Bafang E-Bike Conversion Kit Review

E-Bike Conversion Kits
  • Price - 9.5/10
  • Quality - 9.8/10
  • Power - 9.9/10


The Bafang E-Bike Conversion Kit is ideal for cyclists that want to convert their bicycle into a motorized model to make it more powerful and easy to use.


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Investing in an E-Bike can be a bit difficult if you’re tight on money. They’re amazing for people that cycle a lot for work but their price tag makes them unaffordable for some people. This is why E-Bike Conversion Kits have become quite popular among cyclists. They’re designed to help you turn your regular pedal bike into an electrical bicycle. They are not the same as having an E-Bike but they can make long road trips a bit easier than usual.

Bafang E-Bike Conversion Kit

If you love your old bike and it’s in perfect condition, there’s no reason to invest a lot of money on a whole other bike just to enjoy less pedaling. A good conversion kit comes with everything you need and you should be able to install it in less than an hour. But if you’re not feeling confident in doing it by yourself, any bike repair shop should be able to do it for you.

A great advantage of conversion kits is that you don’t have to keep the same bike if you don’t like it. If you feel like changing your bicycle, all you have to do is unmount the conversion kit and install it again on the brand-new bike. These kits are designed to last a very long time. But keep in mind that they still need their annual revision, similar to any other e-bike.

And if you are great with bikes, you can become a bit more adventurous and create your own conversion kit by mixing up the best parts of the best conversion kits available. It’s pretty much like building your own gaming PC at home. For example, you can increase the speed and power by improving the battery.

In this article, we’ll talk about the Bafang E-Bike Conversion Kit.


Bafang E-Bike Conversion Kit

The Bafang E-Bike Conversion Kit is an excellent option for cyclists that spend a lot of time on the road, and not for exercising purposes. However, since e-bikes and bicycles with a conversion kit still need light pedaling to work, it’s also great for sick people that want to go for a ride but don’t feel confident enough to use a regular one. It has a rear suspension and is designed for adult bicycles. This means they’re not suitable for children’s bikes that have smaller wheels.

There are two models available: the 44T and 52T. The 44T is stronger and is designed for bigger wheels, while the 52T is made for smaller wheels. This conversion kit can be installed on a very wide range of bicycles. You can set it up on a regular road bike, a fat bike, a mountain bike, and so on.

Just make sure you’re taking into consideration that the bicycle will become a bit heavier after the installation. This means you might have some trouble loading it on cars or getting it up the stairs, into your apartment.

Thanks to the clear installation instructions, you will be able to install the whole kit on your own. The package will come with everything you need to install it and an installation video. This will allow you to convert your old bike into a motorized model within just one hour.

More than that, you’ll have the option of choosing between the e-bike and pedal-assisted bike riding model. The e-bike mode helps the bicycle work on its own almost constantly. And the pedal-assisted mode is made for people that only need a small amount of help with the pedals.

You will also receive a 1-year warranty and a lifetime of free customer support.


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Bafang E-Bike Conversion Kit

The Bafang E-Bike Conversion Kit comes in two different sizes. It can fit 68-73mm or 100mm bottom brackets. It’s important to choose the right size before ordering. Once the kit is installed, you should take it to a professional if it’s your first time handling an e-bike conversion kit. This is because setting up the kit properly is very important. Otherwise, it can cause a serious accident on the road.

Thanks to the high-end quality LCD screen, you will be able to monitor the battery status and how fast you’re going very easily. You install the display right in front of you and you won’t have any trouble reading the information even at night. It comes in various colors to ensure you can stay safe at night as well. And to be extra safe, it’s recommended to invest in a waterproof case or cover for the display. However, the LCD screen itself is resistant to water as well.

Your package will arrive with a mid-drive motor BBS02B, 48V, 750W. It will also contain a brake lever that is designed for people that don’t want to keep their hydraulic brakes. If you want to keep yours, you will have to mention this before placing your order so you can receive the brake sensor instead. The package will also include a thumb throttle, chainring wheel, crank, LCD screen, battery, speed sensor and magnets, 1T4 wire, and locknut.

Besides these items, the package will come with a set of free gifts as well. This includes an e-bike tool or headlight, stickers, power extension cable, long bolt, and gasket. The stickers are very useful if you live in an area with very strict electric vehicle laws. They will allow you to conceal the real power of the motor.

Bafang E-Bike Conversion Kit Pros

  • High-End Quality
  • Powerful and Quiet Performance
  • Great for Both Long and Short Journeys
  • Pedal Assisted and E-Bike Riding Modes
  • Compatible With a Wide Range of Bicycles
  • Comes With a Reliable and Easy-to-Use LCD Screen

Bafang E-Bike Conversion Kit Cons

  • It might require professional installation.


The Bafang E-Bike Conversion Kit is great for riders that need a bit of help pedaling but don’t want to spend too much on an electric bicycle. It’s designed to offer a much better and easier riding experience, even on slightly challenging roads. If you want to install this kit on a mountain bike, make sure the battery is capable of supporting you and your backpack. If you’re looking for an e-bike conversion kit, you might want to give this set a try.

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