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The new Britax Endeavours infant car seat is one of the most secure and comfortable rear-facing infant carrier seats available on the market and combined with the compatible Britax strollers you can have the best high-end travel system for your  baby


Britax Endeaveavours is a very reliable infant seat that can only be used rear-facing and that will fit perfectly with Britax strollers(Single strollers, BOB single and Duallie strollers-B agile/B mobile/B free/B- ready) just by snapping the seat on the stroller frame making a smooth transition from a car seat to a stroller.

Britax is renowned for safety and offering high-quality products, with this new Britax Endeavours infant car seat they step up at another level of safety and comfort.


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Britax Endeavours

Britax Endeavours infant seat has two very high-quality specific components and we will present them both with all the new and amazing features which make this infant seat one of the most appreciated products of this line.

The first component is the infant seat which is design to fit babies from 4 to 35 pounds and 32 inches.

This is a traditional bucket seat with two levels of side impact protection with the shell that absorbs energy in case of impact and the headrest that is foam-lined.

Babies will be perfectly tucked and kept safe thanks to the 5 points harness that is very easy to tighten and adjust thanks to the no re-thread system that uses only a click and tight button for that.

The body cushion is meant to accommodate babies that have a weight lower than 4 pounds to keep them comfortable and to support and protect their neck and spine.

The whole interior surface of this safety seat is very well cushioned and covered with very soft and high-quality materials that will allow the babies skin to breathe in a hot climate.

This safety seat has a big canopy that will protect your baby from the elements when you are out of the car and with the new ergonomic design of the handle you will transport the seat easier.

This handle has 4 positions that can be adjusted just by pushing 2 small levers, and to be able to remove the seat from the base in the car or the stroller you will have a lever on the back of the seat.

A very nice improvement on this model is the new European belt path that comes in handy when you need to travel and cannot take the base with you.

Having this belt path system you can secure the safety seat using the vehicle’s lap belt anywhere you go or you can use the second seat installing system that is the belt bypath.

Britax Endeavours Features

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Britax Endeavours

The base of the seat has 3 installing options so you have 5 different ways to install this safety seat in your car.

The base has some features that are nice like a newly included anti-rebound bar. This feature was included in the design of the convertible seats but for infant seats, it is included only starting with Britax Endeavours.

The steel anti-rebound bar will reduce the rebound rotation of the seat with 30 % in the case of an accident

With the SafeCell technology included, the anti-rebound bar, safety seat steel frame, double layers of side impact protection the safety is increased and in the event of an accident, the child is highly protected.

The deep foam-lined shell and quick-adjust head protection will increase even more the safety of the child in an accident.

The base is very easy to install having a level indicator for safe installation and 3 different installation options so you can fit it in any car model.

This infant seat from Britax is very easy to maneuver because it is easy to get it in and out of the car and also very easy to secure and install both with the base and without it.


  • very easy and safe to install
  • easy to use
  • has 3 installing options for the base and another 2 for the seat
  • you can install the seat without the base if you are on the road and need
  • has a steel frame
  • has an anti-rebound steel bar
  • has 2 layers of side impact protection
  • very soft and smooth high-quality materials
  • easy to clean
  • has a body cushion to accommodate babies that have less than 4-pound weight
  • ergonomic handle with 4 adjustment positions
  • it is compatible with Britax strollers B mobile/B ready/B agile/B free


  • it is heavier than other seats because of the steel frame


If you need a high-quality infant seat that will ensure maximum safety and comfort for your child that is also compatible with a stroller you should try the new Britax Endeavours Infant Car Seat.

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