50 Cree LED Light Bar Nilight

50 Cree LED Light Bar Nilight 52Inch 783W Curved Triple Row

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  • Price - 9.6/10
  • Light intensity - 9.7/10
  • Ease of install - 9.8/10


If you need a very powerfull, efficient  LED light bar, easy to install and fit on your vehicle with a curbed design, triple row of lights, combo beam that will provide extreme light you must try  the The Nilight 52 inch 783W Curved Combo LED Light Bar.


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50 Cree LED Light Bar Nilight

Having proper lighting when you drive especially in the night time or bad weather is vital for your safety and the safety of all passengers.

The standard headlight will not be efficient enough in certain conditions and if you care enough at your safety you have to look for alternative solutions that can improve dramatically visibility on the road.

One of these solutions is the acquisition of an LED light bar that can be easily installed on your vehicle and provide the extra-lighting that can make a difference in saving you from a lot of troubles.

If you are not already familiar with the term a light bar is a long or short array of LED lights that will produce high luminosity supplementing the headlamps of your vehicle.

The beam of light provided by these additional LED lights will be more penetrating, broader and will reach further in all directions(ahead, on sides, behind) extending your view range and giving you a real advantage.

Some areas can lack completely illumination like campsites, forest roads, isolated work areas and having extra-lighting can be very useful not only to drive but also to use the light bar to illuminate whole areas.

LED Lightbars are reliable and no matter where you go and what conditions you encounter you can count on them to provide high illumination and more efficiency in driving especially on tough pathways.

If you go often offroad you know how important is to have proper lighting and that an accessory like this will keep you safe.

You can find many products on the market but it is as always safer to choose a good quality product that is not necessarily expensive but that will assure a longer usage and reliability.

Today we will be reviewing a product from Nilight, even it is a relatively new brand established in 2015 they are specialized in the global electronic and automotive market and have made a name for themselves especially by offering high-quality vehicle LED solutions at affordable prices.

50 Cree LED Light Bar – Presentation

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Jeep LED Bar

The Nilight 52 inch 783W 50 Cree LED Light Bar is a new product from Nilight that comes with new features included to add extra brightness and durability and with the new curved designed can be fitted to most of the vehicles.

This new curved design not only makes this bar compatible with the majority of vehicles but will add in appearance making your vehicle look cool.

You can install Nilight LED Light Bar for offroad lighting, household lighting, outdoor lighting, mining lighting, construction lighting on any vehicles starting from Jeeps to buses, trains, boats and rescuing vehicles(fire engine, etc).

This LED light bar will create a bright and very powerful ray thanks to the high-quality chips and with the combo beam, you will have a broad view and long-distance lighting.

As newly added features this model has an extra row of LED light and a new nest design for the reflector cup and with the combination of the triple row, combo beam and nest design has increased the efficiency providing extreme light.

It is easy to install coming in a package with mounting brackets and with both sides broad reflective plate and multi-angle refraction it is perfect to be used also for ambient illumination.


  • easy to install
  • IP67 Waterproof Rate(rustproof, dustproof)
  • efficient advanced system for cooling
  • triple row
  • new nest design
  • Die-cast Housing (Aluminum Alloy-good for heat dissipation)
  • big lifespan (+ 30,000 h)


  • wiring harness kit is not included


If you need a powerful LED light bar for your car that is affordable and at the same time durable and high-quality you must try the new 50 Cree LED Light Bar Nilight 52 inch 783W Curved Combo.

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