EV Gear Charging Station

EV Gear Charging Station Review

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The EV Gear Charging Station is ideal for EV owners that need a more stable and faster electric vehicle Level 2 charger.


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Once we’ve got our new electric car, we need to figure out how to charge it and what’s the best charging option. Charging an electric vehicle is a very simple process. You plug in the charger and wait until it’s done. However, choosing an EV charger can be a little bit more complicated.

While there are more and more public charging stations, 80% of the overall charging is still done at home. This can only mean one thing, and that’s that you’ll need a reliable, safe, fast, durable, and long-lasting EV charger at home. Then you’ll be able to charge your electric car in the comfort of your home.

There are two main types of electric vehicle chargers that can be used at home. One is the typical Level 1 charger that comes along with your car. It looks a lot like a normal charger and can be easily plugged into your standard power outlet.

However, the reason that not too many people use their standard charger is that it’s not time-efficient. It is indeed the cheapest and easiest way to charge your EV but it also takes the longest. You will be forced to leave your car charging overnight if you’ll need it the next day.

The most popular EV charger is Level 2. It works up to 10X faster than a typical Level 1 charger and can offer various smart features. High-end EV chargers allow you to control and monitor the unit from your phone. You can also install it as part of a solar panel.

Unlike Level 1 EV chargers, Level 2 requires the installation of a few more things. This is because Level 2 chargers are usually wall-mounted charging stations.

Importance Of A Good EV Charger

EV Gear Charging Station

Many people wonder what why exactly are these EV chargers so important. And it’s a very reasonable question, especially as the electric vehicles comes with its own charger. So let’s talk about why would you need to invest in a high-quality EV charger.

The main reason is that the Level 1 EV charger that comes with your electric car is way too slow. It’s the cheapest option possible but it might not be ideal if you’re having an emergency. These chargers work too slowly to be able to charge the EV enough for you to get the errand done.

A good EV charger needs to be at least 6X faster than a Level 1 charger. Having your very own charging station is much more affordable than the public ones. After a professional installation, you’ll be able to benefit from a fast and safe charge.

If you or your family owns more than one type of electric vehicle, then you’ll need a charging station that can fit them all. This is why Level 2 EV chargers are better. Their versatility will allow you to use them on all models of electric cars on the market.

Level 2 EV chargers have a cord that’s plugged into a 240V outlet and one into your vehicle. And because these chargers provide10-60 miles of range per hour of charge, you can have your car fully charge between 2-6 hours.

Charging your electric vehicle at home is also cheaper than charging it a commercial charging station. This is because the price per KWV is always much bigger. You often might be forced to pay almost double.

In this article, we’ll talk about the EV Gear Charging Station.


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EV Gear Charging Station Review

The EV Gear Charging Station is a Level 2 charger made for most electric vehicles available on the market. It features a simple and delicate design that can be used by anyone. You can also use this EV charger on plug-in hybrid vehicles.

EV Gear is exclusively online distributed by Brand Hut. This company is a trusted and respected manufacturer of electric vehicle gear. You can confidently trust its EV chargers as they offer fast and reliable charging.

Striving to make electric vehicle charging as easy and fast as possible, Brand Hut made this charger with a standard J1772 charging cable that will fit any EVs, including old models. This Level 2 charging station only works with NEMA 6-50 plugs.

You can use this EV charger on a Toyota Prius Prime, Chevy Bolt and Volt, Honda Clarity, Nissan Leaf, various Tesla models, BWV, and many more.

The EV Gear Charging Station features 240V and 40 Amp charging power. This allows it to provide your electric vehicle with up to 9.7kW/H. Depending on the car model, it can charge it up to 32 miles of range per hour of charging.

Thanks to this performance, this Level 2 EV charging station is able to charge 6X faster than your car’s standard Level 1 EV charger. And the 24ft-long cable allows you to easily reach your car without parking it in awkward positions.

You can confidently make the upgrade to a high-speed EV charger as its components are all UL, TUV, and CE certified. It’s also very easy to use and you can check the charging status, power, connection, and even some faults on its display.

The EV Gear Charging Station is made with over- and under-voltage protection, flame-resistant composite, over-current protection, and battery leakage protection.

EV Gear Charging Station Pros

  • Easy to Use
  • Very Safe
  • Simple Design
  • Over-Voltage Protection
  • Under-Voltage Protection
  • Flame-Resistant Composite
  • Over-Current Protection
  • Battery Leakage Protection
  • UL, TUV, and CE Certified
  • ENERGY STAR-Certified
  • Has A 24ft-Long Cable
  • Works On All Electric Vehicles And Plug-In Hybrids
  • It’s 6X Faster Than A Typical Level 1 Charger

EV Gear Charging Station Cons

  • No Smart Features


The EV Gear Charging Station is a high-quality, reliable, and fast electric vehicle charger. Its durability and extra safety features make it last for decades. It also doesn’t have any smart features, which can be either a hit or a miss. If you love gadgets with as many smart features as possible, then this is not ideal for you. However, if you’re looking for a high-end quality EV charging station that’s very simple, you should give this product a chance.

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