Wireless Automatic Sliding Gate Review

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The Wireless Automatic Sliding Gate is ideal for homeowners that need a reliable but simple gate opener.


While many people see automatic gate openers as a luxury, they’re slowly becoming a must for busy homeowners. These devices are very easy to use and their price range makes them accessible by anyone. You don’t have to own a $2K gate opener to enjoy an easy-to-operate gate.

Automatic gate openers come with various features and are designed for different types of traffic. You can find a high-quality one at just $400, which quickly made them some of the most popular home devices available on the market. And if you decide to invest in a high-end automatic gate opener, you will easily benefit from over 2 years of service.

These devices can be designed with various smart features, or they can have a simple and easy-to-use design. Some people love controlling everything with their phones. This makes smart gate openers ideal for their needs. But if you’d rather avoid the complications that usually come with smart devices, you can opt for a simple one.

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This makes automatic gate openers versatile enough to fit anyone’s preferences. You can also equip your automatic gate opener with various security features and greatly increase the security of your home. The options are limitless. And all you need to operate the gate is a remote control.

The remote controls can be used only from a short distance, and high-quality ones feature some type of rolling code technology. This means that the entry code changes either every time you use the remote, or every few seconds. And since there are billions of combinations the system can choose from, this type of technology protects your home from hackers.

Thanks to today’s technological advancements, we can finally enjoy some reliable smart gate openers.

Advantages of an Wireless Automatic Sliding Gate

It’s only natural to have second thoughts about something that can be as expensive as a high-end automatic gate opener. Because at the end of the day, an affordable one might not be as good or last as long as a high-quality one. And one of the best is just way too expensive. However, they are worth every single penny you spend on them.

A good-quality gate opener comes with various features that greatly improve your experience over a simpler model. One of the most popular features is smartphone control. This allows you to open and close your gate from absolutely anywhere.

Remote controls are limited by a very short distance. But with your smartphone, you can operate the gate from the office when you get a package or an unexpected visitor. And if someone tries to force open the gate, you will be immediately alerted. You also won’t have to worry about losing the remote control.

A good gate opener is also much more long-lasting than an inexpensive one. This means they can easily support heavier traffic for longer periods of time. You won’t have to continuously replace parts or pay for a repair job. And if properly maintained, you can expect a good opener to last over 20 years.

Automatic Gate Openers are also designed to sync with various extra accessories. This includes a keypad, motion sensor, etc. But you also don’t have to buy the most expensive one on the market to enjoy the convenience of an opener. Especially if you won’t use most of the features.

A simple but durable model can be just as good for those that avoid technology.

In this article, we’ll talk about a Wireless Automatic Sliding Gate.


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Wireless Automatic Sliding Gate

This Wireless Automatic Sliding Gate is 100% reliable and offers superior quality and safety. It has an aluminum base and copper worm-gear for extra durability. It’s also CE approved to ensure its high-quality safety features. You can count on it to allow you to operate the gate from inside your vehicle.

Thanks to its high-quality built, this gate opener can easily handle gates that are up to 40ft long and 3300lbs. This makes it a heavy-duty sliding gate opener that you can trust to support your heavy gate without failure.

With the 550W motor, this device can deliver a strong force to open the gate smoothly at a speed of 36-40ft per minute. And the best thing is that it produces less than 60dB noise, making it an ideal choice for your home gate.

This gate opener is also designed with RF Hopping Code Technology. This feature prevents anyone else from using the same remote code to enter your property. Whenever you use the remote control, the access code keeps changing. There are billions of choices available, which makes hacking into your system much harder.

Thanks to the built-in infrared sensor, this automatic gate opener will automatically stop and reverse the gate the moment it detects an obstruction in its way. This is extra helpful for households that have small children and pets. Even if they play around the gate while it tries to close or open, the gate will reverse once it detects any of them and waits until the path is clear.

With the auto-close option, you won’t ever have to worry about forgetting to close the gate on your way out. This feature can be set to close the gate on its own after 12, 24, or 36 seconds after it opens.

Wireless Automatic Sliding Gate

Wireless Automatic Sliding Gate Pros

  • Easy to Use
  • Very Affordable
  • Infrared Sensor
  • Has a 550W Motor
  • Quiet Performance
  • Auto-Close Feature
  • Rolling Code Technology
  • Heavy-Duty Performance
  • Pedestrian Mode Available
  • Pretty Durable and Reliable
  • CE-Approved For Ultimate Safety
  • Auto-Close in 12, 24, or 36 Seconds
  • Remote Control Working Range is 100ft
  • Aluminum Base and Copper Worm-Gear
  • Compatible With up to 24 Remote Controls
  • It Can Handle Gates 40ft Long and 3300lbs
  • Operates the Gate at a Speed of 36-40 ft/min

Wireless Automatic Sliding Gate Cons

  • The installation can be very difficult for a first-timer. The instructions aren’t very helpful either.
  • This unit comes without a keypad and it’s very hard to find a matching one because of its rolling code technology.
  • It’s best to hire a professional to handle the whole installation.


This Wireless Automatic Sliding Gate can offer you the luxury of not having to leave your car while opening and closing your gate. And if you ever lose your remote control, you can simply use the included manual key. You can also add various helpful features such as solar power recharge, emergency notification, etc. If you’re looking for a reliable and simple automatic gate opener, you might want to consider giving this product a try.

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