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Evenflo SafeMax Platinum All-In-One Car Seat

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If you wish the safest and comfortable all-in-one safety seat for your child you will be thrilled by the new features incorporated in the Evenflo SafeMax all-in-one Car Seat.


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Evenflo safemax Platinum

Evenflo is well known for its testing facilities where all safety seat models are tested and improved to ensure maximum child safety.

With the help of the rollover tests they test the limits of every safety seat and all of their products exceed the safety standard imposed on the market.

The safest seat for a child is the seat that fits the child in the car most accurately and that ensures child comfort combined with maximum safety.


Evenflo SafeMax Infant Car Seat is an all-in-one safety seat designed for babies from 5 to 120 lbs having incorporated superior features that maximizes child safety and comfort.

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The most important features that stand out in this safety seat design are the integrated belt lock-off system, the anti-rebound bar, the Sure-Safe installation, and the multiple roll-over tests.

The design of this particular model includes an exclusive SafeZone base for the seat that has incorporated an anti-rebound bar that limits in case of an impact on the rebound movement.

Having an integrated belt lock-off system makes this seat more easy to install providing at the same time one of the most secure and safe installations.

The special Sure-Safe installation system is designed to increase the security of installation twice than other classical systems like the LATCH system.

Because the comfort of the child is very important in this safety seat’s design Evenflo has integrated a very performant TempRight fabric that will allow your baby’s skin to breathe and keep an optimal cool temperature to avoid rash and heat discomfort.

Evenflo SafeMax Platinum Important Features

Having a full-coverage large canopy you can keep your child protected on sunny, rainy and windy days and you can take your child with you no matter the weather.

As a new added and very useful feature the premium service named Parent Link will ensure you will have chat support in real-time, access to live installation video services and specialized safety technician support if you need help during installation.

This highly practical and safe infant seat exceeds all federal safety test standards in all important areas like structural integrity, side-impact, rollover being one of the safest baby seats available on the market.

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Evenflo Safemax Platinum Car Seat

With this new and innovative design, the SafeMax seat will ensure your baby is protected where is most needed like in the neck and head area with the included SafeZone headrest and 3 layers of lateral protection provided by the e³ Expanded Zone.

The e³ Expanded Zone was specially designed to absorb and perfectly dissipate all crash forces and with the integrated steel frame, anti-rebound bar and harness protection system this safety seat is as strong as a fortress.

In rear-facing position can accommodate a baby from 5 to 40 lbs and in forward-facing position with a very easy to slide adjustable harness from 22 to 65 pounds.

This amazing all-in-one safety seat can be used also as a high-back booster from 65 to 120 lbs keeping your child safe and comfortable in all growth stages.

Having the SureSafe installation guides you will be able to install this safety seat twice easier, faster and safer than any other seat.

Compared to other safety seats this one feels like the Cadillac of baby seats with all the added foam body padding, soft and high-quality materials.

This particular model comes also with a body and head pillows for babies and 2 removable and washable cupholders.

The harness is very easy to adjust and will fit perfectly on your baby’s shoulders just by sliding it up and down as you need it and comes also with buckle covers and pockets and seat belt-slots.

Evenflo SafeMax Platinum Pros

  • the safest all-in-one safety seat for babies from 5 to 120 lbs
  • easy to install thank to the SureSafe installation guides
  • SafeZone base
  • adjustable sliding harness
  • SafeZone headrest
  • TempRight fabric
  • 3 layers of lateral protection thanks to the e³ Expanded Zone
  • anti-rebound bar and steel frame
  • exceeds all federal safety test standards
  • Parent Link will ensure support in real-time
  • 2 washable/removable cupholders

Evenflo SafeMax Platinum Cons

  • are a bit bulky for a small car


If you need a high-quality all-in-one safety seat that will eliminate the need for any other safety seat for your child you and your child will enjoy with not doubt Evenflo SafeMax Platinum all-in-one Car Seat because it will provide maximum safety and comfort.

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