Viofo A129 review

Viofo A129 Review – GPS Dual Dash Cam

Car Dash Cam
  • Price - 9.2/10
  • Image Quality - 9.8/10
  • Functions - 9.7/10


If you need a really high-quality dual-channel camera with many features like GPS, parking mode, super-capacitor, highly sensitive sensors and much more at the best price available on the market Viofo A129 GPS Dual Lens Dash Cam is the best option available.


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Viofo A129 Dual Dash Cam

Dashboard cameras are really popular because they can be used as reliable witnesses in incidents related to traffic especially when it comes to insurance companies and insurance fraud claims.

Having valuable evidence to back up your story in any legal claim is of great importance helping you to avoid money loss and legal contraventions.

These devices are small and discreet and can be installed and mounted easily in any place that will ensure good visibility for the camera to record any incident related to the vehicle.

These cameras have many features and options available to ensure great quality images like video resolution and definition of high quality, extra-wide camera angles, GPS that is built-in, WI-Fi and Bluetooth connections, super-capacitors and batteries for emergency usage.

Important Functions

Some cameras are dual having the ability to record front and back of the vehicle and even you can have interior cameras to watch over passengers as kids or clients.

A wide-angle would allow recording a wider range of images so you would not miss a thing when something happens to be able to keep an eye over your car even when it is parked.

The motion sensors will start the camera to record only when they are triggered by something moving this way preserving power and storage space.

The collision sensor helps the camera automatically start recording and save the locked images when a collision occurs so you will have all the important data and recordings secured and available when you need it.

A great feature is the loop recording which ensures that the camera will still record even if the storage space is limited by recording over old recordings.

Having a GPS is also important because it will provide important data like location, time, speed, the date that will be imprinted on the recording to make them tamper-proof and indisputable solid evidence to use in legal matters.

These customizable devices will make your life easier and driving safer and more enjoyable.


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Viofo A129

Viofo A129 GPS Dual Lens Dash Cam is a dual-channel camera that is affordable that features both front and rear recording with an elite performance that makes it a state of the art product.

This dual camera delivers great video quality, good warranty support, Wi-Fi, GPS, and a reliable parking mode.

The rear camera has really good quality images and premium level features in both cameras.

The Viofo A129 has a loop recording so you will never run out of space or lose important recordings, the recordings are automated starting when the engine starts and safely saved when the power is lost.

This camera uses capacitors that are not lithium-based so that is more resistant to heat.

Viofo A129 Features

Other important features incorporated are the GPS, Wi-FI and a good parking mode.

The second camera is attached with adhesive pads on the rear windshield and will send video to the front camera through a 20-foot cable with an easy plug and play connection.

Adding a rear camera to your vehicle is a significant upgrade because in case of a hit an run accident you can easily record the license plate, get significant details in case of accidents or scams.

This camera is stealthy and has a 2-inch screen with buttons to navigate the menu and control the camera.

The mounting system is really secure and allows you to quickly detach and reattach the camera if you need it to hide it away.

The lenses used are F 1.6 with a high aperture that will balance the light in all kinds of lighting mediums.

The Sonny Starvis sensors from both front and back cameras are excellent to assure vision in low light conditions.

In the package, you receive all you need to install in an easy way the cameras

Thanks to the amazing hardware(Novatek NT 96663 processor, F1.6 glass lenses and Sonny Starvis IMX 291 sensor) it is a top-ranked product.

Viofo A129 Pros

  • front and rear camera have the same high-quality images
  • has a super-capacitor that is more heat resistant
  • both cameras are high-quality and have good night vision
  • has Wi-Fi and GPS built-in
  • has a Novatek NT 96663 processor
  • the lenses are F1.6 glass lenses
  • has incorporated highly sensitive Sonny Starvis IMX 291 sensors
  • has a really good parking mode
  • using the WI-fi connection you can also use the Android and IOS apps
  • to change the setting, view, update and share recordings easily.

Viofo A129 Cons

  • you have no extra windshield mount included to be able to move the camera between vehicles
  • the optional Bluetooth remote must be purchased separately


If you need a really high-quality dual-channel camera with many features like GPS, parking mode, super-capacitor, highly sensitive sensors and much more at the best price available on the market Viofo A129 GPS Dual Lens Dash Cam is the best option available.

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