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Remote Car Starter 2-Way Automatic Car Alarm System

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If you’re tired of your old keys and you’re searching for a more modern and simple way to lock and unlock your vehicle, you should give this Remote Car Starter 2-Way Automatic Car Alarm System a try.


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2 Way Remote Car Starter

In a time where technology is so highly advanced, you have the opportunity to say goodbye to the first 10 uncomfortable minutes of driving.

With the help of a remote car starter, you can start your car from inside your home, allowing it to warm up in those freezing winter mornings, or to let it cool down in the middle of a heated summer day.

A fancy futuristic device such as this isn’t anywhere near as complicated as it sounds. Widely known as a remote ignition system or a remote start system, this little gadget can start a car from a distance.

A small box is installed in your car, connecting it to several wires in your car, like the power wire, ignition switch, the starter wire, the ignition switch, etc. When the remote used by the driver is activated, all those systems will be turned on, starting the engine.

If you live in a cold climate, a lot of installers will set the remote starter to turn on the vehicle every half an hour at night while fitting it. This can lead to draining the car’s battery. You can easily stop that by mentioning it to your installers and asking them to not do it.


Giordon Remote Car Starter

This Remote Car Starter is universal for all cars. If the car comes with an original car alarm device, you should remove the close signal wire of the hood before being able to use this product.

It’s compatible with 95% Dc12v compact, Sedans, Coupes, SUVs, Pick-Ups available. MP900 for vehicles such as Honda, Nissan, Chevy, Mercedes Benz, Jeep Cherokee and more.

You don’t have to be a tech pro to be able to use it. It’s designed specifically for all kinds of drivers, ready to give you a futuristic look while also easing your life a little bit.

Thanks to its Android-compatible control system, you can easily download the App, connect it, and you’re good to move on with your busy day.

With the help of the MP900 One Button Start Car Alarm System, in case you haven’t changed the original car wiring yet, you can easily and conveniently unlock the car door automatically through mobile phone settings, then press the ON button to start the engine.

The Mobile App comes with a wide range of functions, such as Automatic Induction, Control by Shaking Hand, Start Engine, Lock Engine, Vibration Alarm, One Button Engine Start, Remote Sensing, Car Alarm System, Car Locator, Build-in Lock, Open Trunk Release, Turn On Reservation Mode and Deadlocking Active.

The package includes 1 car engine push starter host, 1 test leads, 1 push Start/Stop button, 1 remote control, and one user manual.

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Remote Car Starter

Key Features

  • Passive keyless entry. Hand-freely locking or unlocking the car without pressing the remote “lock” or “unlock” button. When you approach the car, the door auto unlocks at a 3-8feet distance and auto-locks when you leave your vehicle, at a 3-8feet distance.
  • Long-distance remote engine starting/stopping by transmitter under start-up mode. Long press the button of the remote key, for 4s, then the engine will start while the central locking system will still be in a locked state. The engine will stay on for 10 minutes.
  • Easy to use Start/Stop buttons. Hold the remotes third button for 4s to start the engine, press the lock button 1 time to stop it.
  • Hopping code protection.
  • Handbrake auto checking, for remote security purposes.
  • Side door alarm. In case someone tries to open the car door illegally, the alarm will go off.
  • Automatic central lock. The car doors will be automatically locked while driving, then unlocked when you turn off the engine. You can disable this function anytime.
  • Remote open trunk. If you hold the unlock button for more than 2s, the trunk will automatically open up.
  • RFID anti-collision tech
  • FHSS high-security design
  • Outside learning button
  • Ultrasonic sensor output
  • Supports both auto, and manual cars


  • No Shock Sensor


If you’re tired of your old keys and you’re searching for a more modern and simple way to lock and unlock your vehicle, you should give this Remote Car Starter 2-Way Automatic Car Alarm System a try.

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