Garmin Drive 50 GPS

Garmin Drive 50 Review

  • Price - 9.6/10
  • Precision - 9.8/10
  • Quality - 9.6/10


Garmin Drive 50 is a simple navigation system it is a reliable system. It is handling navigational duties very well compared to other pricey car GPS systems.


GPS car systems are a crucial tool and one of the most appreciated modern accessories in a car. Any driver needs to be able to navigate easily and successfully without getting lost.

 No one likes to stop and ask for directions or to carry around big folded maps that are hard to read. This technology has changed forever the way we travel making it easy, fun and safe. Now we can go where we need, as fast as possible on long cross country road trips or short commutes.

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Garmin Drive 50 Review

 While most smart-phones have GPS apps that can be used, a proper GPS device is a more reliable option presenting numerous advantages like not requiring a data connection to be able to function and more information available.

  It is not easy to figure out which GPS car system would be most fitted for your needs but here are some important features covered that any good car GPS should incorporate.

  It is really important to be user-friendly allowing the driver to focus on driving the car safely; also the maps should be easy to understand and have good directions. The live maps update feature is also important.

Garmin Drive 50 Specs

 A navigation system that makes driving easy is Garmin Drive 50. By following the concise directions of this device you can travel without stress; this system simplifies and reduces unnecessarily details, making the experience effortless. Garmin uses GPS and preloaded maps, providing alerts while driving to ensure a safe driving experience and increased awareness in any situation with the Active Lane Guidance.

   The mounting bracket is applied to Windshield with a suction cup making it effortless to install.

     Easy to use because the navigator has a 5-inch touch screen display WQVGA color TFT with white backlight, 480 x 272 pixels resolution and many features that allow easy browsing.

  Many display notifications and alerts are available to alert you of potential issues that might be ahead; these can be switched on and off when needed.

  Notices are given when is a change in speed and speed limit (this helps to avoid speed tickets on unfamiliar roads), railroad and animal crossings, sharp curves, wrong-way driving on streets with one way, proximity to school zones (this is a really important feature that ensures that around school drivers take extra precaution), red light, fatigue warning (the navigation will tell you when it is time to have a break, especially if you are driving for a good time and also where are the places where you can go for a coffee, refill and food).

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 It is a smart application as the DriveSmart feature says, allowing you to know in the morning how long your journey to the office will be, correlating real-time traffic situation with previous journeys. It works the other way around, also calculating the road back home and estimated arrival time.

   You are ready to navigate with the preloaded maps. Also with the Lifetime Maps, you can travel easily in any situation. Once turned on it uses a turn-by-turn vocal direction with all the vital information displayed on the screen: location, speed, speed limit and estimated time for arriving.

   Foursquare has data preloaded to ensure recognizable landmarks, restaurants, stores, malls, and airports.

   A really good feature is Traffic Avoidance in the lifetime that ensures driving without stress. Another cool feature is Up Ahead that allows easy visualization of the landmarks on the map without leaving the map view.

    The navigation has preloaded maps that are ready to use even in case of bad reception signals, making it a reliable and friendly guide.

    Navigating is easy with Garmin Drive even to complex locations thanks to its inbuilt search features allowing you to find your way even in parking lots.

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      Just by typing the name, or address, the location is easily found and a route preview is displayed on the screen with a turn-by-turn voice directions, visual landmarks and addresses, estimated arrival time, speed, speed limit, and other important and reliable notifications.

Pro and cons

   Garmin drive 50 is a reliable GPS that is easy to use. It comes with preloaded maps, enabling them to function without network connection autonomous. The navigation platform calculates efficient routes including any waypoint added by you. It has good driver awareness and lane departure features and other smart functions.

  The touchscreen is resistive with a good resolution allowing good quality visualization. It has voice commands and life traffic updates that are valuable and allows you to drive safe and effortless while being able to make phone calls via Bluetooth.

The built-in battery is rechargeable and lasts for 1 hour.

Garmin Drive 50 Conclusions

  As a conclusion even if Garmin Drive 50 is a simple navigation system it is a reliable system. It is handling navigational duties very well compared to other pricey car GPS systems. If you wish a reliable good GPS, Garmin drive 50 would be a perfect candidate. Also, it came third in our Garmin Navigation System – Top 3.

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