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Britax Convertible Car Seat – Top 3

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This top is intended to give you some helpful information about some very appreciated products and to make it easier for you to recognize what features will be most useful when looking for a good safety seat for your child.


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britax convertible car seat

To be able to take your child on a ride with the car is mandatory to have a safety seat not only because it is required by law but most importantly to ensure the safety of the little passenger.

Why such a fuss for a safety seat well only when you are involved in an accident you can see what huge forces are involved and how vulnerable are human bodies especially tiny ones.

And it is better to prevent than face horrendous consequences if we follow all these prevention measures and equip the car with a suitable safety seat, you will protect your child from any harm in case of collision.

When choosing a safety seat we must take into consideration the age of the child, the weight and height because for each period in the child growth you must have a suitable safety seat to match the child’s needs.

Importance of a Car Seat

For newborn babies and small children, infant seats are required that will ensure proper protection and positioning of the body .These seats are positioned rear-facing being the safest position for small children.

Riding rear-facing is advised as long as a child can be accommodated in the seat, till the age of 2. After that children can ride forward-facing with an appropriate safety seat till they are old enough to use booster seats.

Because it is quite expensive to change a lot of safety seats many companies have safety seats that can be used for longer periods because they can be adjusted as the child grows to accommodate it.

Parents can invest in safety seats that can be used from birth till the child is old enough to wear just the vehicle’s seat belts( all-in-one seats or seats) or seats that can be used from birth till the child is old enough for a booster seat( convertible safety seats).

The best safety seat is the one that will fit your child’s size and that has as many safety features included and in which your baby will feel comfortable and happy.

Price should not weight that much in the acquisition of a safety seat because, in the end, all that matters is that you buy a quality safety seat to keep your child safe, comfortable and happy.

Many parents choose convertible seats and all-in-one safety seats for their children to avoid buying 2 or 3 seats and spending a lot of money and time this way.

The advantage of a good convertible seat is that you can use it longer from birth up to 65 pounds (and 49 inches or less/height) in both rear-facing and forward-facing positions.

A convertible seat will adapt and transform as your child grows accommodating every need in every growth period.

The quality of the materials is very important as the design, which can increase safety and comfort making the safety seat not only useful but also enjoyable for your kid.

Many brands compete on the safety seat market and you have a wide array of options available but before deciding on a particular product it is wise to do a little research to be sure that you invest in the best option for your child.

Britax Convertible Car Seat

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britax convertible car seat

Today we are going to review some of the most appreciated convertible seats from a well-known brand: Britax.

Many of you probably know or have already used products from Britax and know why they are so appreciated but for those that don’t we can with the help of our top share some insights.

Britax safety seats have some innovative features included in the design of their seats that maximize child safety and ensure easier handling for parents.

The Britax innovative features include a revolutionary system for installation that makes it easier and safer just with the push of a button named ClickTight installation system.

Safety is increased thanks to the SafeCell Impact Protection and the Side Impact Protection, all these systems are designed to absorb the energy generated by impact and to offer support and protection to the most sensitive areas of a child’s body like the neck and head.

Britax Convertible Car Seat – Comparison Table

Britax Convertible Car Seat
BRITAX Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat
Britax Advocate ClickTight
Product model:
Britax Emblem
Britax Boulevard
Britax Advocate
High (Great crash test results)
Average crash test results
Highest (Best crash test results)
Easy to install
Harder installation using the vehicle belt
Very easy
Very easy
Easy to use
Comfort quality
Very comfortable
Good quality
Heavy due to the steel frame
Min/Max Rear Facing Passenger Weight
5-40 lbs
5-40 lbs
5-40 lbs
Min/Max Forward Facing Passenger Weight
20-65 lbs
20-65 lbs
22-65 lbs

All these three safety seats presented here are great products that are very appreciated and that is why they have earned the leading positions.

1.Britax Emblem 3 Stage Convertible Car Seat

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Britax Emblem

Britax Emblem is ranked as number one in our top thanks to its amazing features that all together makes it rank high in all important areas like safety, easy installation (LATCH and belt), easy to use, high comfort and quality and a good size.

This is a very good product overall in all aspects having impressive crash test results making it one of the safest seats at a very affordable price.

The LATCH system ensures an easy installation even if using the vehicles belt system can seem a bit difficult but overall combined with the great price scores high as an all-around safety seat that is very affordable.

The quality and softness of fabrics plus all the padding make it one of the most comfortable seats and kids just love it and feel at home all snug and safe in the car.

Britax Convertible Car Seat Emblem Features

The non-rethread harness will eliminate all the inconveniences of having to adjust properly the harnesses and fuss around losing a lot of valuable time.

The EPP foam that is used in the design of Britax Emblem is very efficient in absorbing the energy from impacts and is more flexible than the more traditional EPS foam used in other safety seat models.

This seat even if it is more affordable has scored much higher than any other more expensive models and brands proving its quality and high manufacturing standards.

Being so easy to use is a very loved product with intuitive and simple functionality, the harness has 10 adjusting height positions and 2 crotch strap positions and with just one finger you can manage the chest clip and the buckles.

A useful feature for parents allows the fastening of the harness to the seat with Velcro to keep it out of the way especially when you put the baby in the seat.

You also have a band at the base of the seat to store LATCH and excess straps and the seat cover is detachable and can be very easy hand washed to maintain the seat clean for your child to enjoy.

The headrest wings are thicker making Britax Emblem the perfect place for a comfortable nap which is very important for every parent.

Another good quality of this product is that it is lighter and easier to handle than other ones making it easier to move and use in another car and because it is narrower also you will have more space available for other seats or passengers.


  • easy to install thanks to LATCH and ClickTight systems
  • easy to use
  • maximum safety level thanks to SafeCell technology/Side Impact Protection and new EPP foam used
  • lighter than other models
  • thicker headrest wings for better napping
  • detachable and washable seat cover
  • LATCH storage
  • very easy to adjust (10 harness/2 crotch strap positions)


  • using the vehicle belt is a bit harder than others to install


Scoring so high on each level this safety seat deserves fully the first position in our top and having a good price makes it, even more, a very good acquisition.

So if you wish to have the best in all features and maximum protection for your child without spending a lot of money you can choose Britax Emblem3 Stage Convertible Car Seat.

2. BRITAX Convertible Car Seat – Boulevard ClickTight

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BRITAX Boulevard ClickTight Car Seat

BRITAX Boulevard is second in our top with its impressive features, high quality, and very easy installation that earned it so many points.

The first thing you will notice besides the great quality of materials and beautiful design is that is super easy to install and that anyone can install it safely and easily with very little fuss.

This safety seat is not for a modest budget and if you are not planning to spend a lot of money on a safety seat you might feel that this seat is not for you.

But if you do not have a tight budget and value a quick, easy and very safe installation and the quality of materials matter to you then you will be thrilled by this safety seat and all the features included.

To increase the child’s comfort this convertible seat has thick padding and easy to adjust harnesses plus EPP foam inserts to protect and support better the baby’s head in case off an accident.

Another added features are the honeycomb structure for the base and the anti-rebound bar that is meant to increase safety in case of accidents.

The LATCH clips that Bulevard uses for installation are easier to use than the other systems that use push-button and for this Britax, Bulevard is very appreciated.

With the recline adjustment handle, you can choose and adjust a more suitable position for your child.


Using the vehicle belt is even more easy to install because it has a unique method of installation belt with lock-of and with the indicator for installation you simply cannot get it wrong.

Having a tether and LATCH storage is easy for you to store them out of your way and with the chest and buckle clip you can work them with just one hand by pressing the clip.

The harness has 2 crotch positions,14 adjustable positions for the harness that allow you to make sure that it will always match with your child’s height and with the Click and Safe system you will tighten and secure it very easy by pulling the strap till it clicks.

Another great feature is the easy removal of the seat cover and that is hand washable and easy to put back so even if your child makes a lot of mess you will clean it easy.

This seat excels the most in comfort it is designed and built for comfort starting from the quality of fabrics to the thicker seat bottom, padded headrest and additional padding.

The shell has a sleek look and the smooth seat bottom will not damage any part of your vehicle or cause indents and damages.

Even this seat is heavier than others you will appreciate it because it is a seat built to last and to offer superior comfort and safety.


  • has the easiest installation
  • very easy to use
  • great quality
  • extra comfortable
  • the robust and sleek look
  • recline adjustment
  • 14 positions to adjust the harnesses
  • 2 positions for the crotch
  • detachable and hand washable seat cover
  • easy Click and Safe tightening system
  • additional padding, headrest padding, thicker seat bottom


  • has a high price
  • is heavier than other


BRITAX Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat is a safety seat specially designed for increased comfort using high-quality materials and will surprise you with the most easy installation.

3.Britax Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seat

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Britax Advocate

This safety seat is number 3 at our top but does not mean that it is less quality than the others, this safety seat has also very appreciated features in its design and will ensure maximum safety at a very affordable price.

Britax Advocate’s design focuses on safety including a very resilient and strong steel frame which along with a deep protective shell and side impact protection plush will ensure the highest level of safety for your child.

Not only that ensures maximum safety but combines the features of other models like a very easy installation thanks to the Click Tight system and increased comfort having 7 recline positions, 14 adjustable positions for the harnesses and also 2 buckle positions.

To protect the child’s head and neck it has 3 layers of cushioning and protection that can absorb the force of impact and even protect from shrapnel and the honeycomb design at the base will absorb and disperse the forces resulted from the impact.


  • easy to install
  • easy to use
  • has a strong steel frame and a protective deep shell
  • has 3 layers of protection(1 foam headrest layer, the second layer for safety and cushioning, the third layer to protect against shrapnel)
  • 14 adjustable harness positions
  • 7 reclining positions
  • 2 buckle positions
  • honeycomb base design
  • Click and Safe harnesses tightener system
  • anti-rebound bar
  • plush Padding
  • easy to wash and remove the seat cover


  • it is heavy thanks to the steel frame and a bit bulkier


Britax Convertible Car SeatAdvocate ClickTight is built for maximum safety and with a solid steel frame, deep protective shell, 3 layers for impact protection and the combined features of other models like easy installation and good comfort will be a valuable acquisition at a good price.

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