HP f335 Review

HP F335 Car Dash Camera Review

Car Dash Cam
  • Price - 9.8/10
  • Image quality - 9.3/10
  • Functions - 9/10


If you need a high quality dash cam with a simple and elegant design which incorporates many useful and practic features then HP F335 Car Camcorder is all you need.


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HP f335 Car Dash Cam

If you wish to have your back covered no matter what happens on the road buying a good dash cam is the most natural thing to do.

This kind of device has already proven that they can save you from many unpleasant situations and what is most important is the fact that with a small investment you can prevent many losses.

Having a silent and discreet witness that will provide you all the evidence you need to prove your case in any kind of dispute being legal or just friendly is very useful.

From all the available models of dashboard cameras, you must choose the most appropriate one to suit all your needs.

Depending on the budget and what you want to do with the one you can choose a high-end model with a lot of features included or you can go the other way and choose a basic one that will serve its purpose.

HP has many available models that will cover a wide range from the S series to 9 Series each of these 9 classes having unique and amazing features to cover each need on the market.

The 3 Series includes powerful Full HD cameras that are compact and have a simple design integrating useful and practical features like a wide-angle lens, large lens aperture, high video resolution, excellent night vision, 3-axis G-force sensors, motion sensors, and fatigue detection.

The high quality is the main feature for all HP dashboard cameras and it is kept even in the most basic dash-cam models so no matter what model of HP dash-cam you choose you will have high-quality crisp images with perfect details.

HP F335 Presentation

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HP f335 Review

HP F335 Car Dash Camera is a small and compact dash cam that has some unique features included as an ultra-wide-angle lens, large lens aperture and a built-in G sensor.

This small camera record high-quality Full HD 1080p video at 30fps which enables you to have clear sharp images that catch-all details.

Thanks to its small size this dash cam is very discreet and will not obstruct your view while you drive.

Because it has a wide 140° lens angle and a large F1.9 lens aperture this camera will have clear images that have no edge distortions and crystal clear, vivid images even in the night time.

With the 2.4 inch LCD display you can easily go through the settings and customize each feature and also you can replay the recordings when you need to.

With the loop feature included you do not have to worry because this camera will continue recording even if the storage space is low by recording over old recordings.

Even if this camera has a small size it will still incorporate the latest technology in features like built-in motion and G-sensors that are extremely useful at detecting a collision and perimeter breaches triggering the Emergency video recording mode.

To install it is easy because the mounting system is simple and fits many windshields and after you plug the camera in with the charger it will automatically start to record.

The built-in battery will ensure that all recordings will be saved in the eventuality of a power shortage.

HP F335 Car Camcorder is compatible with a 32 GB microSD memory card at least 6 class that needs to be formatted before the initial use.

Another very useful feature is the rest reminder that will help you avoid accidents by emitting fatigue warning using the fatigue detection system.

Having GPS features this camera gathers data and has them embedded in the recordings(date/time/current speed and direction).

Having parking surveillance mode thanks to the motion sensors integrated will ensure you will have peace of mind even if you are not near your car.

HP F335 Pros

  • easy to install
  • easy to use
  • small and compact design
  • motion and G-sensors integrated
  • parking surveillance
  • built-in battery
  • Full HD 1080p resolution recordings
  • loop recordings
  • compatible with at least class 6 microSD memory card
  • fatigue detection system
  • wide 140-degree lens angle
  • large F 1.9 lens aperture

HP F335 Cons

  • the price might seem higher than other dash-cams in its class


If you wish a very effective, compact camera which will ensure you will have high resolution clear and detailed recordings you will be very satisfied by the HP F335 Car Dash Cam.

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