Vantrue S1 Dual Dash Cam Review

Car Dash Cam
  • Price - 9.4/10
  • Image Quality - 9.4/10
  • Functions - 9.2/10


If you need a dashcam with a discreet design that stays unobserved behind the rearview mirror and does a good job we recommend Vantrue S1 Dual Dash Cam.


In the time of continuous photos and video, of digital memory, the importance of having an “eye”, which can testify to everything that happens to us while driving our car, can be of great help.

Do you want to be protected in the event of an incident with a video that shows you are not at fault? Do you simply want to take back all the exceptional things that happen to us as we drive? Well, it’s time to think about buying a dashcam.

These small and practical cameras allow you to record everything that happens while you are driving a vehicle.

Car cameras are usually installed in the dashboard or car windshield using adhesive pads or suction mounts. The camera must then be connected to the car charger using the Mini USB cable, to charge it and start recording the images that are saved on a memory card.

It depends on the model that is chosen, however, the prices range from € 50 for the simplest models to € 250.00 for the more complex models.
In this article, we will discuss the Vantrue S1 Dual, one of the most popular dash cameras on the market


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Vantrue S1 Dual Dash Cam Review

Dash camera holds FHD dual-channel registration and accommodates diverse views as what you want, which take high-definition clips from both the front (170°) cam and rear cam(160°) together and present strong proof you have a collision.

User-friendly form does fitting and work easier. You can install the rear camera on the front or rear windshield according to your registration requirements. The full package adds front and rear cameras, 10 ft car charger, 3ft mini USB cable, 20ft rear camera cable, front and rear camera bracket, and the adhesive stickers.

The dashcam support up to 256GB (class 10, memory card is not covered ). You can not utilize Sandisk and Transcend Card. We recommend Vantrue 128GB SD Card (ASIN: B07WXH12TC). Is required to format the card before beginning use.

Before attaching the dashcam, you need to clean the windshield utilising water or alcohol and wipe clean with a dry tissue.

Front & rear clips store in separate files in one sd card. Same file name, the suffix A means front cam registered files. While the suffix B notes to rear cam registered files. The port signed “5v in “logo is for energy source, while the other 1 “rear” is for the rear camera.

Because of the small and discreet dual lens dash camera perspective, the hidden dash cam synchronous record front and rear in FHD. It can also attach right to your windshield for optimal field-of-view and a super-easy establishment. Thus not obstructing the view and making secure driving.

Mixed with the F1.47 large opening and excellent HDR (high-Density Registration) technology, the car dashcam is capable to set for the light and dark elements of the frame. So that your nighttime catches are forever bright and energetic.

The unit has a Built-in supercapacitor rather than lithium battery, which faces severe temperatures from -4 to 158°F. It allows the 2-way dashcam more strong, heat-resistant, more extended life span than batteries.

Vantrue S1 Dual Dash Cam Features

Built-in GPS module accessory allows the front and rear GPS dashcam to position and coordinates of the engine vehicle. The logging of such items can be presented back showing the vehicle’s position, exact way, velocity(KM/H or MP/H) on Google Maps via our GPS Player.

Highlighting a Sony IMX327 sensor and Novatek NT96663 chipset, enables you to perform the best effects of executing video in various situations and methods of operation. The Single front dash camera take videos up to a resolution of 2880*2160P/24FPS;1920*1080P/60FPS during day and night.

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Vantrue S1 Dual Dash Cam

Auto change the dash camera to Parking Mode when it senses no action in 5 minutes. Triggered by the movement sensor, the reserved car dash camera will automatically register when people or objects come narrower to your vehicle. You need to hardwire it (ASIN: B07V3F1VFX ) or attach it with outside battery pack when parking.

Loop registration overwrites the oldest footage with the latest upon loading a card to size. While once the vehicle hit while running or in parking mode, the G-sensor will automatically secure the footage to “Event File” to block it from being overwritten.

Time-lapse use automatically captures photos at detailed periods. It also edit them commonly to a video clip so they can play much quicker than real-time. It also makes frames for a time-lapse video of a multi-week street journey, considerably kept place on your memory card.


  • easy to install and use
  • it gives a great view
  • user-friendly interface


  • the package does not include Sd card


If you need a dashcam with a discreet design that stays unobserved behind the rearview mirror and does a good job we recommend Vantrue S1 Dual Dash Cam. The quality/price ratio is an excellent one for this product.

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