Michelin Commander II Cruiser Tire Review

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  • Price - 9.8/10
  • Quality - 10/10
  • Lifespan - 10/10


The Michelin Commander II Cruiser Tire is ideal for riders that need a long-lasting and reliable set of tires for cruising.


If you want to know what your motorcycle is capable of, you need to equip it with an appropriate set of tires. Riding on a specific terrain with the wrong tires can turn into a disaster pretty quickly. Trying your luck on a rocky road with race tires can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere with damaged tires.

When looking for a set of tires you need to think everything through. Even if your best friend has a specific kind of tires, that set might not be as good for your needs. You have to take into consideration the roads you often ride on and the weather you experience in your area all-year-round.

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Michelin Commander II Cruiser Tire

Living in an area with extremely hot summers and extremely cold winters will force you to have two different sets of tires. Usually, the time to change the tires is around October for winter, and around April for summer. However, it all depends on your area.

If you love speed, then the best choice is a good set of racing tires that can withstand extreme speeds. However, they’re not recommended for any other type of use. And if you love exploring unknown terrains, you should invest in good-quality off-road tires. Depending on where you plan on riding, you can choose from hard, intermediate, and soft terrain tires.

But if you’re an everyday rider that doesn’t really leave the city and the highway, a cruising set of tires is the ideal choice. These tires are designed to withstand anything that comes in your way while you’re on both dry and wet pavement.

Cruising tires are also pretty great for their milage. The front ones easily offer around 3700 miles and the rear tires around 1800 miles.


Michelin Commander II Cruiser Tire

The Michelin Commander II Cruiser Tires are designed to fit all types of cruisers. And the best thing about it is that it can offer a longer lifespan without compromising other important features, such as handling or stability. You can use them around the city or on the highway. These tires will support you no matter how long the road is.

Michelin is a French multinational company that is also the second-largest tire manufacturer in the world. And they’re widely known all over the world for various things, including their Michelin stars that they offer restaurants for their cooking. They manufacture tires for automobiles, motorcycles, heavy equipment, aircraft, space shuttles, and bicycles.

Michelin also participated in MotoGP from 1972 to 2008 and have achieved 360 victories in 36 years. And this experience has led them to make some of the best motorcycle tires on the market.

Commissioned third-party tests have managed to prove that the Michelin Commander II REAR tire can last almost twice as long as the competition. And since the average lifespan of a rear cruiser tire is 1800 miles, this means this rear tire can last up to 3000 miles. However, this greatly depends if you’re a nice rider or if you love riding your motorcycle like you’ve just stolen it.

Thanks to the Michelin Amplified Density Technology, these tires made no compromise when it comes to stability and maneuverability. And the top layers in the rear tires are made of aramid fibers. This means you’ll enjoy good resistance combined with a lightweight feel for the ideal stability, regardless of the speed.

With its brand new longitudinal tread, these tires can also provide excellent water evacuation. This gives them a superior grip on wet surfaces.

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Michelin Commander II Cruiser Tire Pros

  • High-End Quality
  • Lightweight Feel
  • Premium Handling
  • Great Responsiveness
  • Excellent Performance
  • Pretty Quiet Performance
  • Excellent Grip On Wet Surfaces
  • High-Density and Very Stiff Frame
  • Designed For All Types Of Cruisers
  • Michelin Amplified Density Technology
  • Offers Extra Longevity Without Any Compromising
  • The Rear Tire Lasts Almost Twice As Long As Others

Michelin Commander II Cruiser Tire Cons

  • You have to be very careful for the first 100 miles on the wet pavement until the tires get good and scuffed in. Otherwise, they might be slick in the rain.


The Michelin Commander II Cruiser Tire is one of the best tires designed for all types of cruisers on the market. The rear tire lasts up to 3000 miles if properly maintained. This makes them some of the most long-lasting cruiser tires on the market. And more than that, its stability and handling haven’t been affected at all by the improvements. If you’re looking for a set of tires you can rely on and enjoy for longer, you should try this product.

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  1. If I had known the best mileage is 3,000 miles I wouldn’t have purchased a set of the Commander II tires for my 07′ Harley Davidson Fatboy. My prior tires have all been Dunlop tires, 4 sets, mileage on the1st pair 8,842 miles, replaced before reaching wear markers, 2nd pair 9,400 miles, replaced before reaching the wear markers, 3rd pair 8,969 miles, replaced before reaching the wear markers, 4th pair 10,157 miles, almost at the wear markers. I read that Michelin tires lasted much longer than the Dunlop tires. Right now the Michelin Commander II’s have less than 4,000 miles and now have only 4/32nds of an inch of tread remaining. I will not be purchasing another set of Michelin tires!

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