Warn 94000 Utility Winch

Warn 94000 Utility Winch Review

Car winch
  • Price - 9.9/10
  • Quality - 9.6/10
  • Load Capacity - 9.5/10


The Warn 94000 Utility Winch is ideal for sports harsh-terrain vehicle owners that need a powerful device to get them out in case they get stuck exploring.


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Warn 94000 Utility Winch

If you love driving through muddy and rocky roads, clay, harsh woods, and across streams, then it’s a matter of when you get stuck not if. This is why most harsh-terrain adventurers have a winch ready-to-go while exploring.

A winch is a powerful device used to perform heavy-duty pulling tasks. Its a must component of any vehicle retrieving equipment. They’re also very easy to use and can be highly affordable. This means that anyone that might find themselves stuck in the middle of the woods can purchase one.

However, when it comes to retrieving heavy vehicles, the winch needs a lot of current. This power can be provided by the towing car’s battery. But if the tow vehicle needs more power, you must use a dedicated winch circuit.

There are two main types of winches, electric and manual. The manual winches are less expensive and can be used to recover small vehicles successfully. However, they require a lot of effort and are very limited. Not many vehicles are lightweight enough to be manually winched.

This is why electric winches are widely used across the globe. When you have to pull a vehicle on its wheels manually, it can be very messy and difficult. But using an electric winch can speed up the recovering process significantly.

There are countless winch manufacturers and winch models. No matter what type of vehicle you have and the places you end up in, there’s a winch out there for you.

Some drivers that consider getting stuck just another part of the adventure, personalize their own winching kits. These kits include gloves, tree trunk protectors, a shovel (for snow), etc.

In this article, we’ll talk about the Warn 94000 Utility Winch.


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Warn 94000 Utility Winch

The Warn 94000 Utility Winch is powerful enough to successfully recover heavy loads fast and effortlessly. Its capacity is up to 2 tons (4,000lbs) and is compatible with various 4x4s and harsh-terrain vehicles.

Thanks to its 1.9 horsepower permanent magnet DC motor, you can use this winch to get you out of a lot of stubborn areas. You won’t have to wait for help from friends or towing companies. This way you can get on with your day and save any vehicle towing expenses.

With the 3-stage planetary gear train, you can rely on its durability for a successful recovering process. It has 12V power for convenient portability and an outstanding duty cycle. You won’t have to use any effort as the winch does the entire job for you.

Its great 4,000lbs capacity makes it ideal for trailers or for construction Jobsite vehicles. And if you decide to use it on your sports terrain vehicle, the recovering process will be done in just a few minutes.

Thanks to the 43 feet of 7/32 inches wire rope with hook and clasp, you’ll have enough wire to reach your vehicle. All you have to do is find a reliable tree trunk and tie the rope there. It’s highly recommended to use a tree trunk protecting band. This way, you’ll connect the winch’s wire more securely and you won’t do any serious damage to the tree.

Unfortunately, the Warn 94000 Utility Winch doesn’t come with wireless remote control. You’ll have to use its corded remote to operate the winch properly.

Warn 94000 Utility Winch

Warn 94000 Utility Winch Pros

  • Easy To Install
  • Easy To Use
  • Has 12V Power
  • Affordable
  • Features a 3-Stage Planetary Gear Train
  • DC Motor With 1.9 Horsepower
  • Has a 4,000lbs Capacity
  • Features 43ft of Wire Rope
  • Ideal For Trailers or on Jobsites

Warn 94000 Utility Winch Cons

  • The drum is aluminum, not steel.
  • No Wireless Remote


The Warn 94000 Utility Winch is a very decent and reliable winch. It’s great value for the money and it does its job. You can’t expect anything fancy from her, like a wireless remote. But it’s perfect for winching various heavy vehicles. So if you’re looking for an inexpensive and great winch, you should give this product a try.

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