Clifford 5706X 2 Way LCD Hybrid System

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  • Price - 9.1/10
  • Functions - 9.3/10
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While the cost of the system is more expensive than normal, the amount of possible characteristics balances it out well.


These times a growing amount of people owe vehicles and use them daily. It might not be classified as one of your assets but it is a very important asset. It guarantees your safe transport from one point to another.

So apart from being relevant, it is also important that you defend your car against vehicle robbers and vandals.

The Clifford 5706x is a great vehicle security system offered by Directed Electronics Inc., one of the biggest automotive cybersecurity organizations.

This vehicle alarm system furnishes you a top of the series quality of vehicle protection. It gives not just safety, but also convenience and comfort.

These are items that most people watch out for in-vehicle security systems. You can find all that with the Clifford 5706x.


Currently, the Clifford 5706x is considered as one of the greatest anti-theft tools for vehicles.

This security system is quite handy and efficient. Although it is not very pocket-friendly, it is also not absurd.

The installation process of the Clifford 5706x is not simple for the interest of the users. This, we believe is because the manufacturer’s guaranty depends on a flawless fitting.

The users will only experience all the characteristics of the system is correctly installed by a licensed.

These highlights hold; a remote sensor range of one (1) mile, a two-way LCD remote with priority icons and a one-way 4-button remote, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

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Other characteristics are Silent mode 2 siren-less arming, valet method, car tilt alarm, keyless access/entry, runtime reset, temperature control, etc.

The Clifford 5706X 2 Way LCD Hybrid System brings a lot of highlights to the table, and I think this makes it worth the investment cost.

It may not be affordable, but it is in a range of its own.

1) Rechargeable Remote

This characteristic enables you to charge your remotes; the one-way 4-button remote, as well as the two-way LCD remote.

This is a cost-saving characteristic, as it helps users conserve money that might have been wasted on replacement batteries.

Also, this rechargeable duty provides room for full-color displays on the two-way screen and more powerful transmitters from the remotes.

2) Remote Start

The remote start characteristic allows you to start your car’s motor without the requirement for physical contact. It can be made within the one-mile range, which is a great distance.

The range diversifies as per the local circumstances. The agents which control the range add terrain, environment, car location, and other potential interference.

The remote start characteristic aids you warm up your vehicle motor before you reach the car, conserving you time.

Also, you can improve the temperature of your car’s cabin to an excellent level. 

This is very helpful during winter or in cold environments. In summer or warmer climate, you can decrease the temperature of your vehicle cabin.

All these can be executed remotely, as long as you’re within the one-mile area.

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Clifford 5706X 2 Way LCD Hybrid System

3) Two-Way LCD Remote

With the two-way LCD remote, you can manage the safety system of your car, and get feedback from it.

You can arm or disarm your alarm, lock or unlock your door, remote start your car or pop your trunk open.

This LCD remote is allowed to warn you about your car’s situation with visuals and audio. This remote shows the car’s status with reports like; DOOR LOCKED.

Also, it utilizes ghosted images to show that you’ve changed something. Changing your car from protected to valet method reveals a ghosted padlock icon.

And then there is the Priority Icon Map that illustrates the most significant data in the middle of the screen 20% larger than the other icons. Guaranteeing that you do not avoid it.

The two-way LCD remote gets updates on the safety status of your car.

If your vehicle is being disturbed or tampered with, you receive prompts. When the trouble is minor these prompts are just chirps or beeps.

But if it is a severe attempt at breaching the safety of your automobile or vandalizing it, a full horn goes up.

4) Shock Sensor

This is one characteristic found in every great car fraud safety systemThe double-guard shock sensor identifies movement around the vehicle and can distinguish between threatening and non-threatening actions.

The shock sensor transmits out a Warn-away signal, to discourage criminals while sending an alarm to your two-way remote.

But when the disturbance gets more grave, the Revenger siren is used at the full sound. The shock sensor is remote flexible and friendly for living neighborhoods.

5) SmartStart Software

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This characteristic is one of the most beneficial characteristics of the Clifford 5706x. It gives you total entrance and control over your vehicle’s protection system.

With the SmartStart application, you can constantly control the state of your vehicle and send commands to it, even if you are outside the remote sensor area.

Also, using the SmartStart software, you can follow your vehicle down. That is very essential for recovering stolen vehicles or following automobiles in a logistics business. Multiple vehicles can be controlled and mastered utilizing this application.

All these are plausible because the SmartStart mobile app is also a product of Directed Electronics Inc.

Buyers need to be informed that this characteristic comes with a monthly subscription which can be quite expensive.


  • battery charge for remote satisfies long, even up till 9 months after the first load.
  • cooperative with SmartStart mobile application
  • manage many vehicles and assign users to access the car.


  • these automotive protection products can only be fitted by professionals.
  • the cost of investment is quite big.


If you can support the price of acquisition and installation of Clifford 5706X 2 Way LCD Hybrid System, then we recommend that you get your car fitted with one. While the cost of the system is more expensive than normal, the amount of possible characteristics balances it out well.

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