Pioneer Dash Cam ND-DVR100 Review

Car Dash Cam
  • Price - 9.5/10
  • Image quality - 9.6/10
  • Functions - 9.3/10


If you have not bought a dashcam yet and you plan to do so, we recommend you try the Pioneer ND-DVR100. Although there are other better models on the market, this is a good quality/price ratio.


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Pioneer Dash Cam ND-DVR100

The recordings made by the cameras located on the vehicles can be useful in case of an accident, exempting us from a lot of legal problems and unnecessary expenses. Camcorder recordings can also prove the attack cases of other drivers in traffic, the images practically speaking in such cases.

It is not uncommon for some accidents to be caused, usually by forcing the victim’s car to be tamped down with a motor vehicle in front of it.

The scammers then claim compensation on the pretext that the drivers who hit them did not keep the legal distance. The images taken by the surveillance cameras prove how things happened. Even if they cannot be used as evidence in court, they may prove useful in giving weight to other evidence that the owner of the car brings in his defence.

Video cameras often have a preventative role. Thieves, as well as other drivers who are violent in traffic, will think twice before approaching your car, knowing they are filmed.

On the market there are many models of dash cams so it is very important to choose the best option for us. In this article, we will discuss the Pioneer Dash Cam ND-DVR100 , created by one of the most popular manufacturers of car accessories.


Pioneer Dash Cam

I have examined many dash cams over the years, but normally run into problems like limited dynamic range, unclear (moving or otherwise) or flashing pictures, and collapse of the camera to handle remarkably cold and/or hot climate.

These add units costing $100 up to $300. My most recent dashcam went broken last November, so it was due to the opportunity to try something different and new.

Coincidentally, Pioneer just joined the dashcam business with its ND-DVR100. It appears with the typical G-shock sensor, loop recording, snap-shot photo, and 114-degree lens. What’s not common, however, is the use of 27.5 fps registering to match the LED lights renew so you won’t see flash in your records.

You can fix it yourself, as it’s very simple. Mount the system to the windshield, placed behind or next to the rearview mirror using the adhesive. Then route the energy cable easily to the cigarette lighter adapter.

Pioneer Dash Cam Features

The camera films in full 1,080p, and you can fix the compression level. I suggest use the tiniest compression (largest file) and use a 32GB microSD card. Don’t cheap out on that either. Utilize something like a SanDisk Extreme, as the card will have to control all varieties of weather situation, especially heat during the summer periods. You can watch videos on PC or directly on camera.

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Unlike most dash cams, the system can be pushed out of the support in circumstance you want to take photos of an accident scene, or show the video/camera to the police on the scene. When you’re ready to put the cam back into its bracket, just slide it in, versus holding to mistake with putting a unit at the precise point in a suction cup-mounted system.

Time cast, position coordinates, and running velocity are all automatically registered as part of the clip and photo metadata. The image quality, while not top cut, is still better than other dash cams I’ve tried. My expectations for top-notch picture quality is in the GoPro series, so I may just be expecting too much from the system.

It’s a no-brainer to fix one of these dash cams in your vehicle. Holding a good dashcam is a requirement to be covered by insurance in many countries (though not in Canada). Whether your assurance provider will give a discount or not, at the very least, having an effective dash cam like this one will eliminate any he-said-she-said circumstances in the event of a collision.


  • easy to install
  • is very helpful
  • film pretty well
  • it has a nice design


  • bad video quality compared to other models


If you have not bought a dashcam yet and you plan to do so, we recommend you try the Pioneer Dash Cam ND-DVR100. Although there are other better models on the market, this has a good quality/price ratio.

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