Cybex Eternis S All-In-One Car Seat With SensorSafe Review

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  • Price - 9.7/10
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The Cybex Eternis S All-In-One Car Seat With SensorSafe is ideal for any parent that need a very safe and long-lasting car seat that supports their little one from birth until he’s ready for an adult seat.


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Throughout his childhood, your kid will need three, or maybe four safety seats until he’ll be able to use an adult seat. And some of these car seats can be very expensive. This is why a lot of parents prefer investing in an All-In-One Car Seat.

One of the most expensive child safety seats is also the one that’s outgrown the quickest. A good infant seat can easily cost around 300$. Unfortunately, your child will only be able to use it for up to 12-20 months.

Then, you’ll have to switch to a convertible car seat, which isn’t less expensive either. They cost around 200$, and a good one can also cost 300$ or even more.

These two safety seats are the most expensive because young children need extra protection. The older your child gets, the less and less safety features his car seat will have.

After your kid outgrows the convertible car seat as well, it’s time for a high-back or backless booster. The high-back booster should be used if your car’s seats don’t have good headrests and are too far back reclined. On the other hand, the backless booster can safely be used if your car’s seats are strongly contoured and have safe headrests.

Boosters don’t have their own harness, the car’s integrated seatbelt keeps both the booster and your child in place. This is why a high-back booster costs around 40$ and a backless booster can cost as little as 20$.

An All-In-One Car Seat costs around 400$ and if you and your child love it, it might be the only car seat you’ll ever buy. The safest car seats also feature SensorSafe.

What Is SensorSafe?

SensorSafe is a compact clip that’s installed on a car seat’s 5-point harness. It’s very comfortable and your child won’t even know it’s there.

Its job is to keep you updated on what happens in the back seat, while you’re busy driving. This is why it became very popular as soon as it was introduced to the U.S. market.

You can connect it to your smartphone, and car’s smart system and receive notifications alerting you in case of anything. It was designed to provide you with important alerts that could help you prevent a dangerous situation.

If you’re on a long trip, SensorSafe will let you know when you should a stop and let your child stretch his legs. Some children throw tantrums from everything, while others are a little too quiet for their own good. This feature is designed to say something your timid child might ignore.

A lot of parents know the horror of reaching your destination and finding out that your child had unbuckled himself. You can’t keep an eye on your children and drive safely at the same time. However, SensorSafe will send you a loud alert when that happens, and you’ll be able to secure them again.

Another very important safety feature is its ability to monitor the temperature. If your child is in danger of vehicular heatstroke, SensorSafe will alert you. This can happen if you leave your child alone in the car for too long.

No parent expects this to happen, but if you forget your child in the car, SensorSafe will alert your smartphone, and the emergency contacts you added. It will send you and every one the car’s location.

Is SensorSafe Safe For Children?

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Since we’re talking about an electronic device here, most parents question whether or not it’s 100% safe for children. No one would want a “safe” device that will tell you your child’s every move, but that affects him in any way. And the short answer is YES, it’s 100% safe.

All SensorSafe clips are labeled safe to be used around children and is equipped with the CE label. It’s a lightweight and compact clip that does its job without causing any problems. And it won’t affect your child’s comfort either.

The SensorSafe clip functions by transmitting an extremely short and very low power signal. This means that it won’t have the chance to affect anyone in the car, especially the child that’s sitting right under it. You can compare its signal with the one emitted by your car’s keyless hand-held remote.

Any device that is designed to be used very close to a human being, uses transmissions that are very short and very fast. SensorSafe’s whole transmission time in two hours is less than one single second.

Another thing parents are worried about is whether the clips will get mixed and send the wrong signal if they have more than one child. And the answer is NO, having multiple SensorSafe clips won’t affect their performance.

On your user account, on your smartphone, you can register up to 8 SensorSafe clips. You’ll have to do it one by one. Then you’ll receive specific alerts from each car seat without any mix-ups.

In this article, we’ll talk about the Cybex Eternis All-In-One Car Seat With Sensor Safe.


The Cybex Eternis S All-In-One Car Seat With Sensor Safe is a safety seat that has all the car seats your child will need. If you’ll end up loving this Car Seat, it might be the only one you’ll ever need. Your child will benefit from extra safety and comfort since his first day in a car until he’s ready for an adult seat.

Its 5-point harness has a SensorSafe integrated clip for extra safety and comfort. All you have to do is sync it to your smartphone. Then you can enjoy driving without worrying that your kid might unbuckle himself without you noticing.

Thanks to its integrated Car Seat & Back Seat Mirror, you’ll be able to monitor your little one while driving. Continuously adjusting your mirror to see in the back can be dangerous. This is why Cybex decided to offer you this extra accessory with the car seat.

With the Integrated Linear Side Impact Protection System (L.S.P.), your little one will be kept safe in case of a side accident. This is one of the most important safety features that every car seat should have. Most accidents happen from rear or side and the L.S.P. System absorbs up to 25% more impact forces.

The 3-position Reclining Headrest and 10-Position Recline Angle provide your child with extra comfort. You can rest assured that when your little one is sleeping, the child’s head won’t fall forward. His head and neck will be guided into a safe and secure position.

Thanks to the steel-reinforced frame, the Cybex Eternis All-In-One Car Seat offers extra strength and durability. This way your child will be kept as safe as possible at all times. It can be used from 4llbs to 120lbs.

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Cybex Eternis S All-In-One Pros

  • Easy to Install
  • Easy To Use
  • Durable
  • Long-Lasting
  • SensorSafe Technology
  • Steel Reinforced Frame
  • Car Seat & Back Seat Mirror
  • Has A 10-Year Lifespan
  • Supports Children From 4lbs To 120lbs
  • Has A 3-Position Reclining Headrest
  • Features A 10-Position Recline Angle
  • Integrated Linear Side Impact Protection System (L.S.P.)

Cybex Eternis S All-In-One Cons

  • No Backless Booster


The Cybex Eternis S All-In-One Car Seat With Sensor Safe is a secure, comfortable, and smart safety seat. If you’re looking for one of the safest car seats available on the market, you should try this product.

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