VVKB Diesel Parking Heater Bunk Heater

VVKB Diesel Parking Heater Bunk Heater 12V 2.5KW/ 8500BTU Quiet Economy

Car Auxiliary Heater
  • Price - 9.6/10
  • Power - 9.7/10
  • Quality - 9.3/10


If you need efficient vehicle heaters that will not use a lot of fuel and will increase your comfort by ensuring optimum temperatures no matter the season at very good prices you should check the VVKB Diesel Parking/Boat/Bunk Heaters


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VVKB  Parking Heater

A parking heater will use air or water to warm up the engine or the interior of vehicles.

These devices are cost-effective and reliable and will ensure a warm and comfortable vehicle interior.

With a high-quality heater, you will be able to maintain an optimal temperature even when the engine is shut.

Parking heaters work by burning different types of fuels(diesel, propane, petrol) in a combustion chamber and use the heat through the flowing air or water using the heat exchanging system.

The heated air or water will be distributed to other parts of the car which have heating installation.

Having sensors and microprocessors integrated will ensure a high control and a safe, reliable seamless functioning of the heater.

Installing an electric engine heater or a diesel parking heater you can heat the engine before starting it and heat also the interior cabin/vehicle space even when the engine is off.

Some heaters will have a remote control to start the heater or others will have only the manual start option with timer.

Only high-quality heaters that have all the ratings for quality standards will have such high performances and fuel efficiency.

Buying a vehicle heater will improve comfort and guaranty optimal conditions even in the harshest conditions without the need to keep the engine on and will reduce engine wear.

What it does?

These devices can be used for any vehicle and space that need heating like cars, buses, trucks, boats, RVs, mobile houses, tents and have a dual function capability as auxiliary heating systems.

You can switch on the device using a remote control, manual control, mobile phone or preset time.

You can set different parameters like ambient temperature using the appropriate settings or just set it to a heating mode.

The warmth is directed in the interior section using the ventilation system of the vehicle and will start to circulate the warm air and maintain a constant temperature that will be preset.

This system will also warm up the engine making it easy to start it when it is very cold outside.


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VVKB Diesel Parking Heater

VVKB has more than 20 years of experience and is one of the leading manufacturers for parking heaters and block heaters on the market.

With more than 10 patents on heaters, they have all the certificates passed (CE, FCC, ROHS) and ensure high-quality heaters that will fit any vehicle and are known for their fuel efficiency.

VVKB Diesel Parking Heater Bunk Heater are designed to help all drivers to quick-start the engine and warm up the car with low fuel consumption.

VVKB heaters will offer car owners many benefits like ensuring visibility by melting the ice and removing mist from the windscreen, saving money in the long term by being fuel-efficient.

Also, these devices will improve a lot the comfort in your car by ensuring optimum temperatures and easy and convenient use of warming the vehicle in winter and cooling it in the summertime.

A great feature of these heaters is that they will reduce air pollution with almost 47% in comparison with vehicle exhaust.


  • easy to use
  • will increase comfort and reduce engine wear
  • fuel-efficient
  • low air pollution
  • will fit any vehicle
  • they come in different shapes and sizes depending on the heating capacity needed
  • you can use manual/remote/timer/wireless control
  • they will heat the car fast
  • you can preset it for specific temperatures
  • safe to use


  • it is not easy to install and require professional installation


If you need a very high-quality heater for your vehicle that is reliable, affordable and fuel-efficient you should try VVKB Diesel Parking Heater Bunk Heater.

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