EASYGUARD 2 Way Car Alarm System

EASYGUARD 2 Way Car Alarm System EC201-M9

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  • Price - 9.3/10
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Having a quality 2-way car alarm system will ensure you will have peace of mind knowing that your car is safe. 

With the new EASYGUARD 2 Way Car Alarm System EC201-M9 you will also have included nice features like remote engine start, turbo timer mode, warning shock alarms, and two 1.73 inch LCD remote pagers.


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EASYGUARD EC201 2 Way Car Alarm System

Nowadays we have on the market dozens and dozens of car alarm systems and that might confuse you especially if you are not familiar with many technical terms used like1- way or 2-way systems and what they mean.

To make it a little easier we will start by clarifying the terms so a 1-way car alarm system is an alarm system that will communicate with your car by sending signals that will trigger all the options included like a remote starter, arm/disarm the alarm or other commands.

The drawback of a 1-way car alarm system is that if you are not in the visual range of the vehicle you will have no idea if the system worked actually.

In the case of a 2-way alarm system, you will have a feedback loop between your car and the remote pager that will keep you all the time informed of the status of the vehicle so if the sensors are triggered you will receive important information.

You will have visual information from the key fob either on the LED or LCD screen as long as you are in the alarm’s predefined range.

The main advantage of a 2-way car alarm system is that the car and transponder have a 2-way connection that will notify you in the case your car is being tampered with.

So if you need extra protection for your car on the streets and wish to have peace of mind you certainly need a 2-way car alarm system.

The actual advantages of 2-way alarm systems are very important because you can have lower insurance rates if you install highly effective anti-theft devices and you can take real and effective measures to recover your car or deter the thieves in case of auto theft.

Having so many different models available if you know what you need you can find a suitable and affordable alarm system that will ensure maximum protection for your car.


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EASYGUARD Car Alarm System

EASYGUARD 2 Way Car Alarm System EC201-M9 is a 2-way car alarm system that has some very nice features like a remote engine start, a turbo timer mode, a warning shock alarm, and a 1.73 inch LCD remote pager.

This alarm system has a push start feature, a keyless entry, a remote start/stop and remote engine cut of.

It has 2 stylish remotes that have a super long action range(800m) and that will monitor your car 24/7 and send real-time vehicle status.

The LCD pager has 4 buttons that have functions like arm/panic mode, disarm, mute arm/start button and trunk release.

With the remote start, you can use the feature to cool from advance the car in the summer or to preheat it in the wintertime.

You can have also the feature for automatic windows roll up if you install the window closer module that is an extra feature.

EASYGUARD 2 Way Car Alarm System EC201-M9 is compatible with most DC12V cars and will need an additional bypass module if you wish to install it on vehicles that have in factory chip immobilizer OEM key fab.

This alarm comes with FSK technology that will ensure long feedback and working range and stable performance thanks to the usage of FSK signal spectrum.

With the help of the timer engine start, you will protect the engine and prolong the life span of the engine.

As a cool feature, you will have also a remote release of the trunk and if someone triggers the shock sensors the siren will go off.

Before acquiring this alarm system it is better to check if it is compatible with your car and to make sure that you will have a professional to install it.


  • easy to use
  • comes with 2 remotes
  • compatible with 95% DC12V petrol vehicles
  • 24/7 real-time car monitoring and vehicle status
  • timer engine start
  • remote trunk release
  • shock sensor warning
  • LCD pager display
  • new FSK technology
  • anti-hijacking feature
  • an available extra option for automatic window closing module
  • panic mode
  • automation for the central door locking


  • needs professional installation
  • will need extra bypass module for vehicles that have an in factory chip immobilizer OEM key fob


If you need a very good and reliable car alarm system that has many features like remote start, turbo timer, warning shock, LCD remote pager you must try the EASYGUARD 2 Way Car Alarm System EC201-M9.

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