side to side, forward and backward traction and the diamond pattern is responsible for unilateral traction.

The Icebreakers are important in icy road conditions because they cut deep in the ice, breaking it preventing this way the vehicle from slipping on ice.

The Thule K-Summit K11-Snow Chains are made from very durable manganese alloy steel ensuring a long life span and little damage and wear.


  • auto-adjustable snow chains
  • foldable and easy to store and keep in a storage compartment
  • designed for vehicles with narrow tire profiles and large diameter rims
  • use a rim protection mechanism
  • have D-link which provide excellent grip and snow traction
  • diamond pattern solid traction
  • built-in icebreakers to ensure excellent grip on ice and prevent slipping
  • very durable manganese alloy steel
  • they come with an emergency spare part link to be able to repair them in case emergency


  • it is better to not exceed 50 km/h
  • they need to be cleaned after you remove them to prevent damage


If you need the Best Snow Chains for SUV that offer a full package of premium features that are easy to install and use you have all you need and even more using Thule K-Summit K11-Snow Chains.

2.Thule Koenig XG-12 Pro Snow Chains for SUV

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Best Snow Chains for SUVs

The Thule Koenig XG-12 Pro Snow Chains for SUV are high-quality Premium auto-adjustable snow chains that are designed to ensure you the most comfortable, smooth and safe ride even in the worst winter snow.

They can be stored in the quality storage bag making them easy to take with you in your car.

They are very simple to install by sliding them in the backside of your wheel and draping the wheel with them. Just by slipping the ratchet in the self-tensioning system and secure it with a special spring you are ready to go.

These chains have an easy installation system but the first link is not adjustable and it is at first a bit difficult to attach than let’s say a similar attachment system from Peerless Auto-Trac.

Thule Koenig XG-12 Pro Snow Chains for SUV are premium products that are renowned for their durability and high-quality materials, and to see that you just have to compare them with other similar products.

But as always premium quality comes with higher prices that might not be important for some but that might determine others to orient themselves to some similar products with lower prices(Peerless Auto-Trac Snow Chains).

The Thule Koenig XG-12 Pro Snow Chains are suitable more for vehicles that need to face snow more frequently or for drivers that need extreme biting power and traction on snow. These are not the Best Snow Chains for SUV but are quite close.


  • auto-adjustable snow chains
  • very easy to store and install any time
  • designed for vehicles that face snow frequently
  • have a protection mechanism for rims included
  • have D-link which provide excellent grip and snow traction
  • diamond pattern with self-tensioning springs for a powerful traction
  • icebreakers that give a good grip on ice
  • made of a hardened manganese nickel steel alloy and included anti-scratch nylon reinforcements


  • they must be removed on the dry road to avoid damages


If you need high-quality snow chains that will ensure maximum grip on snow and ice you cannot fail by equipping your car with Thule Koenig XG-12 Pro Snow Chains

3.Thule Konig XB-16 Snow Chains

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Konig Snow Chains XB-16 265 Review

The Thule Konig XB-16 Snow Chains are high-quality classic standard snow chains with a simple but very effective and performant design that is based on quality first.

This particular Koenig/Thule model will surprise you with an impressive price that will allow you to have serious value at a very attractive offer.


  • easy and quick installation thanks to color-coding
  • traditional high performance and quality Koenig design
  • a clearance of 16 mm
  • manual tightening
  • diamond pattern
  • large links for increased traction and gripping power
  • very strong and durable made from manganese steel alloy
  • very good value for money
  • very reliable
  • D-links that are dual-sided
  • self-centering and auto-tensioning systems


  • are not suitable for large SUV tires


If you need very reliable and high-quality very durable manual tightening snow chains that come at a great price packing a lot of value you will be extremely pleased with Thule Konig XB-16 Snow Chains.

4.Peerless Auto-Trac Snow Chains for SUV

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The Peerless Auto-Trac Snow Chains for SUV are entry-level high-quality snow chains that have many features similar to Thule Koenig XG-12 Pro Snow Chains for SUV providing also excellent snow traction.

These snow chains are also very easy to install just by slipping them in the backside of your wheel and draping them to cover the wheel and after you secure the auto tightening and centering mechanism you are ready to go.

These snow chains have one of the easiest installations because they have these 2 adjustable ratchets but on the other side, these very useful features can become an disadvantage if you are not careful and damage them by accident.

Peerless Auto-Trac Snow Chains are more suitable for drivers than need to face snowy roads occasionally but are as solid as other snow chains and are a wonderful acquisition that will provide increased traction on snow and safety on the wintry roads.


  • very easy to install
  • good grip on snow
  • auto-tightening system
  • auto-centering system
  • d-link design
  • adjusts to the road conditions
  • 2 polycarbonate ratchets that will make installation a breeze and tightening easy
  • made from light steel manganese alloy
  • class S clearances


  • the tensioners are not very strong and some issues might arise from that


If you are looking for affordable very good snow chains that are super easy to install and will ensure you a very good grip on snow you will love Peerless Auto-Trac Snow Chains for SUV.

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