Rostra Parking Assist System

Parking Assist System – Rostra 250-1920-FZ Front-Mount

Parking Sensors
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Rostra 250-1920-FZ Front-Mount Parking Assist System is a really good parking system that can help you avoid unnecessary damage to the bumpers.


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Parking Assist System

Parking Assist System is a system with sensors that are mounted on a vehicle to alert the driver of any obstacle while driving or parking.

This technology is based on the usage of two types of signals: ultrasonic or electromagnetic signals.

These systems that use ultrasonic signals have ultrasonic proximity detectors integrated into sensors that are mounted on the bumper fascias(rear /front) and measure the distances to surrounding objects.

The acoustic pulses are measured with a control unit on the return interval of each signal that is reflected.

This way the distances to the objects in the environment are measured and calculated and acoustic tones are used to warn the driver.

The different frequencies of the acoustic tones indicate how near or far the object is, faster tones for proximity and continuous for a predefined minimum distance.

These systems have included LCD readouts or even vehicle pictogram displayed on the infotainment screen to allow visualization of objects as colored blocks.

When the reverse gear is selected the rear sensors are activated to enable you to park safely, even rear back-up camera can be used to visualize the rear part of the vehicle.

Ultrasonic parking systems use sound wave reflection and have some minor lacks because some small or flat objects that do not reflect sound can be missed and provoke damage to the vehicle.

To eliminate any blind spots electromagnetic parking sensors were introduced. This kind of sensors uses back-up cameras also and assure visualization of objects along with the acoustic signals.

Extra options as blind spot sensors and cross-traffic alerts are often included making even more effective the parking assist system.

Parking Assist System Presentation

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Rostra 250-1920-FZ Front-Mount

Rostra 250-1920-FZ Front-Mount Parking Assist System is an advanced ultrasonic system from Front Zone that will offer consistency and fewer false alarms on targets of all kinds of densities.

This parking system has included an audible alarm to alert the driver of objects that are unseen and are placed forward-facing to alert of any solid object that could damage the car.

It has a digital display that can be mounted on the dashboard or the sun visor of the car and a built-in buzzer.

When the engine is ignited the sensor will alert the driver that it is activated by emitting a single beep that will only last half of a second.

This forward-facing sensor system will warn the driver of any object placed in front of the vehicle when trying to park with the front of the car avoiding any kind of damage to the vehicle.

The dual alerts included will enable the driver to be conscientious of the surroundings by receiving visual and audio warnings.

The presence of obstacles in the detection zone will alert the driver with pulsing beeps and lights.

When the obstacle is not in the reach zone of the sensor it will not emit alerting sounds or when the speed of the vehicle is above 10 mph to not incommode the driver with annoying beeps.

The black sensors of 250-1920-FZ Front Zone kit can be painted to fit any car finish making it this way discreet and hard to spot.

This automotive system for parking will make safer parking your vehicle in any area even when obstacles are closing in.


  • easy to install
  • easy to paint the sensors to match the color of the vehicle
  • really affordable
  • has visual and audio alerts
  • the alert will turn off if the speed is higher than 10 mph
  • has an on/of switch for sensors
  • the display is very accurate showing in inches the distance
  • the distance to detect objects is 6 feet and at 30 inches will start beeping


  • can be used only for forward-facing parking
  • if a sensor is damaged and needs replacement is expensive to buy separately
  • can have blind spots
  • sometimes a manual turn off of sensors may be needed
  • sometimes can be slow in detecting objects
  • in the traffic stop and go the alarm can be really annoying and is better to use the on/of button


If you need a really affordable and reliable forward-facing parking system with visual and audio alarms Rostra 250-1920-FZ Front-Mount Parking Assist System will make a great addition to your car.

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