12V Car Security Alarm System Keyless Entry

12V Car Security Alarm System Keyless Entry

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If you wish to upgrade the security of your car and customize it specifically with your fingerprint you can try this new 12V Keyless Entry/Push Button Engine Start Remote/Car Alarm & Security Car Alarm System that has integrated high tech features that will keep your car safe and your mind at peace.


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12V Car Security System Keyless Entry

Car security systems are a great way to protect your vehicle from theft and tampering and having one installed will for sure keep your mind at peace.

Nowadays many cars have standard integrated alarm systems but even these need improvements against crafty thieves that have many methods to tamper even with the most sophisticated alarms.

Not all alarm systems have many layers of protection and resourceful thieves might know how to take advantage of weaknesses in the alarm system and by-pass it.

Many things might go wrong and by acquiring a good alarm system you can prevent that because high-quality car alarm systems use many layers of protection integrating old and new methods of protection.

We can provide many examples of thieves resourcefulness when it comes to car alarm systems and how they can be overridden or bypassed.

Not many car owners know that even if you have a car alarm system installed your car is not safe because if the alarm system does not protect completely the car it is easy to tamper with the car’s battery.

An alarm system that has no back-up battery can be made useless if the car battery is disabled leaving the car without defense.

Besides choosing a high-quality alarm system it is very important also to choose a good professional to install it.

These multi-layered alarm systems use encrypted transmissions that will protect the signal from being intercepted.

Alarms that detect motion will send notifications each time the sensors are triggered alerting you and all that are in the car’s proximity deterring this way the thieves also.

Modern car alarms use a combination of systems to ensure better protection for your vehicle.

By combining these type sophisticated car alarm systems are very hard to bypass even by the most resourceful thieves.

We will present on short the most available alarm types used in car alarm systems.

You can have integrated into your car alarm system a passive or active alarm, a tracker, an immobilizer and an audible or silent alarm.


A passive alarm will be automatically activated once you remove the key from the engine and lock the doors, this type is the most used on the market.

The active alarm differs from the passive one by giving more control to the user because this type requires activation after the vehicle is locked.

Car alarm systems that have a tracker integrated will allow the owner to locate the vehicle by using the vehicle’s GPS coordinates and help the authorities detect the vehicle’s location.

The immobilizer is very useful also because it will lock the steering wheel and activate the emergency light if someone tries to use something else than the key.

Having an audible alarm included will make a lot of deterring noise if the alarm is triggered and will also activate the car lighting system until the owner stops it.

Audible alarms are the most common on the market but the silent alarms that send notifications to the owner are used as well.

The best alarms on the market will use a combination of all these alarm types to ensure increased security and add new and useful features to your car.


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12V Car Security Alarm System

This 12V Car Security Alarm System Keyless Entry is a 1-way alarm system that includes many high-end features like keyless entry, push-button start engine, remote engine start, car tracker, smart chip ensuring very good and stable performances.

Having 2 remote controls it is easy to use all the functions just by pressing 3 buttons.

With the help of the controller, it is easy to locate the car, to control the loudspeakers, open/close the trunk and many other very useful features.

What is new at this car alarm system is the usage of the fingerprint function to start the car adding a whole level of increased security for your car by having a fingerprint scanner included.

If you wish to upgrade the security of your car and customize it specifically with your fingerprint you can try this new car alarm system that has integrated high tech features that will keep your car safe.


  • easy to use
  • fingerprint scanner and fingerprint start engine
  • 2 controllers
  • has a tracker included
  • the integrated smart chip which ensures a stable performance
  • LED indicator
  • emergency switch
  • remote control for the trunk
  • remote control lock
  • remote start pump detection
  • compatible with all vehicle types


  • requires professional installation


If you wish to keep your car protected and add very useful and high tech features to your car you should try this new 12V Car Security Alarm System Keyless Entry.

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