Ecovacs 661 Vacuum Robot Review

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The Ecovacs 661 Vacuum Robot  is ideal for any houseowner that needs a little bit of help cleaning and mopping their home.


There aren’t many people that enjoy vacuuming as it can be very annoying. This is why when robot vacuums first came out, they were an instant hit. And since then, they’ve been continuously improving and making them more powerful and smarter, while also keeping their compact design.

A robot vacuum is a small device that’s specifically designed to make vacuuming your home a breeze. While it can’t vacuum stairs and other places where it may fall, it still replaces your conventional vacuum for the most part. They’re ideal for homes with uncluttered floors and higher furniture. This makes fitting under your sofa much easier.

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Ecovacs 661 Vacuum Robot

Even if you drop your backpack in the middle of the living room, most robots are smart enough to detect and avoid them. The same goes for shoes, socks, cables, floor pillows, etc. You can also set invisible boundaries with the help of your smartphone and an app. After that, the robot won’t take long to map your home and learn its way around.

Newer models are also designed with a camera through which you can see your home. You can also guide your robot with the help of your smartphone. This makes them ideal for checking up on your pets while you’re away as well.

Robot vacuums are also usually equipped with a floor sensor that tells them when they’re on the floor or on the carpet. And when they’re on the carpet they usually double the suction power to ensure a thorough cleaning process.

They also have a special sensor that detects stairs and other similar areas around your home.

In this article, we’ll talk about the Ecovacs 661 Vacuum Robot.


Ecovacs 661 Vacuum Robot

The Ecovacs 661 Vacuum Robot is a device designed to make vacuuming and mopping your home much easier. It can vacuum all sorts of debris, dust, spilled food, and other dirt around your home. And then it can mop your entire home no matter how dirty your floor might get while you work. You can also use it to dry your kitchen floor after you accidentally spilled a glass of water.

Ecovacs Robotics is a technology company known for developing in-home robotic appliances based, in China. It was founded in 1998 and according to Global Asia, Ecovacs Robotics had more than 60% of the Chinese market for robots by 2013.

Their most popular products are the DEEBOT, which is a floor cleaning robot, the ATMOBOT, which is an air-purifying robot, and the WINBOT, which is a window cleaning robot. They also have the BENEBOT, which is a shopping assist robot, and the UNIBOT, which is a smart robot made for floor cleaning, home monitoring, and air-purifying.

Thanks to this robot’s interchangeable dustbin and water tank, you can easily swap between them and let it deal with all of your floor cleaning needs. It also features special sensors that detect all sorts of obstacles. This allows it to avoid cables, shoes, and other items, while also making sure it won’t fall down the stairs and get damaged.

The robot comes with a charging dock, two dual-length side brushes, one high-efficiency air filter, one remote control with battery, one cleaning tool, and one user’s manual. You will also benefit from a standard one-year warranty and lifetime customer support.


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The Ecovacs 661 Vacuum Robot is designed with optimized navigation. This allows it to systematically navigate the hard floors and provide perfect mopping. You won’t have to worry about the robot missing a spot.

Thanks to the 110-minute runtime, you can enjoy a longer battery lifespan. And when the battery is almost empty, the robot stops the work immediately and goes back to its charging dock. And when it’s ready to work again, it resumes its job. When it doesn’t work it stays in its charging dock, and it’s always ready to start cleaning.

With the max power mode, the robot can increase the suction power by up to 2X. This makes cleaning troublesome messes a breeze. This feature is also used when the robot detects that it’s on a carpet. You won’t have to worry about not getting all of your dog’s hair. In fact, you will be shocked about what the robot can get out on its first run. It’s much more efficient than a conventional robot.

This robot is designed with various basic features that allow it to work flawlessly all the time. This includes its anti-drop and anti-collision sensors, auto-return charging, automatic software update, durable protective bumpers, high-efficiency air filter, anti-scratch finish, large and easy-to-empty dustbin, and large wheels.

The durable protective bumpers ensure that no matter what the robot bumps into while working, it won’t damage the surfaces. This includes walls, furniture, chair legs, etc. And its anti scratch finish makes sure that the robot isn’t to easy to scratch as well.

ECOVACS DEEBOT 661 takes care of your floor cleaning so you won’t have to.

Ecovacs 661 Vacuum Robot Pros

  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Use
  • Anti Drop Sensors
  • Anti Collision Sensors
  • Auto Return Charging
  • Automatic Software Update
  • Durable Protective Bumpers
  • High-Efficiency Air Filter
  • Has Anti Scratch Finish
  • Convertible Vacuuming and Mopping
  • Runs Up To 110 Minutes
  • Can Increase Suction Power Up To 2X
  • Compatible With Alexa and Google Assistant

Ecovacs 661 Vacuum Robot Cons

  • Not ideal for very large spaces.


The Ecovacs 661 Vacuum Robot is one of the best cleaning robots on the market made for home use. You can count on it to get rid of all the dust and pet hair, while also cleaning all the grease from your kitchen floor. And if you have low thresholds, it can easily go from room to room and clean everything. If you’re looking for a reliable and easy to use cleaning robot, you might want to try this product.

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