Craftman 7 inch Car Polisher

Craftsman Car Polisher – 7 Inch Buffer

Car Polisher
  • Price - 10/10
  • Ease of use - 9.8/10
  • Quality - 9.6/10


If you want your car to always take on without too much effort and any visit to auto service, I recommend Craftsman 7. A device that will give your car its brilliance anytime.


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craftsman car polisher

We all wondered at once when we had a car, what have we done wrong, that it looks like we haven’t taken care of it. And as the costs of the painting are quite high, today I will present you a product that is much cheaper, practical and that you can use it yourself. I’m talking about a Polisher.

However, for the first time, let me explain what the Polish process involves and what it helps. Above each paint, there is a transparent layer  which protects it. Polish is a process through which the transparent layer is polished and cleaned, with the effect of eliminating scratches, removing touch marks of other cars, or providing a fresh nice air to the car.

It is to be noticed that the Polish cannot eliminate the scratches of the car that are in-depth. This will eliminate the fine scratches and, together with a special wax, protect the surface from water by sliding it off.

One important thing is that the transparent surface is of a certain thickness, so a limited number of polishes must be taken into account so that the paint is not affected. A polish auto is recommended once every 6 months. Keep in mind that  the thickness of the lake lasts for around 10 to 12 polishes.


The model of the polisher and buffer Craftsman 7 is a model specially designed for those who want to Polish and refresh their machine at home. This car polisher has a speed of 3800 rotations per minute, being a product that does not require much time to be used to achieve optimal results.

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Craftsman 7 inch Car Buffer

It has a counterweight integrated into it that stimulates a uniform manual-folding without turbulence. The counterweight also considerably reduces the vibrations of the appliance.

This model has 2 rotary handles, a rear rotary lever, and a front, for higher accuracy in any position and user comfort.

The on/off switch is also placed in a convenient position so that you will not inadvertently shut down the appliance during use.

 It has a permanent magnet that ensures good cleaning, polishing, and finishing

The finishing foam has a diameter of 7 inches, which is perfect for a good finish, perfectly following the contours of the surface.

 This polyether can be used not only on the car, not only on the internal sandstone, but also on the outer surface of a boat, with the same satisfactory result.

The counterweight system constantly helps the user to use the gadget without applying pressure to the polished product.

Craftsman 7 has a modern, easy design, it’s easy to maneuver, allowing you to work very easily with it, but at the same time with accuracy. It also has the pivot lock function that helps you access tougher points or spaces in which it has to be insisted.

One important thing to mention is  the accessory that slags out work. It is not recommended to purchase an accessory that comes into contact with the polishing surface, The only accessories that can be attached to the polishes without creating problems are wool, Polish paper or special creams. Such as wax, for example.

 It is a quality product that gives the consumer the satisfaction of a smooth, clean and professional polishing work.

Craftsman Car Polisher Pros

  • good price compared to many others
  • good quality
  • easy to use
  • Can be used for a multi-purpose surface
  • perfect for the car

Craftsman Car Polisher Cons

  • no manual instructions
  • very dangerous if not used correctly


Polish is a cheap way to bring things back to life. If you are looking for such a product, which is also at a good price and which does a wonderful job, Craftsman 7 is a product dedicated to you and your needs.

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