Dallux Video Parking Sensor Kit

DALLUX Video Parking Sensor Kit

Parking Sensors
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Dallux Video Parking Sensor Kit is a must have for an old car. It provides all the necessary sensors and backup camera at a decent cost.


In our busy world driving has become a lot challenging for varies reasons including high traffic, an increased number of drivers and vehicles, really cramped parking lots, lack off time, stress. Even the most experienced driver would benefit from the aid off new technologies made available with the purpose of making driving safer, easier and more stress-free.

DALLUX Video Parking Sensor Kit

One-off the most stressful activities as a driver can be parking your car due to may reasons like the vehicle having blind spots, cramped parking spaces, bad weather, distressed driver.
A blind spot is an area surrounding the vehicle that cannot be directly observed by the driver at the control for some circumstances. While driving or parking the visibility of the driver is of major importance.
In a vehicle, the main factors that affect visibility are weather conditions and the design of the vehicle. We need to know these factors to find out how to better address them. Good visibility for the driver is essential for safer road traffic.

DALLUX Video Parking Sensor Kit

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The parts in the car design that affect visibility are the windshield, dashboard, and pillars. Blind spots in the front of the driver occur when the side-view mirror, windshield pillar or the interior rear-view mirror obstructs the road view from the driver. Visibility behind the driver can be reduced by headrests, additional pillars or cargo.

To eliminate or alleviate the blind spots of the vehicle you can try to properly adjust the mirrors each time when needed but it is not advisable to fiddle with the proper position off the mirrors for safety reasons and also because it takes time and could be not as easy as it seems.

Another important thing to know is that the rearward invisibility is the source of back-up collisions being called a,, killing zone”. To solve the problem numerous technological solutions were applied. So the majority of new vehicles have parking sensors, cameras and a lot off other kinds of really useful systems and gadgets.
If your vehicle is not equipped with this kind of useful gadget is not an issue. It is easy and affordable to procure a good and reliable video parking kit.

Parking sensors are really useful they are placed at the rear or front bumper of the vehicle or both and alert the driver through a series of sound waves or electromagnetic frequencies if an obstacle is near. These signals trigger an alarm that alerts the driver of the potential danger.
These systems can save your vehicle from expensive body repairs caused by bumping into objects or even people. There is 2 type of parking sensors: ultrasonic and electromagnetic proximity sensors.

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Ultrasonic sensors emit acoustic pulses the same principle as echolocation used by bats. The pulses are received by a computer that measures the elapsed time between the sent and received pulses. With complex computation, the computer determines the object’s distance in relation to the vehicle. A connected audio alarm system emits beeping tones that are higher and faster as the object gets closer.

Electromagnetic sensors use frequencies that can cover all that is in the path of the device making it more efficient compared with ultrasonics that has,, line of sight” limitation. Also, electromagnetic devices have also cameras and are a better and effective method to park.

DALLUX Video Parking Sensor Kit is a video parking system that has a 4.3″ TFT LCD rear-view mirror with an in-built buzzer of high volume that can be switched manually. The rear-view monitor is a clip-on mirror monitor that is the bright 400 CD/M2.

The camera has an automatic display in the rear-view mirror when backing up and 2 channel inputs one for the camera and one for DVD. It has a wide-angle and a high-quality LCD monitor 640RGB480.
When the monitor is turned off it works as a normal rear-view mirror. The 4 parking sensors signals can be displayed on the monitors and can be viewed and an acoustic signal will correspond. The camera has a waterproof function.


  • 4 sensors
  • dual-channel inputs
  • in-built buzzer
  • high-quality camera
  • good price
  • easy to install and use
  • waterproof
  • night vision camera


  • many wires
  • sometimes the sensors do not work


DALLUX Video Parking Sensor Kit is a really good deal, good quality at an affordable price. It has a wide range of detection sensors that can help you clear any obstacle and avoid all parking incidents. If you wish to make a good investment that will ensure your safety and avoiding costly damage this kit would be the thing.

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