Pruveeo T7 Dual Dash Cam Review

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The Pruveeo T7 Dual Dash Cam is ideal for drivers that want to have a reliable protection shield while on the road.


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We spend thousands of dollars on security cameras for our beloved homes. But what about our cars? What can we do to get some peace of mind when we park it? The most effective answer is installing a Dual Dash Cam. You can rely on it to protect your car while you’re running errands. And it can also serve as an eyewitness while you drive.

Dash Cams are cameras that can be mounted on the windshield, or dashboard, and can record the view. A dual dash cam has an extra camera that can be mounted on the rear windshield. These devices provide all-around protection at all times.

You can use these gadgets to record the breathtaking view from your journey or a driver that brakes the law. Dash Cams are recognized by law enforcement and courts as evidence in case of an accident. Some insurance companies offer discount premiums just for using a Dash Cam while driving.

They usually feature a compact design so they won’t block your view and remain undetected. The more discreet dash cams are, the better. Some angry drivers don’t like being filmed breaking the law, and they might cause problems if they spot the camera. A discreet Dash Cam is also needed to make sure it won’t attract thieves.

The rear Dash Cam is connected to the front-facing camera by a cable. This helps the rear camera charge and save the recorded videos on the front camera’s SD Card. Having fast mounting options are important in case you’ll need to quickly hide the Dash Cam.

In this article, we’ll talk about the Pruveeo T7 Dual Dash Cam.


Pruveeo T7 Dual Dash Cam

The Pruveeo T7 Dual Dash Cam can be used as both dual-channel and single-channel Dash Cam. When both cameras are in use, each of them can record 1080p videos @ 30fps. If you want to use only the front-facing unit, it has the capability to capture crystal clear videos, at a resolution of 2880 x 2160p @ 24fps.

Thanks to the Wide Dynamic Range, the Pruveeo T7 can perform optimally in any lighting situation. It works by adjusting the exposure to create a balanced image. You can benefit from the built-in Wi-Fi to view real-time footage or playback videos.

With the built-in GPS logger, you can track the routes you’ve taken and then embed them onto the videos. The GPS Route Tracking is made in Google Maps. If you discovered any shortcuts but can’t remember exactly where you can playback a video and see.

Before buying a Dash Cam you have to consider the temperatures you’ll be driving in. Some units can’t resist in hot summer days or in freezing temperatures. That’s why Pruveeo decided to equip their T7 Dual Dash Cam with a Super Capacitor. It features enhanced temperature resistance to both hot and cold climates.

When the storage limit is reached, the new recordings will automatically overwrite the oldest ones. Thanks to the G-Sensor, the camera is equipped with accident auto-detection. As soon as the G-Sensor detects a collision, the current video is immediately locked to keep it from being overwritten.

Both camera units record at a 170 degree wide-angle to reduce blind spots. The wide F1.8 aperture camera lens lets in more light to capture clear footage even during nighttime. You can watch the videos on the 2.4” LCD Screen.


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Pruveeo T7 Dual Dash Cam

The Pruveeo T7 Dual Dash Cam features a discreet design and Ultra HD recording capabilities. Those recordings are automatically saved on the SD Card and kept until the memory is full. The front-facing unit supports class 10 or higher micro SD Card up to 128 GB.

Since this Dash Cam features a Super Capacitor, it has no built-in battery. You have to continuously connect the Dash Cam to an external power cord while in use. When there’s no power connection, the cam uses its Auto Power Off feature. This also helps it power on and off automatically when you start or stop the car’s engine.

Thanks to the Super Capacitor, the units can operate without any problems at both 176F and -20F temperatures. But the car USB port may not support enough power for the Dash Cam. That’s why you have to use the Power Cord that comes in the package, or the Pruveeo hardwire kit (sold separately).

The rear camera is high quality but not waterproof. You should only install it on the windshield inside the vehicle. If you need help mounting the units, you can use the provided instructions manual. If you still have questions, Pruveeo offers great customer support.

The two most recommended SD Card to be used on the Pruveeo T7, are the Samsung EVO and SanDisk High Endurance Micro SD Cards. If you use a 64GB or 128GB SD Card, make sure to format it on the Dash Cam before using it. The format option can be found on the menu.

Thanks to the easy installation process and easy-to-follow instructions, you can set the Pruveeo T7 within minutes. The cameras are easily mounted to your car’s windshields using the included 3M adhesive mount kits.

Pruveeo T7 Dual Dash Cam

Pruveeo T7 Dual Dash Cam Pros

  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Use
  • High-Quality
  • Dual-Channel 1080p Resolution
  • Single-Channel 2880 x 2160P Resolution
  • Supports up to 128GB SD Card
  • Loop Recording
  • Seamless Recording
  • Super Capacitor
  • Resists in 176F and -20F Temperatures
  • Auto Power Off Feature
  • Both Cameras Record at a 170 Degree Wide-Angle
  • Wide F1.8 Aperture
  • G-Sensor
  • Wi-Fi
  • GPS

Pruveeo T7 Dual Dash Cam Cons

  • SD Card Not Included
  • No Parking Mode


The Pruveeo T7 Dual Dash Cam is a high-end eye witness that can help you fight against insurance fraud and capture spontaneous events. Pruveeo are known to continuously improve their products. They are also a household name when it comes to quality Dash Cams. Pruveeo T7 has a decent price and it makes every dime spent on it worth it.

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