Rexing M1 HD Car Dash Cam

Rexing M1 HD Car Dash Cam 10” IPS Touch Screen

Car Dash Cam
  • Price - 9.6/10
  • Image quality - 9.7/10
  • Functions - 9.7/10


Finding a high-quality and affordable rearview duble channel dash cam is not an easy task but if you choose Rexing M1 HD Dual Channel Rear View 10” IPS Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam you will have all that and more.


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Rexing M1 HD Car Dash Cam

Now many drivers choose to fit their car with dashcams because many already know how useful they are, but only by choosing a dashcam that covers all the angles you can have all-around images in case of an incident.

Only a front and rearview camera will cover you all-round and provide all the proofs you need, for example, if you have only a front camera and someone hits your car in the backside you will have no recordings with that area.

A dual-channel camera will record both back and front keeping you completely covered and prepared for any situation.

We all know that visibility is not that great especially when you need to park because a car has many blind spots in the back area. If your vehicle does not have a fitted rear camera you will be susceptible to a lot of incidents.

The rearview camera is a camera that is attached near the center in the rear side of your vehicle and will send images to the rearview mirror. When you push and pull the tab you will switch between a traditional mirror and rear camera mirror.

A rear camera will also provide better nighttime visibility so it might be a lifesaver when you park.

So if you wish to be fully covered then you definitively should get a dual-channel camera.

A rearview screen mirror camera looks exactly like a mirror and has even the reflexive surface and can be used as a normal mirror but it has also many other extra features like a parking monitor DVR, G-sensors and Loop recording.

Dual cameras are very popular but many models are very expensive and not many will invest a very large amount of money in a dashcam, but some models are affordable and high-quality so investing a little time in researching the market will be a wise thing.

We will present such a model that will worth the money and leave you happy and very content.


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Rexing M1

Rexing M1 HD Car Dash Cam 10” IPS Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam is a camera design to be used as a rearview mirror and at the same time as a front and rearview camera depending on your needs and preferences.

This dashcam has a 10 inch IPS touch screen on which you can visualize camera images and use the controls just by touching the screen and taping or swiping.

This camera is very easy to install and having an elegant design will integrate perfectly.

You will have very good visibility of your vehicle’s back because and it is very useful especially when you are parking.

A unique feature is that the back camera will be mounted outside of your vehicle and is waterproof and can stand extreme temperatures.

With Rexing M1 dual dash cam you will have dual channel recordings and you will be covered 140 ° in the front (1296p camera resolution 2304 x1296) and 120° in the back (720p camera resolution1280 x720).

The camera has a high aperture of f 1.8 and enables you to have very good quality images even in low light conditions.

Having G-sensors included it will record automatically when a collision is detected and with the loop recording feature included you will never run out of storage space.

This camera is compatible with a micro SD card up to 256 GB of at least class 10 that must be directly formatted in the camera.

Rexing M1 HD Car Dash Cam Pros:

  • very easy to install
  • very easy to use
  • turn the screen off just with a button
  • wide mirror/screen
  • very user-friendly and easy settings
  • very affordable
  • outside back camera that is water-resistant
  • G-sensors
  • wide coverage angles
  • wide-aperture lens
  • resistant in extreme conditions

Rexing M1 HD Car Dash Cam Cons:

  • will need to use the car charger because the USB might not be enough


If you need a very good dual-channel rearview mirror dash cam that is easy to install and use at a very attractive price you should choose Rexing M1 HD Dual Channel Rear View 10” IPS Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam.

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