iRobot Roomba i7 Review

Robot Vacuum
  • Price - 9.4/10
  • Quality - 9.8/10
  • Features - 10/10


The iRobot Roomba i7 is excellent for people that don’t have the time to vacuum their homes as often as they need to. This little robot can help save time is very easy to use.


Robot vacuums are designed to replace your traditional vacuum as much as possible. This means cleaning all the reachable floors no matter what they’re made of. They can work on wood, ceramic, cement, and even carpets. If you have thicker carpets, you will need a bigger robot. Otherwise, a small robot should be able to get the job done.

A robot vacuum can clean your home using different suction powers to get rid of all the hair. More than that, it can go back to its charging pod when the battery is too low, and then resume exactly where it left off until the job is done. These robots are easy to use, very efficient, time-saving, small, quiet, and quite cost-efficient.

iRobot Corporation is a technology company that is known for its consumer robots. It was founded by three members of MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Lab, who used to design robots for military defense and space exploration. This American company offers a wide range of autonomous cleaning devices, including vacuum cleaners, floor moppers, and lawn mowers.

In this article, we’ll talk about the iRobot Roomba i7 Vacuum Cleaner.


The iRobot Roomba i7 comes with a disposal bin that you can place wherever you see fit in your home. You just have to make sure the robot can make it to it when it needs to. This way, every time the bin in the robot is full, It will automatically go and empty itself. You won’t have to worry about cleaning the robot for up to 2 months when you’ll have to clean the disposal bin to make room for more.

Thanks to its strong suction power, this cleaning robot is excellent for homes with pets as well. And the cleaning brushes are carefully designed to never get tangled in the pet hair. The brushes are also capable of continuously adjusting themselves to always remain in contact with the floor or carpet. You will be surprised how much hair your carpet has even after you cleaned it with a traditional vacuum.

This cleaning robot is also good at learning where and when you clean and suggest personalized schedules.  You’ll be able to set the robot to clean the kitchen every morning after breakfast and every night after dinner. You can also set no-go zones that will stop the robot from entering certain spaces. This includes a tool room, playtime room, etc.


The iRobot Roomba i7 features a premium, 3-stage cleaning system that ensures a superior performance. It also has vSLAM navigation, which helps it learn the layout of your home accurately and quickly. This will allow it to build personal maps that make it clean your home at an expert level. It will also help them navigate better through cluttered areas.

Thanks to the smart home system compatibility, you can just simply connect the robot to Alexa and give it vocal commands. Cooking can create quite a mess on the kitchen floor but a simple “Roomba, clean under the kitchen table!” or “Alexa, tell Roomba to clean under the kitchen table!” will save you some time.

And you don’t have to worry about the robot mixing up your kitchen with your living room or bathroom. This is because its Smart Map feature allows it to know exactly which room is which and where to go. And if you would like a robot mop as well, you can get one of iRobot’s Braava robots that is compatible with this robot vacuum. They can get synced together and will start cleaning in sequence.


  • Easy to Install
  • High-End Quality
  • Comes with a Disposal Bin
  • Great for Homes with Pets that Shed
  • Powerful Suction and Smart Navigation
  • Capable of Being Connected to Alexa Home System


  • Very Pricey
  • The automated disposal bin could have been designed a bit better.


The iRobot Roomba i7s are high-end quality and they are excellent at cleaning homes without disturbing anyone. They work very silently and are capable of cleaning pretty much any type of floor. This includes hardwood, tile, concrete, carpets, etc. You won’t have to worry about cleaning for quite some time as the robot can empty its dust bin all on its own as well. If you’re looking for a robot vacuum that works precisely and can get rid of all the pet hair as well, you might want to give this product a chance.

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