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Garage Parking Sensor Park-Daddy PDI-100-AA

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  • Price - 9.8/10
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  • Accuracy - 9.7/10


If you bought a new car and you’re not used to its size, or if you just don’t manage to park well from the first time, you need this parking-daddy system.


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Garage Parking Sensor

Garage Parking Sensor is very important for the drivers ‘ experience. It helps to execute precise and safe plots, minimising the risks of accidents or collisions with different obstacles.

Especially for beginners drivers, the parking, in general, represent a challenge, even if they have obtained the driver’s license for a while.
Generally, when you park for the first time, you could be stressed.

It happens, you can’t figure out how to get the car back in the garage unless you come down from it. Often when the door of the garage does not close well, you have to park again. This will make you lose more time than it takes.

With the parking aid, you’ll know exactly how to execute parking manneuvers. These are specialised accessories that ease to park your vehicle using the positioning monitoring in your garage. These devices save precious time and reduce risks of hitting into the wall or damage other things that you have in the garage.

You will have the supplementary storage area to store other stuff due to the parking devices because you will constantly park your car in the right section.

Invis-a-Beam LLC has produced long-distance accuracy alignment systems and parking systems utilising licensed advanced infrared technology, state of the art electronics, exceptional optics. They coupled these with innovative software techniques.

The Park-Daddy is an accuracy car parking system for home garages.
The Park-Daddy parking aid will inform the driver while parking in the garage if the door is open correctly. Also, it will help you park the car in the garage without hitting it or hitting other things in the garage.


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Garage Parking Sensor Kit

Park-Daddy PDI-100-AA is produced and constructed in the USA. With the help of this device, you will be able to keep more stuff in the garage without being afraid you will hit them.
Front of other products, the Park-Daddy device is the most secure accuracy garage parking assistant.

This device will enable you to install a garage door allowance with as short as one inch.
You can use the support system for the garage, even to park a Rvs.

The Park-Daddy It installs very easily and quickly in a few minutes.
This device has two Infrared Head Units. They will be mounted on the walls of the garage presently inside the garage door opening.
You will have to use for their mounting, peel off mounting tape or can be mounted using two screws for easy replacement.

The system needs four D-size batteries that persist for up to one year or even more. It also arrives with two RF Radio Receivers that conveniently plugs into a car’s cigarette lighter power gate, serving two cars.

The RF Radio Receiver will sound with an adaptable sound and a red LED will light when the infrared rays are broken.
As quickly as your car clears the garage door opening, the noise will stop and the LED will change color in green informing you that the car has opened the board and it is secure to park the vehicle at that territory, leaving the maximum value of room in front of the car.

The kinds of lasers used in this device are safe.

Park-Daddy Systems can be extended up to a 4 cars garage with the acquisition of extra Radio Receivers. Parking-daddy system weighs 1.95 pounds.

Installing batteries at Park-Daddy System:

  1. Discard the battery door by pulling down the tab on top of the battery door and pulling the top of the door outside.
  2. Hold the Infrared Head Unit in one hand with the opening upward and the top of the Head Unit facing away.
  3. Place the initial battery with the (+) positive terminal touching the contact in the top end on the battery slot.
  4. While holding the first battery in place with your thumb, place the (-) negative terminal of the second battery on the spring in the lower section of the battery compartment. Compress the spring until there is enough clearance for the second battery’s (+) positive terminal to make contact with the first battery’s (-) negative terminal.
  5. Substitute the battery door with the tab on the bottom of the door inside the battery slot first. Pull down the locking clip on the top of the door and push the battery door inward until the door completely closes.
  6. Repeat the above procedure on the remaining Infrared Head Unit

Garage Parking Sensor Pros

  • easy to install
  • works every moment and is very precise
  • you don’t have to change batteries often

Garage Parking Sensor Cons

  • it is possible that after a period, the sound may not function


If you bought a new car and you’re not used to its size, or if you just don’t manage to park well from the first time, you need this parking-daddy system.

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