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Webasto Gasoline Heater Air Top 2000 STC Kit-9032227A

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If you need a very good high-quality gasoline heater for your car that comes packed with a lot of options, with very low fuel consumption and an increased fuel-efficiency then you will be more than pleased with Webasto Air Top 2000 STC Heater Gasoline Kit-9032227A.


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Webasto Gasoline Heater Kit

Because it is not very cost-efficient to leave your engine running to heat your car for long periods new more cost-effective heating methods have been introduced on the market.

These new heating methods offer many advantages at very effective costs making it more easy and cost-effective to maintain the temperature inside your car at optimal values.

A good heating solution for your car is to install and use a high-quality parking heather that will be able to heat your car no matter if your engine is running or not for a long time at very affordable costs.

These heating devices can use different types of fuels like petrol, gasoline, diesel, propane. Depending on which type you choose you can lower your heating costs considerably.

All heating devices that use fuels work using the same principle by burning the fuel in a combustion chamber and spreading the heat inside the vehicle with the help of heated air or water using the heating exchange system.

The heated air or water can be circulated all over the car in all places you need to heat and by having microprocessors and sensors integrated into the system these heaters have a high level of precision and control.

If you are wondering if these heating systems are safe, we can say that they are designed to integrate a very secure safety mechanism that will ensure seamless and secure functioning.

Why a heating device?

A heating device like this can function for 5 to 6 hours on a row without affecting your battery life because it has integrated protection and monitoring battery status systems.

With the engine on these heating systems will maintain the temperatures inside your car at optimum values with fuel consumption of max 1 gallon at 24 hours.

A very useful feature is the remote start that can be preset to automatically start and with a thermostat installed to maintain the temperatures inside your car between certain preset values.

So if outside the temperatures reach the freezing point you can preset your heater to automatically start and prevent your engine from freezing.

What is very important is the fact that you can install a heater on any type of vehicle starting from small passenger cars to trucks, buses, RVs, boats, tents, mobile houses because they function like auxiliary heating systems.

Having an air heater you will recirculate and heat the air inside your vehicle with very low costs both with your engine of or on as you wish.

So if you are searching and wish to invest in a high-quality heater for your car you can be sure that is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your car.

But as usual, a little bit of research before buying one is the best thing you can do to make sure you are investing in a reliable, durable and high-quality product.

These heaters, if you choose properly, are built to last and once you invest in one you will have it to enjoy for a long period saving you a lot of money and providing the much-needed comfort.

If you wish to choose a trusted and reliable brand that won’t let you down you can invest in a Webasto heater and by checking all the credentials you will see that all of their products are highly appreciated by their users.


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Webasto heater Kit

The Webasto Gasoline Heater Air Top 2000 STC is a high-quality kit that incorporates all you need to properly install the Webasto Air Top Gasoline Heater.

So to make this process easier we can start by saying that for each type of vehicle you will find on the Webasto site the appropriate Webasto heater so if you have a diesel vehicle you can find the specific an appropriate Webasto Air Top 2000 ST Kit- 4111385C.

This model the Webasto Air Top 2000 STC Heater Gasoline Kit-9032227A is specially designed for gasoline vehicles but that does not mean that if you have a different type of vehicle you cannot use it.

To use it on vehicles that use different types of fuel you must install a gasoline tank or in the case of the diesel heater a diesel tank.

We have made this small specification to ensure you will not encounter unwanted difficulties so if you are looking for gas heaters, diesel heaters, gasoline heaters they are all available for purchase to match your vehicle’s needs.

Another important specification is that these heaters need the professional installation done by certified professionals that can do it safely and properly.

What is cool at this Webasto Heater is that it have a very useful feature included that limits the fuel usage so you will not run out of gasoline in your tank.

Also if you go camping with your car using the Webasto heating system you will have autonomy for a long time and a lot of heat provided.

These gasoline units do not need a lot of maintenance, the diesel one will need regular maintenance and filters changed to run properly.

If the noise was a problem for gasoline heaters, now with the new quiet fuel dosing pump you will have no issue.

In this installation kit, you will find all the necessary parts to properly install this heater.

What is again important to know is that this model of Webasto Gasoline heater can be used only with a Rotary control and if you wish to use the Multicontrol HD 7-Day Timer you will have to purchase another model.

Webasto Gasoline Heater Pros

  • new quieter fuel dosing pump
  • works on gasoline
  • in this kit, you have all you need for a complete installation
  • increased fuel-efficiency
  • can be installed as an auxiliary heating system with your conventional heating
  • has a rheostat included
  • stainless steel pipes

Webasto Gasoline Heater Cons

  • compatible only with the Rotary Control


If you need a very good high-quality gasoline heater for your car that comes packed with a lot of options and ensures your car will have more heat than you need with very low fuel consumption and an increased cost-efficiency then you will be more than pleased with Webasto Gasoline Heater Air Top 2000 STC Kit-9032227A.

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