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Genie Chain Drive Garage Opener Review

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The Genie Chain Drive Garage Opener is ideal for people that have a medical condition, have kids, or just want to save a few minutes opening and closing their garage door everyday.


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Genie Chain Drive Garage Opener

Getting out of your car in the pouring rain or freezing evenings is not enjoyable. A good way to avoid all this is by installing a Garage Door Opener. They can be inexpensive and of great help, especially if you suffer from a medical condition.

Garage Door Opener are more and more popular these days and with a good reason. They’re very easy to use require low to almost no maintenance. They’re also very cost efficient so you don’t have to worry about energy drainage.

A garage door opener is a motorized devices that opens and closes the garage door. Almost every opener comes with a remote that can be used from a short distance, right from your car.

The remote garage door opener is a radio transmitter and operates at 315 MHz. The remote sends a signal to the opener, and the opener activates a relay that starts the motor.

There are four main types of garage openers. But despite their type, they all consist of a motor that moves a trolley that is connected to the door. When said trolley is activated, it makes the door move up or down.

Garage Door Openers can be chain drive, belt drive, screw drive, and direct device. The chain drive openers make the loudest noises, and are best used on garages that are detached fro the house.

High-quality garage door openers feature rolling codes for security. This means that every time you use your remote, the rolling codes change. With this feature you’ll always be the only one thatcan get in your garage.

In this article we’ll talk about the Genie Chain Drive Garage Door Opener.


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With the Genie Drive Garage Door Opener you can experience long-lasting power and reliability. The DC motor operates the door as smoothly as possible with soft starts and stops.

This low-maintenance and easy-to-install chain drive garage opener offers years of service. Genie’s opener features INTELLICODE tech that prevents unauthorized persons from opening the garage door.

The device comes equipped with Safe-T-Beam garage door safety sensors. This feature ensures your family’s safety with an infrared beam of light across the door opening. This feature can save the life of your child or pet. The sensors reverse the closing process if anything passes through the beam light.

The 550 Chai Drive Garage Door Opener is compatible with 7 foot high garage doors. If you have an 8 foot high garage, you will need an extension kit (sold separately). For safety and convenience, this device comes with many accessories.

Thanks to two pre-programmed 3-button garage door opener remotes, you can easily open the garage from your car.If you have more than two drivers going out at the same time, you will need an extra remote.

With the wireless keyless keypad, you have the ability to open the garage door with a personal PIN number. This way you can get into the garage even if you forgot the remote somewhere.

The device comes with a multi-function console that operates as a control panel. This provides you with a light control button and a vacantion lock. The vacantion lock blocks all remotes until you come back, for maximum security.

The chain drive on the Genie Chain Drive 550 Garage Door Opener is heavy duty. This maes it very strong and durable.


  • Easy to Install
  • Long-Lasting
  • Safe-T-Beam Sensors
  • DC Motor


  • It could overheat during extreme summer heat.
  • Slightly noisy


A garage door opener is very helpful if you or a family member suffers from a medical condition. It may look like a luxury, but it can change your life. If you’re looking for a high-quality garage door opener, you should give the Genie Chain Drive Door Opener a chance.

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