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Being so near to the cold season it is best to approach an important subject for drivers namely winter tires and why it is so important to have them installed in winter conditions.

Many drivers make the mistake to dismiss the importance of having your car well equipped with appropriate winter tires because many believe that all-weather or all-season tires are enough.

As good and impressive all-season and all-weather tires are, they are designed specifically for certain conditions and it is important to understand that by using them beyond their limits you can jeopardize your safety.

The tires that are designed for all-weather or all-season usage have integrated features that are not suitable to handle the harsh winter conditions from some areas where the winter climate is very rough.

In some of these areas, winter tires are a mandatory requirement when temperatures drop below 7°C and many drivers choose to install them from advance to avoid service rush.

You can have many benefits by acquiring and equipping your car from advance with winter tires like finding more available models and even finding easier special price offers .

Why Michelin Winter Tires?

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Michelin Winter Tires

Winter tires are made from a special rubber that has compounds that keeps the tire flexible and soft even in extremely low temperatures like minus 40 °C that ensures better grip and traction even in the harshest conditions.

Winter tires are very important for your car in the changing season and by replacing your tires with winter tires you will cope better with the new harsh winter conditions and will be more equipped to avoid any road incident.

The special features that winter tires integrate into their design make them more suitable and we can present on short some of them to accentuate the difference from winter tires and other types.

These tires are manufactured using special rubber compounds that are highly flexible and resilient in very low temperatures increasing this way grip and traction.

Winter tires offer better traction on ice, snow, slush as well as on wet/dry conditions and cold weather thanks to a special rubber with compounds that add grip and increases traction.

Winter tires are not intended for year-round use and will not perform well as all-season or all-weather/ summer tires in warmer conditions.

If the area were you live has moderate and heavy snows you must install winter tires when the winter season begins and because Michelin winter tires use a unique silica compound and very intricate tread design they offer the best traction and snow grip.

How you prepare and equip your car for winter conditions is very important for your safety on the road and choosing the right winter tires for you can save you from a lot of dangerous situations.

All-season tire in temperatures below 7°C become stiffer and lose grip and traction in comparison with winter tires that remain flexible and soft.

Winter tires can be called cold weather tires so when the temperature drops they are the most appropriate tires because they are designed especially for less hydroplaning and increased traction and friction ensuring your car won’t skid on snow or ice.

Michelin Winter Tires Tread Patterns

The special design of the treads will increase handling capabilities and braking in icy or snowy conditions.

The special silica compound in rubber ensures better control of the car by keeping the rubber soft and preventing the tires to slip like hockey pucks on icy and snowy roads.

To keep yourself safe, confident and in control of your car while you drive in extremely cold winter weather you must equip your vehicle with suitable winter tires because they will reduce the build-up of snow maintaining an increased grip on snowy, slippery roads.

Cold weather tires are specially designed to address these issues thanks to the specific features they have added.

Having larger grooves and tread blocks makes them have higher performances than any other tires on ice and snow.

Indeed all-season tires are very good but when it comes to winter conditions no other tire can beat the performances of a winter tire, it is not easy to see those differences if you have not tested them both in extreme winter weather conditions to see them in action.

If you reside in countries with harsh winter conditions you will find out that all-season tires might not have the high performances you need and only winter tires will give you the confidence to drive safely on icy and snowy roads.

Why Winter Tires?

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big snow

The advantages of having winter tires are obvious once you have tried them and the most important of all is the advantage of increasing your safety on wintery and difficult roads.

By choosing high-quality winter tires to equip your car you will have more control of your car, better grip thanks to the softer and grippier rubber, better traction, higher flexibility even in the lowest temperatures.

The superior braking performances cannot be matched by any other tires because these cold-weather tires do not skid or lock-up like other tires on difficult icy and snow-covered roads.

Installing proper cold weather tires you reduce the risk of winter-related road accidents and you will be more confident driving your vehicle even in the harshest conditions.

It is important to know that winter tires cant be used like all seasons tires they can only be used when temperatures drop to 7°C or below or when you have snow and ice on roads because the special design of the treads can deteriorate the roads.

The tread life of snow tires is lower than of other tire types because of the softer rubber compound and they tend to wear down rapidly in warm weather conditions.

Drivers need to equip their cars with suitable tires taking into consideration the performances required for each specific weather condition because each type of tire is specifically designed to fit certain conditions thanks to specific features included in the design.

In the next part of our article, we are going to talk about some of the most appreciated winter tires on the market Michelin Winter Tires.


These tires have some unique features integrated that differentiate them from many other winter tires on the market.

Michelin is one of the most renowned global premium tire manufacturer brands on the market being second only after Bridgestone and if you wish to equip your car with the best winter tires on the market undoubtedly you should try the Michelin Winter Tires.

For those of you that live in areas where winters are cold, snowy and harsh the best tires that are available are Michelin Winter tires.

The Michelin Winter Tires have outstanding performances even on wet and dry roads, very good snow & ice handling and braking.

We will present on short some of the most appreciated Michelin Winter Tires and for each of them the most important features and performances.

1.Passenger Car – Michelin X-Ice Xi3 Winter Radial Tire

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Michelin Winter Tires X Ice Xi3

This high-quality winter tire is the result of a lot of research, innovation, and expertise from the Michelin developing team.

With these new amazing tires, your car will have high performances even in the harshest winter conditions when you brake, accelerate and corner thanks to the silica compounds added in the rubber.

The full silica FleX-Ice compound is one of the most important innovations integrated into the X-Ice tire’s design providing superior performances on ice and snow because this compound keeps the entire tire flexible even in extremely cold temperatures.

Because these tires remain soft and flexible they can provide increased traction and grip even in temperatures well below freezing point.

These tires were tested in extreme winter conditions simulating all kinds of incidents and real-life situations to see exactly how the tires perform and if they need improvements in certain areas.

What is amazing at these tires is the fact that they keep their high performances and they do not wear so easily like other winter tires and also if they do wear in time they still have great performances.

Michelin X-Ice Xi3 Winter Radial Tire maintains their high performances constant even if they are close to the end of their useful life.

Other great features integrated into the design of these tires are the unique micro-pumps that have a cross Z shape and absorb/evacuate water improving the tread contact with the road.

Because the tire industry is evolving continually and uses complex technologies new best high-ends products with high performances that increase safety on the road appear at an increasing rate.

One of these products is the Michelin X-Ice Xi3 Winter Radial Tire which integrates the latest technological developments on the tire market being the most exceptional winter tire you can equip your car with.


  • very good rolling resistance
  • great performances when handling and steering
  • very good tread wear
  • quiet
  • high performances on ice and snow
  • good on wet and dry roads
  • FleX-Ice silica rubber compound maintains the tires flexible and soft even in below 0 temperatures
  • cross-Z sipes and micro-pump sipes that increased the contact with the road and evacuates water.
  • Caterpillar drive


  • you will need to equip your car with 2 sets to take advantage fully of all the performances these tires are capable


If you need amazing winter tires for your vehicle that will give you the confidence to drive unimpaired no matter how harsh the winter conditions are you must try the Michelin X-Ice Xi3 Winter Radial Tires.

2.Performance TiresMichelin Alpin 6

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Michelin Alpin 6

Michelin Alpin 6 Winter Tires maintain their grip throughout their entire life thanks to their evolving tread pattern named EverGrip Technology which means new groves appear even if the tires wear out maintaining increased constant grip.

Other tires when they wear out they must be changed because they lose their grip slipping and losing control and jeopardize the safety of the driver.

Michelin Alpin 6 are premium class winter tires designed for passenger cars integrating modern technologies that ensure a dynamic driving and reliability.

This model uses high-end directional tread patterns and the self-opening sipes thanks to the newly introduced Evergrip technology which ensures a constant grip and traction on the entire useful life of the tire.

Michelin Alpin 6 Winter Tires have a shorter brake distance, perfect grip, and maximum mileage and equipping your car with these tires you will ensure you driving satisfaction and full driving performance.


  • include evolving Evergrip tread pattern
  • the tires maintain an increased grip constantly even if the tire wears
  • premium tires for passenger cars
  • high-end directional tread patterns
  • self-opening sipes
  • shorter 5.9 m braking distance
  • perfect grip even on the most difficult winter surfaces
  • increased mileage
  • optimal safety and control on snow
  • multi-layered compound for treads ensures higher performance in winter conditions


  • minor drawbacks in wet braking performances


If you wish well balanced high-performance premium class winter tires for your car you will be completely amazed by the performances of Michelin Alpin 6 Winter Tires.

3.SUV Winter Tires – Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 PA5

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Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 PA5

Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 PA5 is a premium class very appreciated winter tire which is designed to face all harsh winter conditions with an optimum adherence ensuring increased traction.

This amazing winter tire has a unique mirrored symmetric tread block pattern design which ensures good handling, maximum grip, and efficiency on all types of surfaces.

The central area of the tire is reinforced ensuring high durability and damage resistance even at high speeds no matter the conditions.

With the sharp directional tread pattern and the large grove in the central tire area, this tire has a better evacuation of water or slush increasing traction and grip.

Pilot Alpin 5 has incorporated functional polymers in the rubber compounds ensuring maximum performance, grip, and traction on all surfaces from wet/dry to snow and ice.

Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 PA5 is an exceptional tire that has high-end technology included in its design making it an exceptional safe tire highly recommended and appreciated by all.

This tire is designed to provide full performances in winter weather conditions meeting all expectations even from the most demanding drivers.


  • unique mirrored block design
  • good handling, maximum grip, and efficiency on all type of surfaces
  • a reinforced central area for high durability and resistance even in high speeds
  • rubber compounds with functional polymers for maximum grip on all surfaces
  • full reliability
  • maximum grip
  • impressive endurance
  • very quiet
  • great resistance to aquaplaning
  • enhanced steering precision


  • if the temperatures are above 7 ° C they might seem a bit soft


If you need premium high-class winter tires for your car that ensures excellent performances on all types of surfaces even in the harshest winter conditions you will love the Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 PA5.

Michelin Winter Tires provide excellent winter performances, enhanced protection even in the harshest winter conditions thanks to the amazing high-end technologies integrated into their design.

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