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Prestige Car Alarm System Review

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A good and useful tool for any car owner.


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Prestige Car Alarm System

Forget traffic and angry drivers, getting in a cold car first thing in the morning is the most annoying thing about driving. Especially those first 10 minutes until the car starts to properly warm-up, then when you’re finally starting to relax, congratulations, you’re at work.

Using a remote car starter you now have the opportunity to start up your vehicle from inside your home, while also keeping it locked, to allow it to warm up until you’re ready to go. You can also start it up to allow it to cool down during summer months, so you won’t have to use oven gloves to be able to touch the steering wheel.

It may sound like it is too complicated to use to some people, but that’s not the case at all. Used to start a car within a 1mile range, this device is also known as a remote ignition system or a remote start system.

Your mechanic expert installs a small box in your vehicle and connects it to several wires, such as the power wire, ignition switch, the starter wire, etc. When you activate the remote, all those systems will be turned on, starting the engine.

A common question is: “What is the difference between a one-way remote starter and a two-way remote starter”. The difference is that the two-way remote starter confirms 100% if the vehicle has started or not, while the one-way remote starter doesn’t. 

With a one-way remote starter, you risk pressing the button but not managing to start the car from the first try. In this case, it won’t notify you that the first attempt failed, so now you’ll be walking out to a cold vehicle because you didn’t know it didn’t start.

In this article, we’ll talk about Prestige Two-Way Confirming Start and Alarm System. A car remote starter with an amazing alarm system.


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This little futuristic gadget has one Five Button Two-Way LCD Confirming Transmitter of high quality and ultra-performance that you can put your trust in, to unlock/lock your vehicle and to let you know if someone’s trying to break in.

A Five Button One-Way Transmitter flash logic FLCART that comes with a compatible glass mount antenna with built-in LED light and Valet Switch programmed transmitter notification.

It can be programmed for one or two users with separate control outputs. Single, Double, Triple press to start Selectable run times. You can choose between 24hour time start mode, cold temperature start mode, two or four-hour automatic start mode.

If you live in a cold area, your mechanic can program the device to start your car automatically during the night, every two or four hours. If you don’t want this feature, as it can lead to battery draining, you can mention it to those installing it.

The Prestige Car Alarm System features a parking meter countdown timer mode on LCD transmitter remote. This feature can help you remember the time you have left if you’re having a busy day.

You can also control your vehicle by downloading the Car Link app on your smartphone. You have all the instructions you need in the manual that comes with the package.

With remote panic in all modes and improved custom code override, you have a user-selectable and programmable Automatic Arming, Automatic Locking, Illuminated Entry, Multiple Vehicle Control, Remote Keyless Entry. 

This device also features Multi-Tone Mini Siren Starter, Interrupt Dual Stage Shock Sensor with City Mode, Flashing Parking Lights, and 11 NOC Outputs. 19 Control Options 4 Auxiliary Outputs, 10 Control Options Telematics Port-Car link, Ready Flash Logic Based and System Programming.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • High-Quality
  • Two-Way Confirming
  • Parking meter countdown timer


  • It doesn’t come with the bypass


If you’re looking for a secure and trustworthy remote car starter, that’s not costing you a fortune but has high-quality features, you should give the Prestige Car Alarm System and Two-Way LCD Remote Car Starter a chance.

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