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Evenflo Symphony

Traveling in the vehicle with children can be really stressful. However, the makers of the Evenflo Symphony Elite Car Seat have a few methods to make your trips less stressful–maybe.

It all begins with this vehicle seat, which is created to assist your kid from birth until they are large enough to sit unassisted in your vehicle.

If you’re watching for an all-in-one vehicle seat that is remarkably simple to fit utilizing LATCH, the Evenflo Symphony Elite is an excellent chance.

This vehicle seat is thoughtfully-made, arrives with many helpful characteristics, and is greatly user-friendly, despite the fact that it is on the bigger side.

Plus the premium Sure LATCH connectors proceeding fixing this vehicle seat a flurry.


The Evenflo Symphony Elite is a multi-mode seat that ideally can be utilized from birth to booster age. It can be utilized rear-facing, forward-facing, and as a high-back booster.

The Evenflo Symphony Elite is the only automobile seat you will ever need! It fits children from 5 to 110 pounds, can be utilized rear-facing or forward-facing, has different recline levels, and can be converted into a booster seat. There are even has newborn supplements so that your infant’s head is correctly sustained.

Sure LATCH Easy Installation System

Fit your automobile seat in 60 seconds with Evenflo’s exclusive, auto-retracting Sure LATCH system. This is a huge advantage. It utilized to be that you had to remain on your kid’s auto seat while pulling the latching strap to guarantee that the vehicle seat was securely guarded in your vehicle.

5-Point Infinite Slide Harness

Gone are the days of having to re-thread your kid’s 5-point harness as he or she grows! Instead, only remove the handle at the top, and raise to your wanted height. This technology is named the 5-point Infinite Slide Harness, and it adjusts for the most precise fit each time your kid rides in this vehicle seat. As your kid grows, you can rest guaranteed that this vehicle seat will be simple to set for the safest fit.

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Adjustable Headrest

Part of the magic of the 5-point Infinite Slide Harness is the flexible headrest. As your kid grows, you will remark that his or her shoulders begin to approach the head security space. Or, perhaps you discern that your kid’s head is above the top of the vehicle seat.

To regulate, simply remove the handle and raise. This will slide the headrest up a notch. As it moves, the shoulder harness straps raise with it. Slide the headrest up until your kid can safely be ensured in the seat.

Also, it’s worth noticing that the Evenflo Symphony Elite comes with a newborn addition. This means that there is a detachable pad to guard your baby.

Multiple Forward-Facing Recline Options

This is a really exciting highlight. I have found that it can be hard to make the shift to forward-facing because of comfort. Your toddler is utilized to kicking back and relaxing. Then, although their view is developed, they are asked to sit up straight as traveling.

I don’t relax that way in my seat, so it looks ridiculous to ask a toddler to do that. That’s why I love the various forward-facing recline choices. This provides you and your kid to find a better, more comfortable journey position. And, as we all know, if your kid is comfortable in the vehicle, you’re more inclined to have a more relaxing trip adventure.

E3 Side Impact Protection

The E3 side collision protection significantly decreases side collision accident forces up to 50%. This is because of an increased place of protection (larger head and torso protection panels) and three layers of excellent security.

This vehicle seat appears with two cup holders. In my practice, you will need two cup holders–one to hold a drink and the other to keep snacks, rocks, or whatever the most significant toy of the day is. I have had vehicle seats with only one cup holder, and it just doesn’t act as well with toddlers and older kids.

It’s important for your vehicle seat to be soft and comfortable for your kid. Whether you’re carrying a baby or kid, an unhappy traveling partner can make for a long run.

Having a vehicle seat that is machine washable should be one of your top interests. True, most automobile seats are machine washable these days. However, that doesn’t mean that all are. The last thing that you want after your infant has an eruption is to realize that your automobile seat is not machine washable and that you have to spot clean.


  • the cover is pretty easy to take off and set back on
  • it comes with head and body pads which are detachable


  • it is rather wide and heavy


The Evenflo Symphony Elite is a comfortable and easy-to-use seat. You get many helpful characteristics for a fabulous value. I have no doubts in recommending this vehicle seat.

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