Clifford IntelliGuard 770 

Clifford IntelliGuard 770 4 Channel Security system

Car Alarm Systems
  • Price - 9.6/10
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Having a reliable car alarm system will protect your car, give you the much needed peace of mind and you can have all these with just an affordable and high quality Clifford IntelliGuard 770 4 Channel Security system.


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Clifford IntelliGuard 770 

Auto thefts are a big concern for car owners these days and the new statistics show that thieves have new and sophisticated methods of braking and stealing vehicles.

Having a good security system will keep your car safe and you stress-free no matter what.

Advanced car security systems will provide the extra protection needed for your car and will keep thieves away.

Many types of car security systems are available that have all kinds of anti-theft methods included and before purchasing one it is best to check if it is compatible with your car.

Car security systems use an electric key that will send specific codes to your car’s system and which when they are recognized will ensure access to your car.

Any other code which is incompatible will determine the system to send a message to the owner that an attempt to break the car’s system is made and will automatically block the car when the acknowledgment is sent back by the owner.

These systems use radio frequencies identification and many channels to allow communication and feedback with the car owner.

Car security systems come at affordable prices and allow you to increase the security of your car and with the extra feature included will augment the options of your car, increasing comfort and security.

Car Security Systems

Many types of vehicle security systems are available like central locking systems with remote control, deadlocks alarm systems and immobilizers (factory fit/post-manufacture).

The most used method is the central locking system which uses a remote control with radio and infrared signals that can travel through objects and have a certain range of action.

The components of a central locking system are a transmitter, an ECU/receiver (can use rolling codes to increase security) and actuators (DC motors, stepper motor or solenoids).

The normally used frequency for remote control operations is FM UHF which will carry the codes and information.

The alarm system will detect any movement in a certain perimeter or attempt to break the car, detecting the ignition or passenger compartment movement and will emit an audible alarm which has a back-up power supply.

The immobilizer will be set passively and will isolate a minimum of two systems or circuits or one relevant operationally control unit that has coded intervention.

The alarm security system will include a perimeter and ignition detection each of them protecting and monitoring all entry points to the car, the ignition and engine electrics.

A Doppler radar using ultrasonic sensors will detect changes to the interior of the car and will set the alarm off, informing at the same time the owner.

Many different brands of car alarm systems are available having basic or extra added features included, so before choosing one it is best to look for information and check the compatibility with your vehicle.


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The Clifford brand is on the market for many years being one of the first to bring car alarm systems on the market with the best value/ price rate.

What sets them apart from other well-known car alarm brands is that they have very competitive prices, new and innovative designs and great performances.

Clifford IntelliGuard 770 4 Channel Security system is a 1-way car security system that uses 4 channel security, an optional Keyless Entry and has added features like anti-carjacking system BlackJack 5, dual-zone OmniSensor, G5 glass break sensor.

Aside from a great price this car alarm system will have two 5 buttons remote controls and have one of the smallest control modules available on the market making it easier to place and hide from thieves.

This alarm system includes Medallion 2 programmable siren and has 6 tones that will deter anyone trying to mess with your car and attract attention immediately.

Clifford IntelliGuard 770 alarm system has also included a shock sensor blue led visual deterrents


  • Dual-Zone OmniSensor
  • Glass Break Sensor
  • Parking Light Flasher
  • Two 5-Button Remote Controls
  • 3 Auxiliary Channels
  • Anti-Code Grabbing Technology
  • Anti-Carjacking System
  • Data Port
  • Override Switch/Coded Valet
  • Programmable 6 Tone Speaker Siren
  • Blue LED Status Indicator


  • you have to purchase the remote start separately if you need one
  • does not work on manual transmission vehicles


If you need a 1-way advanced alarm system at a very good price and high quality with many great features included like 2 remote controls, anti-carjacking/ anti-code grabbing technologies and many others you should check Clifford IntelliGuard 770 4 Channel Security system.

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