Joe Rocket Speedmaster Motorcycle Race Suit

Joe Rocket Speedmaster Motorcycle Race Suit Review

Motorcycle Race Suit
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The Joe Rocket Speedmaster Motorcycle Race Suit is ideal for motorcycle race lovers that need full-body protection equipment.


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Joe Rocket Speedmaster Motorcycle Race Suit

Motorcycling racing is very popular all around the world and for good reasons. And while it may offer an amazing experience, it’s also a very dangerous thing to do. However, this doesn’t stop both professionals and amateurs from enjoying the sport.

To minimize the chance of fatal injuries, most countries mandate the wearing of protective equipment. There are various companies that research, design, and develop motorcycle protective clothing and helmets.

High-quality helmets are used to protect your head in case of a collision and minimize the risk of a neck injury. They’re also usually equipped with various convenient features like audio GPS navigation, intercom, built-in speakers, and microphones for phone calls. And more one-touch or hands-free features that can help you remain focused on the road

However, you also need the rest of your body protected in case of an accident. This includes various types of jackets, pants, gloves, and boots.

The jackets used by motorcycle riders are generally made of leather or special man-made fabrics like Cordura or Kevlar. They also have heavy padding on the elbow, spine, and shoulder regions.

Motorcycle gloves are typically made of leather or Kevlar, and high-quality ones include carbon fiber knuckle protection. And the boots include reinforcement and plastic caps on the areas around the ankles and toes.

Besides helmets, any other type of body protection equipment is not required by the law. However, they’re highly recommended by professional motorcycle riders. And the best full-body protection equipment is a high-quality suit.

In this article, we’ll talk about the Joe Rocket Speedmaster Motorcycle Race Suit.


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Joe Rocket Speedmaster Motorcycle Race Suit

The Joe Rocket Speedmaster Motorcycle Race Suit is made out of 1.4 to 1.7mm top grain cowhide material. It’s also designed with various perforated leather small sections in key areas. These perforations will increase the ventilation around the chest, groin, and lower waist areas.

Thanks to the titanium-reinforced shoulder armor with injection molded ventilation, you will be both safe and comfortable. It’s very important to feel comfy and in-control while riding a motorcycle, but you should also be very well protected in case of a collision.

This is why this suit is also designed with a removable spine pad. It also has a pocket for an optional C.E. spine protector to enhance the suit’s protection capabilities.

The suit is designed with removable foam inserts in key impact areas such as the chest, hips, tail bone, quads, knees, and shins. It also has an aerodynamic speed hump, fully lined mesh interior, and Velcro access for custom lettering.

With the beveled knee sliders with ceramic compound, you’ll be able to walk away from an accident without damaging your knees. And the heavy-duty YKK zippers will keep the suit in place for the entire race. You will also not have to worry about broken zippers thanks to their durability.

To ensure that the suit fits your body perfectly, it was also designed with an adjustable wrist closure. And to avoid the time that’s usually needed for the suit to adapt your body, it was made with pre-curved sleeves and legs. This way, you won’t feel stiff the first time you’re wearing it.

Thanks to the windproof full flex Kevlar panel zones, and poly/mesh ankle panels, you’ll enjoy optimal mobility and comfort.


  • Comfortable
  • High-Quality
  • Windproof
  • Safe Features
  • Custom Lettering
  • Beveled Knee Slider
  • Adjustable Wrist Closure
  • Aerodynamic Speed Hump
  • Pre-Curved Sleeves and Legs
  • Titanium Reinforced Shoulder Armour
  • Chest, Groin, and Lower Waist Heat Ventilation


  • It needs a better sizing option.


The Joe Rocket Speedmaster Motorcycle Race Suit is a great quality personal protection equipment meant for motorcycle racing. If you’re looking for a safe and comfortable racing suit, you should give this product a try.

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