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Cobra XRS 9370 Radar Detector Review

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If you’re looking for a radar detector, that’s highly reliable and that can keep you safe from speed tickets, you should definitely give the Cobra XRS 9370 a chance.


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Cobra XRS 9370 High-Performance Radar Detector

Car speeding is not a joke, thousands upon thousands die on the road each year all over the world, because of speeding. That’s why cops are so merciless when it comes to catching speed drivers. While they’re in the right here, what if you could avoid the unwanted meeting with a cop by knowing when there’s one close to you?

A great solution for that is radar detectors. While they’re a little bit pricy, they’re definitely worth every dime you spend on it. While, for obvious reasons, some states have banned these devices, they’re still very popular among drivers, especially those that drive a lot and for great distances.

A radar detector is an electronic device used by motorists to detect if there’s a radar gun, used by police or law enforcement to monitor speeding. A radar detector’s job is to alert the driver so he can reduce the car’s speed before receiving a ticket for speeding.

Usually, speed measurements are taken when you are within 1000 feet from the radar gun. Sometimes even closer if the officer hides in a stationary position. Luckily, all radar detectors made today can detect a radar gun from distances much greater than that.

Radar Detectors, detect the invisible radar waves in the air that are used to measure your vehicle’s speed. You can’t see them when the radar detector’s alarm goes off, but when you do, you’ll realize what a great investment it was.

While radar detectors are legal in most states, radar jammers, or any devices developed to interfere with police equipment and prevent a reading, are not legal and can be punished according to law.

Types of Radar Detectors

Some radar detectors can be detected by the police, but not in the way you think. Generally, a radar detector is a passive system. It doesn’t emit a signal that can be detected, so a usual police radar cannot detect the radar detector.

A Radar Detector-Detector (RDD) is a device used by police or law enforcement in areas where radar detectors are illegal. Radar detectors are developed around a superheterodyne receiver that has a local oscillator and radiates slightly.

Essentially, radar detectors act as radio receivers, picking up specific frequencies used by radar guns. A similar system exists for laser speed guns, called Lidar, wherein the laser detector emits a scramble beam of light. These devices are a little bit harder to detect than the usual radar guns.

Lidar, which uses a focused beam of infrared light, is now being by many police departments because it’s harder to detect, but not impossible. So it’s slowly turning into a war of “who has the fanciest toys to hide from the other”.

In this article, we’ll talk about COBRA XRS9370, a high-performance Radar/Lidar detector with 360-degree protection.


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Cobra XRS 9370 Review

The Cobra XRS 9370 comes with a superfast sweep circuitry that provides a wider detection range and advanced warning. This helps detecting even the fastest radar guns available. This way you can enjoy your road-trip while leaving worrying to this accurate futuristic gadget that won’t fail you.

This radar detector has an ultra-compact design, an UltraBright display with an improved range for ultra-high performance. The unit has a discreet design with a refined style and features a digital signal strength meter to provide relative proximity to the target.

Thanks to the VG-2 and Spectre Alert systems, you will be warned when you are under the surveillance of a VG-2 or Spectre 1/4 or a Radar detector-detector. Pop Mode detects the latest Radar Gun POP. This makes you aware of most radar devices so you can have some peace of mind while driving.

With the City and Highway Modes, you’ll be allowed to select the operating mode. This will reduce the frequency of false alarms in densely populated urban areas. Sometimes a malfunctioning radar detector will send false alerts every 5 seconds, making your trip a nightmare, that’s why quality is important.


The Cobra detects radars that haven’t made their way into the U.S.A yet. Such as the KU Band Radar Gun that’s currently widely used in Europe, with its KU Band Detection feature. This compact unit detects all 14 radar/laser bands at a wider range than most of its competitors.

Ultra Bright data display offers easy recognition of the detected band by using band identification icons. This way all it takes is a few minutes of memorizing them all before starting to use it. So, you’ll be able to recognize it with just a glance while driving.

The Cobra XRS 9370 features an auto-mute mode and dimmer for night time use and LaserEye 360 detection. The Safety Alert feature alerts the driver of emergency vehicles and road hazards from the system equipped with Safety Transmitters, and a memory function. This radar detector is FCC compliant.

Thanks to its early alerts, you have all the time in the world to slow down before you even see the officer using a radar gun. With this gadget, you can enjoy a drive without being scared that you’ll come back with a speeding ticket that stings your soul.

Cobra XRS 9370 Pros

  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Install
  • Ultra-High Performance
  • Ultra-Bright Display
  • Reduced False Alarms
  • Laser-Eye 360 degree Detection
  • Safety Alert

Cobra XRS 9370 Cons

  • Not Cordless
  • No Case


Radar guns can drastically change from year to year, new models are added. Some radar guns are real game-changers, but luckily the radar detectors developers and manufacturers are keeping up just fine.

If you’re looking for a radar detector, that’s highly reliable and that can keep you safe from speed tickets, you should definitely give the Cobra XRS 9370 a chance.

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