Rexing F10 Dash Cam 1080p Review

Rexing F10 Dash Cam Review

Car Dash Cam
  • Price - 9.5/10
  • Image Quality - 9.7/10
  • Functions - 9/10


If all you need is a small compact camera with high-quality images and integrated Wi-Fi at the most affordable price Rexing F10 Dash Cam is the perfect candidate.


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Rexing F10 Dash Cam REview

Dashboard cameras are really useful devices in traffic providing important recordings the can be used as solid evidence in fraud claims involving accident insurances or in other legal matters.

These devices are small and discreet and can be positioned anywhere in your car to record efficiently all that could protect your interests.

Even the main function is to record, these devices have integrated other useful functions that allow them to be multifunctional.

With motion and collision sensors incorporated these little cameras will have special functions like loop recording, parking surveillance, accident automatic detection, video file locking.

New technologies available make it possible to have many functions incorporated in really small devices that become more and more affordable.

On the market are available a multitude of models with all kinds of options and each can choose one to cover personal necessities.

To choose a good camera you must look for good quality images and high resolution, a wide-angle that will allow a good coverage, integrated motion and G-sensors, high storage capacity and a compact design.

From simple models to more complex and full option models, the prices are increasing proportionally with the quality and options included.

Rexing F10 Dash Cam Presentation

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Rexing F10 Dash Cam Features

Rexing F10 Dash Cam is a really small dashboard camera with a resolution of 1920x1080p Full HD and 30fps.

This camera has a compact design (1.75-inch length and 2.25-inch height ) and a wide 140° angle for lenses which allows a wide range of image coverage.

Will record small intervals of 3/5/10 minutes that are saved and stored in files having a high storage capacity up to 32GB on class 10 compatible micro SD card or even higher.

The quality of the images is balanced by adjusting exposure in any light conditions.

With the special feature of loop recording when the storage capacity is exceeded new recordings will overwrite old ones to keep the camera recording.

Important recordings are protected and locked in special files to keep them from being overwritten when the G-sensors detect a collision.

The built-in Wi-Fi allows quick sharing with your smartphone or tablet and this technology is comparable with that of the more expensive models.

This is the smallest of the Rexington dash-cams but the small size does not affect the quality of the image. To better fit these small dimensions the angle is a little reduced to a 140 ° but will guaranty a good view range.

To ensure that you will not lose important footage this camera comes with a built-in battery for emergency and a car charger to use regularly.

It was designed to resist and perform excellently even in high/low temperatures and bad weather conditions.

Rexing F10 Dash Cam Pros

  • easy to install
  • easy to use
  • discrete design
  • high-quality camera
  • wide 140 ° camera angle
  • loop recording
  • really affordable
  • has a suction cup mount
  • has a high capacity of storage being compatible with micro SD card up to 32 GB
  • has an emergency built-in battery
  • it is temperature resistant to withstand any bad conditions

Rexing F10 Dash Cam Cons

  • you have to purchase the compatible micro SD card
  • the angle is smaller than the other cams to fit the compact design
  • the memory card must be formatted before usage in the camera to work properly


If all you need is a small compact camera with high-quality images and integrated Wi-Fi at the most affordable price Rexing F10 Dash Cam is the perfect candidate.

With this discrete device that passes unnoticed, you can have perfect recordings which will help you to clear any issue related to traffic incidents or just enjoy the feeling that you are secured having such a reliable witness.

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