Garage Door Insulation Panel Kit

Garage Door Insulation Panel Kit (8-Pieces)

Door Insulation Kit
  • Price - 9.8/10
  • Quality - 9.5/10
  • Ease of use - 10/10


If you need a really good quality easy to install an insulating system for your garage door that is also affordable Garage Door Insulation Panel Kit made by Cellofoam North America Inc would be perfect for you.


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Garage Door Insulation Panel Kit

Metal garage doors are super inefficient when it comes to thermal isolation and thermal comfort.

Even the walls of the garage are more efficient or have already been insulated if the garage door is not, you will have a lot of heat loss during cold weather and a lot of heat-accumulating when it is hot.

A good insulating system will make a huge difference in regulating and maintaining the micro-climate in your garage between controlled and constant temperatures.

Insulating solutions are very cost-effective and efficient helping you at the same time to save money and improve the quality of conditions in your working space.

When the garage is adjacent to the house the importance of insulation is great ensuring energy savings and increased comfort.

Having good insulation will provide you a good barrier that will protect from high variances in temperature, strong noises, accidental fire, and all damaging influences.

Insulating your garage doors you will create the conditions for a perfectly controlled environment having optimal temperatures and less noise for you to work.

By using a kit for insulation you can insulate your garage doors by yourself saving a lot of money.

Insulating kits are affordable, easy to install and they will prove that is also very efficient.


Garage Door Insulation Panel Kit (8-Pieces) is a kit designed to give you all you need to easy insulate the garage door.

This kit has 8 High-impact polystyrene (HIPS) laminate, expanded polystyrene (EPS) boards that are energy efficient with an R-value of approximately 4 per in.

The dimensions of a piece are 20 in width x 54 in. L x 1-1/4 in. D, with one kit you can insulate a 9 ft garage door but for other dimensions, you might need 2 kits.

These Styrofoam boards are also water-resistant and easy to clean and install.

To install them you need just a few tools like measuring tape, straight edge and a razor blade.

After measuring the pieces with the help of a straight edge using the razor blade you cut them to the wanted sizes.

If the pieces are the right size they will be just tucked in in the sides of the garage panels using kerfing.

The clean whiteboards will make your door look clean and professional improving its look also.

This insulation is very effective for all kinds of temperature variations from very hot weather to really cold one having maximum efficiency.

These EPS boards will form an efficient barrier against heat and also sound and will ensure your garage is isolated from inconvenient agents like heat, cold or noise.

It is best to do some measuring first before acquiring the kit to know exactly how many boards you need for your surface and if you need additional.

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When you install the panel is best to use for your safety protection gloves to avoid any accidents.

With a small investment, you can upgrade your garage and change for the better your working and living conditions.


  • easy to install
  • will provide great insulation against heat, cold and noise
  • you will obtain a professional and clean look
  • easy to maintain clean
  • made from a very light material
  • it is affordable
  • you can install it yourself with ease
  • has a heat efficiency R-value approximate of 4:1
  • water-resistant


  • once you cut the vinyl facing it becomes brittle


If you need a really good quality easy to install an insulating system for your garage door that is also affordable Garage Door Insulation Panel Kit would be perfect for you.

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