Kitchen Oil Electric Press Machine Review

Kitchen Oil Press Machine
  • Price - 9.8/10
  • Quality - 9.4/10
  • Lifespan - 9.6/10


The Kitchen Oil Electric Press Machine is great for people that want to make their own organic oil in their own kitchens.


Oil is found in any kitchen, regardless if someone is a vegetarian or not. It can help cook or give flavor to lots and lots of foods. More than that, you can find a very wide range of oils on the market. This includes sunflower oil, coconut oil, olive oil, etc. But sadly, some of them can be pretty expensive, depending on where you live and where these oils come from. This is why more and more people invest in their own oil press machine.

Kitchen oil press machines are much smaller and easier to use versions of the ones found in oil fabrics. They’re capable of squeezing and extracting oil from various things. And at the same time, it maintains the natural nutritions and vitamins. But the best thing is that they’re extremely easy to use.

In this article, we’ll talk about the Kitchen Oil Electric Press Machine.


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Kitchen Oil Electric Press Machine

The Kitchen Oil Electric Press Machine is designed with a maximum press input power of 1500W and maximum temperature of 752F. This means the machine is versatile. The fill cup capacity is 800ml while the extraction rate can be up to 68%, which depends on the food content. This machine’s power supply is 110V and the dimensions are 18.0in x 7in x 12.2in.

As an idea, here’s how much oil you can get per hour and from how much food content:

Peanut: 39-45% oil from 5.5 – 8.8 lbs pressing amount/hour

Rapeseed: 30-39% from 8.8 – 11 lbs

Sunflower Seed: 41-45% from 7.7 – 11 lbs

White Sesame: 39-52% from 8.8 – 11 lbs

Black Sesame: 44-53% from 8.8 – 11 lbs

Walnut: 58-68% from 5.5 – 7.7 lbs

Almond: 48-57% from 5.5 – 7.7 lbs

Flaxseed: 31-39% from 8.8 – 11 lbs

Perilla Seed: 30-42% from 8.8 – 11 lbs

Tea Seed Kernel: 30-43% from 6.6 – 8.8 lbs

Walnut oil is great for memory and mind and it can even reduce the risk of some types of cancer. Flaxseed oil is full of omega-3 fatty acids and can help protect the brain against aging. Sunflower seed oil is high in vitamin E and A and is great for the skin. And peanut oil also has fatty acids that are very easy to digest.

You should keep in mind that this oil extracting machine will not extract oil from hemp buds. It should also not be used for raw foods, like olives or coconuts. What you need to do is dry pieces of these foods then use the dried pieces with this machine. It’s great with sunflower seeds, dried coconut, flaxseed, peanut, pumpkin seed, quinoa nut, walnut kernel, sesame seed, castor, etc.

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Kitchen Oil Electric Press Machine

Kitchen Oil Electric Press Machine – Features

The Kitchen Oil Electric Press Machine features a powerful motor that works without any annoying sounds. You won’t have to deal with any horrible noises. It allows you to create various organic and homemade alternative oils, and the food content creation maintains minerals and vitamins.

This machine has an effective squeeze and is great at extracting organic oil. It’s also great with both hot and cold pressing. And you can make a wide range of oils with it. Its simple On/Off switch makes this machine extremely easy to use. All you need to do is plug it in, place the seeds into the hopper, press start, then wait.

When it comes to cleaning, it couldn’t be any easier. It has an easy-to-clean and stain-resistant construction and it’s easy to tear apart and assemble. All you have to do is press reverse around for 8 seconds, remove the squeezer, clean it, then put it back.

Kitchen Oil Electric Press Machine Pros

  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Clean
  • Versatile
  • Affordable
  • Effective Squeeze
  • Hot and Cold Pressing

Kitchen Oil Electric Press Machine Cons

  • Not the best quality.


The Kitchen Oil Electric Press Machine is a great addition to any kitchen as it allows you to make your own organic oil. It’s also very versatile and can be used to make a wide range of oils from dried coconut, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and a lot more. These machines are also easy to use and just as simple to clean.

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