HP F310-VP Review

HP F310-VP Car Dash Cam Review

Car Dash Cam
  • Price - 9.9/10
  • Quality - 9.6/10
  • Image Quality - 9.8/10


The HP F310-VP Car Dash Cam is a Full HD decent dashcam with clear footage, even during nighttime.


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HP F310-VP car dash cam

A Dash Cam is an onboard camera that can be set to continuously record the view through a vehicle’s front windscreen, or sometimes rear and other windows, and can be used for various purposes

This type of camera is simply mounted on the dashboard of your car, discreetly, and it can record every detail on the road and every sound inside the vehicle. It’s easy to install and use and gives you some peace of mind while driving.

Dashcam owners can send the incriminating footage, along with the complaint of a dangerous driver or pedestrian caught on camera, to the cops. A dashcam gives you concrete evidence of what, when and where happened.

Importance of a Dash Cam

Thousands of accidents and crashes happen every year that escalate in long court fights. Some of these fights end up incriminating the innocent parties because they don’t have enough evidence to prove they’re the victims.

A very important feature every dashcam should have is a discreet design. If someone would break into your car because they saw 5$ on the dashboard, they’ll sure as hell break-in for the “expensive-looking camera thing”. 

A discreet design can also keep you safer if you get involved in an argument with an angry driver. While people drive better when they see a cop, they won’t act the same when they see a dashcam. A dashcam might make them angrier and even violent if they don’t agree to be filmed in the middle of their rage burst.

You should inform yourself if the state you’re in allows dash cams or not, before using them. They’re not legally approved everywhere. If your dashcam records a conversation inside your vehicle that you’re not a part of, it can be legally considered eavesdropping.

In this article, we’ll talk about the HP F310-VP Car Dash Cam.


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HP F310-VP

The HP F310-VP Car Dash Cam comes with a discreet design and ultra-wide 130-degree angle lens. This helps recording your road-trip in great detail, even during nighttime.

Using built-in GPS and a 4-Quadrant display, this device gives you the opportunity to real-time track the speed and the way you’re heading.

Thanks to the included “Super Car” application, you can replay the recordings on your Personal Computer anytime you want to relive a journey you loved. Your experience is enhanced with Google Maps position tracking, speed, compass heading, and G-sensor information.

With the Force Motion Sensor, your dashcam automatically starts recording the minute you start your engine. It also shuts off after you turn the engine off. It has loop recording intervals of 3 or 5 minutes.


After installation, you’ll be able to access its menu and customize the wanted features, like setting the date and time and set up satellite synchronization.

The Emergency recordings are kept in a separate folder, so they are not overwritten until its folder is filled up. When the memory is full, it automatically overwrites the oldest one. You can also set the resolution, HD or Full HD.

If you live in an area with speed cameras, you can manually enter them in (up to 200), and the unit will warn you as you approach one. You can also set up a speed limit and you’ll receive warnings if you’ve exceeded it.

The supplied CD contains a user manual, Super Car application, Quick Time, and a PDF reader. The unit supports micro SD Cards up to 32MB.

The included car kit is easy to install and use even by someone with no previous experience with dash cams. After installation and proper mounting, start your car and let the F310 do its job.

HP F310-VP Pros

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Force Motion Sensor
  • Full HD
  • G-Sensor
  • Super Car Application
  • Discreet Design

HP F310-VP Cons

  • Battery drains very quickly, you need to always keep it plugged in
  • Doesn’t come with a micro SD Card
  • It can have a 30sec lag between the video file and GPS data 


The HP F310-VP Car Dash Cam is a Full HD decent dashcam with clear footage, even during nighttime. If you’re not bothered by the fact that you need to keep it plugged in all the time, as many dash cams have to be, then you should give it a chance.

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