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Parking Sensor Kits – KKmoon Front and Rear

Parking Sensors
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If you wish to drive and park whitout  worryes you might try the new KKmoon Front and Rear Car Reverse Backup Radar System which will eliminate all the blind spots and make driving and parking a breeze for you.


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Parking Sensor Kits

Reverse sensors are used frequently to help drivers park better and avoid obstacles that might damage the vehicle.

We all know that we have blind spots in different car models and it is very easy to hit an obstacle simply by not seeing it.

Many new models of cars have already incorporated parking sensors and parking cameras as built-in features.

Having parking sensors and a parking camera will help you avoid pedestrians, kids, low profile obstacles and damage your car while trying to park.

Ultrasonic sensors are used to determine the proximity and sizes of objects behind your car

The returning ultrasonic waves are registered and analyzed with the help of a computer installed on your vehicle which measures the changes in wavelength or spectrum and the time it takes for the wave to return at the sensor.

Importance of parking sensor kits

Even if older models of cars do not have this feature included that does not mean that you cannot make improvements and upgrades and add parking sensors.

With a small investment, you can upgrade your car with a reverse sensor system that will make driving a lot safer and easier by using radar sensors to detect any obstacles in the blind spot area.

Having parking sensors installed you will be alerted of any objects that will come into proximity with your car surroundings.

When approaching a stationary object the alert will become more frequent as you are nearer to it.

Parking sensors are complex and will require professional installation and also you must check if they are compatible with your model of car.

On the market, you will find available many types of parking sensors and the number of sensors from each kit might be different.

Some parking sensor kits are designed to be used only for the rear side of your car and others might have both front and rear parking sensors.

Depending on your budget and needs you can choose a suitable parking sensor kit to install in your car.

Even if on the market you might find many options available not all will provide high-performances and increased safety so it is important to do some research before buying a product.


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KKMoon Parking Sensor Kits

KKmoon Front and Rear Car Reverse Backup Radar System is a kit that comes with 8 sensors for front and rear, sound warning and an LCD.

The Kit is designed to cover all the blind spots of your car having 4 rear sensors and 4 front sensors which will detect effectively all the obstacles and pedestrians while you park.

The obstacle detecting range of the sensors is very precise and will ensure a high level of safety.

By positioning the sensors 4 in the back, 2 on the front right side and 2 on the front left will reduce the blind spots and will effectively prevent corner rubbing when you reverse.

The option to switch the sound is available and with the help of the display, you can customize other features also.

The dual-core display is independent and is connected to the built-in micro-computer control.

All sensors are weatherproofed against wind, sand, water, fog, frost, ice, snow, rain and have enhanced detection and coverage.

So just by investing a small amount in a good parking sensors kit you will upgrade your car and protect it from all the blind spots that might cause accidents.

Using this kit backing-up will be easy as a breeze and safe no matter how skillful you are as a driver giving you the confidence to maneuver your car in any place.

The ultrasonic sensors are very sensitive and will detect any obstacle in your path, even low walls or children helping you to avoid any bad incident.

The LCD will help you a lot making all the obstacles visible for you and combined with the sound alarm, you will have no problem avoiding them.

You will have no worries because these sensors are weatherproofed and you can use them all year round without damaging them.

Parking Sensor Kits Pros:

  • Rear and front sensors
  • LCD display
  • Customizable features
  • 3 levels of volume control
  • Weatherproof sensors

Parking Sensor Kits Cons:

  • Might not be compatible with all car models


If you need a good parking sensor kit that will ensure rear and front protection and eliminate all the blind spots you might try Parking Sensor Kits – KKmoon Front and Rear.

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