Laser Radar Detector - ESCORT MAX360

Laser Radar Detector – ESCORT MAX360

Radar Detectors
  • Price - 9/10
  • Functions - 9.9/10
  • Accuracy - 9.9/10


ESCORT MAX360 is one of the best laser radar detector available on the market, today. But this comes with a downside: the price.


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Laser Radar Detector Review

Radar uses frequencies or wavelengths of sound that are emitted and received by the same unit gun to detect the speed with which a vehicle is moving by measuring the radio sound wavelength.

The radio detector in your car uses the same principle detecting the radar emitted signals by police radars.

Radar detectors will identify police radars and prevent you from getting a speed ticket or other contravention.

These small devices can identify even the laser speed guns that are used by police troops to catch high speeders.

Police officers use 2 types of radars: Lidar and Doppler radars which use different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Lidars use a narrow beam of light pointed at an object which will reflect the beam giving this way information about the precise speed of the object.

The Lidar detectors will help you avoid being pulled over by police forces for overspending and avoid getting tickets for speed.

Having many notifications and alerts you will be notified each time with a fast signal each time you have a Doppler radar or a Lidar in the area to help you avoid getting over-speed tickets.

On the market exists a wide range of radar and laser detectors so you have a lot of options to choose from.

But as always it is important to do a little research before spending your money on a product just to make sure you will get what you need at the correct price.


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Laser Radar Detector

ESCORT MAX360 – Laser Radar Detector is a radar detector with a wide range of detection and point the direction of the radar or radar camera.

This detector has a 360 directional array, alerts, dual antenna, GPS power, the accuracy of alerts and lightning-fast response times.

This device comes in a nice compact handbag to allow you to safely store it when you are not using it.

Along with the device will get a cigarette charger and an adhesive car mount to safely secure it where ever you wish to attach it on board of your car.

The unit is small in size and discreet having menu buttons on the top for sound, power, mute which are easy to use to customize and navigate through the menu.

The display has an auto-power button to automatically save screen life by turning blank after 30 minutes and automatically turn on when you reach 10 mph.

Will operate with X-band, K- band, Ka-band and laser bands with a width of 904 nm and 33mhz.

It is compatible with some variants of windows like 7,8 and 10 having high-resolution graphics to enable a perfect display of strength, type and quantity of signal.

You have visual and audio alerts and also voice alerts to help you keep your attention on the road making driving safer for you.

Using the Defender Database you will have available all the data for speed cameras and red-light locations to avoid any speed traps.

Whit this small device you can feel protected on the road and have the peace of mind you need to drive safely and have an enjoyable journey.

Whit a small investment you will avoid spending money on expensive speed tickets.


  • easy to install
  • easy to use
  • has a 360 range of detection
  • will detect X/K/Ka-bands and laser beam
  • has visual and voice alerts
  • lightning-fast detection
  • has an easy to use the menu
  • has 6 level filtering for false alarms


  • it is a bit bulky


If you need a good radar detector compatible for all wavelengths and laser beam with a lightning-fast detection you should try the ESCORT MAX360 – Laser Radar Detector.

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