continental wintercontact si Winter tire

Continental WinterContact Si Tires

Premium Tires Tires Winter Tires
  • Dry grip - 9.5/10
  • Wet Grip - 9.3/10
  • Road Feedback - 8.8/10
  • Handling - 9.1/10
  • Wear - 8.8/10
  • Comfort - 9.1/10
  • Buy Again - 8.9/10
  • Snow Grip - 7.7/10
  • Ice grip - 7.2/10


The Continental Contact Si tire is a premium winter tire that ensures excellent performances in all kinds of winter conditions offering you  outstanding pleasure while driving your car.


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continental wintercontact si

Continental is a well-known manufacturer for tires that originates from Germany at that is ranked today as forth world largest tires manufacturer.

This company in its beginnings in 1871 started manufacturing rubber and only in 1898 they started to manufacture tires with a simple tread acquiring with this model of tires real success for the brand.

Because German technology and engineering are well known for high precision, efficiency and diligence, Continental have invested in its brand development and in 1904 they were the first in the world that manufactured tires with tread patterns for vehicles.

They are known also for the introduction on the automotive market of the first tires that were wheel detachable in 1905 designed to be used by touring vehicles.

The pioneering spirit is the responsible force behind all the major Continental innovations and with the accuracy and diligence of German engineering, all Continental products meet the highest German quality standard for near 150 years now.

Interesting things about Continental

This company is known for the products created that satisfy any needs of the auto market starting from performance tires for high-end cars to light truck tires that are suitable for all applications adapting to every special need of different environments.

Continental uses for the mass production of high-quality premium tires completely automated High-Performance Technology Centers that are fitted with production processes and machinery that uses the latest software and sensor systems and are completely networked.

Because tires are critical components for the vehicle which ensures safety and performance Continental invests always in a quality never compromising precision and by investing constantly in high technological processes they keep delivering top quality finished products.

By believing in constant progress and investing in innovations Continental enriches the tire market with new technologies like the brand new ContiFlexStud that increases the life span of Continental tires while at the same time better ice grip, long-lasting performances and reduced noise on the road.

All major car manufacturers use Continental tires like Volkswagen, BMW, General Motors, Porsche, Renault, Iveco, Ford, Daimler, BharatBenz, Volvo, Toyota, Schmitz, Honda, and Koegel.


Continental Winter Tire

TheContinental WinterContact Si Tire is a premium high-quality tire designed for snow and ice in the toughest winter conditions.

This tire has a unique unidirectional pattern featuring a PolarPlus Technology that uses Silane additives in the rubber compound to maintain high flexibility even in very cold winter temperatures.

Incorporating high-density zig-zag groves that are multi-angled carved in the tread design increase the biting edge and wet road performance.

These tires have also incorporated in the design alignment indicators that will notify you in case of the wrong alignment to prevent permanent tire damage.

You will have also a wear indicator embedded in the tire that will be visible when the tire has a 50% wear.

These performance-oriented tires are very flexible and stiff at the same time in very cold conditions being design to meet the demanding performance requirements for all winter conditions.

Whit this premium tire you will have increased winter grip, very good wet braking performances, and excellent dry and wet handling.

The Continental Winter Contact Si Tire is known for very good performances in winter braking and accelerating due to the design of winter sipes, target patented void and traction ridges.

The tread pattern with void design in it allows the tread to give interlocking grip and bite in the snow and because tires carry the highest load in the center of the tread the design is very important in that area.

Continental WinterContact Si Features

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A higher void in the central tread area will ensure high snow traction and the high-density winter sipes that are strategically incorporated in the tire increase traction while braking and accelerating.

Another important feature in the design of these amazing winter tires is the traction ridges that are incorporated at the base of the tread grooves to grip snow and allow the internal snow friction to increase and improve even more the traction.

Because these types of tires are design to be used in below-freezing conditions there is design to perform very well in wet conditions having groves strategically angled placed to channel water out of the tire and reduce hydroplaning.

Having improved surface contact between treads and the road surface these tires will have also a highly improved wet/dry traction.

In the present tire market, the quality standards are very high and winter tires are expected to have also very good wet/dry traction and the Continental Contact Tires have all-round excellent performances.

Because the outside shoulder pattern on the tire is critical in wet and dry handling this tire has included in its design elevated lateral groves that will ensure high stability in cornering.

The Continental Contact Si is a premium winter tire that ensures excellent performance in all kinds of winter conditions offering the outstanding pleasure while you drive your car.

This tire is designed especially for sedans, coupes, crossover vehicles and minivans and it is available in many sizes.

Having the snowflake marked on the sidewalls this tire is considered an exceptional studless ice and snow tire that meets even the most rigorous snow service demands of the auto market.

Because these tires ensure increased traction in winter conditions drivers are advised to equip the vehicles with sets of 4 ContinentalContact Si tires to make sure that all the requirements are met to provide the best handling performances these tires are capable of.


  • secure grip in wet winter conditions
  • excellent snow and ice performances
  • reduced rolling resistance and higher fuel efficiency
  • reduces CO2 emissions
  • new interlocking snow grooves design
  • high comfort and better handling on snowy roads
  • shorter braking distances for winter conditions sporty driving
  • maximum steering precision and control on wintry/dry roads while cornering
  • increased safety and driving confidence even in extreme winter conditions


  • these tires are a bit more expensive but they pack a lot of benefits


If you need high-quality premium tires for your car that are specially designed to face even the most extreme winter conditions with excellent wet/dry grip then the Continental WinterContact Si Tires are exactly what you need.

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