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If you need a high-quality and efficient air purifying device that is also very affordable you should try Car Air Cleaner by Airthereal


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Car Air Purifier

Maintaining a clean car and a clean environment in your car you will ensure good health and an enjoyable atmosphere.

The enclosed environment from the interior of the vehicle must be well cleaned and sanitized to ensure optimum living conditions.

Many harmful micro-particles and micro-organisms can pollute the air creating a nocive environment that can start many allergies, asthma or respiratory illnesses.

So removing dandruff, dust, fungus, viruses, bacteria, mildew, smoke will ensure a better quality of air and good health.

Unpleasant odors are determined by the presence in the air you inhale of all these air pollutants.

New technologies are available on the market to help you improve the quality of the air from your car and home so you may live a healthy and happy life

Using a device known as an air purifier you can clean the air and refresh it where ever you need be it your car or home.

This device will extract contaminants and recirculate clean and sanitized air ensuring a safe and pleasant ride.

Using air purifiers is indicated for asthma or allergies sufferers but also for all others that wish to keep a cleaned, sanitized and controlled climate inside their cars.

Two main technologies are used to purify the air: active technologies and passive technologies.

With the active technology, negatively charged ions are used to ensure the adhesion of micro-particle and removal from the air.

Filters are used in the passive technology that will remove all contaminants being more efficient in permanently removing pollutants.

Air purifying devices use HEPA filters, ionization, ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, photocatalytic oxidation, activated carbon.

With the combination off all these methods, you can obtain a great quality of air and keep yourself and your loved ones healthy.

Small devices that are easy to purchase and will improve the quality of the air you breathe so investing in this means taking care of your health.


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Car Air Purifier Review

Car Ionizer Air Purifier Cleaner is a high-efficiency device that will ensure a 360 ° purification of the air in your car.

This top device has a special aluminum alloy shell design that will allow it to fit in any cup-holder and through a USB to be easily connected to a 5V DC power plug.

It is really easy to install and use because you just have to plug it and will run starting to filter and improve air quality in your car.

It has a touch screen and LED displaying temperature, humidity and keeping track of air index.

Has integrated may purification systems like a pre-net filter, HEPA filters, negative ions, carbon activated filter, and a primary filter.

The negative ions and HEPA filters will remove formaldehyde, smog, PM2.5, smog, any other nocive substances.

The activated carbon cotton filters and the HEPA filters will remove any odors and refresh the air in your car.

This device has 3 layer filter making it very efficient in removing any harmful article and refreshing your car’s air.

With a good car air purifier like this one you can make sure that the micro-climate in your car is well maintained and suited for children.

This device is easy to use having one touch button that will start and configure the options.

After you plug it in you will fell immediate improvements and more clean and fresh air.

This is a very discrete device which will not make noise and is easy to store and keep in the cup-holder.

With the color code you will know what is the quality of the air by watching the different colors changing.


  • easy to install
  • easy to use
  • 3 layer filter
  • HEPA filters
  • activated carbon
  • negative ions
  • 360-degree purification
  • smart and ergonomic design
  • touchscreen and LED
  • displays temperature, humidity, and index air
  • UBS connecting cable
  • changes colors to let you know when the air is cleaner
  • very silent


  • ionized air can have a distinct smell
  • the fan is not very powerful


If you need a high-quality and efficient air purifying device that is also very affordable you should try Car Air Cleaner by Airthereal .

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