Magellan MiVue 420 Review

Car Dash Cam
  • Price - 9.9/10
  • Image Quality - 9.5/10
  • Functions - 9.1/10


If you need a camera that offers excellent video quality and has a simple user interface, at a decent price, we recommend Magellan MiVue 420 Dashcam.


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Magellan MiVue 420

The car video camera can be a long-term safety in the event of accidents involving pedestrians, other vehicles or why not, the fall of a bridge installed incorrectly.

At the same time, where permitted by the court, a video recording made with a car camera may be evidence in the event of theft, accident or abuse in service by a representative of law institutions such as the police.

When it comes to car GPS units, it doesn’t get much better than Magellan. Building on this event, they now give dash cams. Delinquency rates and vehicle collisions look to only be going higher and higher. If safety is essential to you, then a dash cam can be excellent. Up for analysis today is the Magellan MiVue 420 Dashcam.

Magellan MiVue 420 Presentation

The MiVue 420 system has a huge 2.7” LCD, 140-degree viewing angle, and a 1296P (2304×1296) camera. The viewing angle is traded as panoramic or wide-angle but similarly valued cameras from brands like Vantrue have more open 160 to 170-degree viewing angles.

The camera is created of quality black plastic and highlights four menu navigation keys on the right side and a unique power key on the left.

In the box, you will discover the MiVue 420 cam, suction mount, MicroSD to SD card adapter, and 12’ Mini USB Power Cable. Setup is easy as the detachable suction mount adheres to the windshield fast.

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The camera slips onto the mount and can be calibrated in the MiVue settings so that the borderline, car hood line, and middle of the driving path join well. This setting is important to guarantee that the lane departure and forward accident alert system are as detailed as reasonable.

The MiVue 420 will start recording as quickly as it is filled into a powered 12V outlet in your car. You can define either 1, 3, or 5-minute video parts in the MiVue settings and the system will cancel the oldest videos that have not been identified as an “Impact” record. These “Impact” videos are triggered when the Magellan unit detects a collision and conserves the video, GPS coordinates, and time stamp so that it cannot be canceled.

Magellan MiVue 420 Features

The “Parking Guard” characteristic of the MiVue 420 can be allowed and will trigger when it detects movement in front of the cam while the vehicle is parked. This characteristic operated properly and took different people walking in front of our vehicle while parked outside a purchasing mall.

The overall condition of the video while the day is large and the higher resolution video puts the Magellan MiVue 420 on level with most of the opposition. However, once you begin to lose daylight the condition suffers and the MiVue looked to be slightly under normal in weaker light.

The primary shapes and aspects of other vehicles and bigger symbols are still discernible, but they require the sharpness when opposed to even more inferior resolution cams like the Thinkware F750.

In addition to the regular dash camera characteristics that one would anticipate, the MiVue 420 has added driver support signals to give you a notification and avoid a possible collision.

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Once the camera has been placed perfectly and calibrated in the settings, you can obtain lane-departure and forward-collision alerts. We found that both warnings were properly served at freeway velocities and are best to be withdrawn for driving around the city.

The front impact signal went great at higher velocities to guarantee you weren’t accosting a car too quickly, but in the city, it would trigger at each stoplight where a car was ahead of the vehicle.

Furthermore, the lane departure warning was right on most straighter highways but would trigger every several minutes around the city or on a stormy road. Also, the lane departure system cannot tell when you are deliberately shifting lanes and can become disturbing on longer journeys.


To make it more comfortable to view and distribute your registered clips, Magellan has produced the MiVue Manager program for Mac and PC. With the available application, you will be capable to fill in the MiVue 420’s Micro SD card and organize all the information that is taken while the different driving situations.

The application is very user-friendly and enables you to narrow down your clips based on the day or types of registering (Event, Normal, or Parking).

When playing the videos, you can see instant info such as velocity, position, and even the G-force on the car from various angles as you were running.

You cannot edit the clip from inside the application but you can conserve a local model, get a screenshot, or even share directly to Facebook and Youtube. The MiVue Manager application was simply one of the greatest media managing applications for a dash cam that we have handled.

Magellan MiVue 420 Pros

  • good video quality during the day
  • easy to install

Magellan MiVue 420 Cons

  • poor video quality at night


If you need a camera that offers excellent video quality and has a simple user interface, at a decent price, we recommend Magellan MiVue 420 Dashcam.

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