Michelin Pilot Activ Motorcycle Tire Review

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  • Price - 9.9/10
  • Quality - 10/10
  • Tread Lifespan - 9.9/10


The Michelin Pilot Activ Motorcycle Tire is ideal for riders that need an affordable and high-quality tire for cruising.


No matter how awesome and powerful your motorcycle is, its performance is only as good as its tires. This is why many people say it’s very important to never save money on things that separate you from the earth. This includes tires, shoes, and other similar things. The quality of your tires is even more important than the quality of your motorcycle.

When looking for a new set of tires, it’s easy to get lost. There is a wide range of tires on the market ,and it’s almost impossible to choose. Some models are specifically dedicated to roads with various obstacles, while others can’t last even 5 minutes off-road. This is why you should always take your time when looking for the perfect set.

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Michelin Pilot Activ

Even if your best friend has a set of tires that works wonders for him, you shouldn’t jump to buy the same thing unless you both ride exactly the same roads. If you spend a lot of time off-road, getting a high-performance set can be a bad investment as they’re made for speeds, not country roads.

You should also keep in mind the weather in which you ride most of the time. Some tires are only made for dry summer conditions and can’t handle even one inch of snow. While others are specifically made for heavy winters and are a nightmare to ride on highways.

And while there is a wide range of options, the most popular tires are the ones made for cruising. These ones are used by normal city riders that need a reliable set of tires for city roads and highways.

In this article, we’ll talk about the Michelin Pilot Activ Motorcycle Tire.


Michelin Pilot Activ

The Michelin Pilot Activ Motorcycle Tire is excellent for riding around the city or at highway speeds. This is the front tire and is specifically made to offer you complete control regardless of the weather. You will be able to take any corner with high precision and stay safe. It also features an elegant design that will make your motorcycle look very good. It’s perfect for riders that want a reliable and nice-looking tire.

Michelin is a French multinational company that focuses on making tires for a wide range of automobiles, bicycles, motorcycles, aircraft, heavy equipment, and even space shuttles. They were founded in 1889 and are now the second-largest tire manufacturer in the world. They’re also widely known for their Red and Green travel guides, roadmaps, and their Michelin stars. And their most notable inventions are the removable tire, pneurail, and the radial tire.

Thanks to its significantly improved dry and wet grip, this tire is much better compared to earlier Michelin bias-ply tires. This tire is sticky enough to offer the perfect dry grip at highway speeds, while also dealing with pouring rain very well. And the best thing about it is that it offers minimal performance deterioration even when it’s worn.

With its versatile design, this tire comes in a wide range of sizes so it can fit most bias-ply tire bikes on the market. It’s low deteriorating features, and high-quality performance makes it have an excellent value. It’s also the perfect choice for newer riders that need all the peace of mind they can get on the road.

This tire can also offer a consistently superior performance throughout its entire life. And its 20% increased tread life gives this price an unbeatable price/performance ratio.

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Michelin Pilot Activ

Michelin Pilot Activ Pros

  • High-Quality Performance
  • Excellent Wet and Dry Grip
  • Great Traction and Braking
  • Minimal Performance Deterioration
  • Very Good Price/Performance Ratio
  • Wide Range of Sizes For Most Bikes
  • Superior Performance Throughout Its Life

Michelin Pilot Activ Cons

  • None


The Michelin Pilot Activ Motorcycle Tire is one of the best cruising front tires on the market. This is because of its high-end quality performance and excellent price. You won’t have to break your bank just to enjoy a good ride at highway speeds. You will also barely notice the difference between wet and dry roads, thanks to its superior wet and dry grip. If you’re looking for one of the best tires on the market made for city roads, you should give this product a try.

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