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CPROSP Car Cleaning Gun Interior Washing Air Blow Gun is perfect if you want to clean out the interior of your car.

Benefits of a clean interior

Many drivers spend a significant amount of time driving behind the wheel. This much time spent inside your car means the interior gets dirty and cluttered really fast and easy.

 To be able to maintain a clean and enjoyable car interior it can be a hard task that requires costly visits to professional car detailers.

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Car cleaning interior air blow gun

  But as a less expensive alternative, you can be able to clean by yourself and restore your car’s interior to a condition like-new with the help of professional cleaning products specially designed for car interior.

The benefits of keeping clean your car’s interior will make a case for the importance of acquiring good professional cleaning products.

 So to enumerate some of them we start with the fact that it prevents wear and tear of your car’s interior surfaces.

 Regular cleaning of your car’s upholstery and interior surfaces will keep dirt, spilled substances and dust from wearing and ruining your car interior.

Health benefits

Another important reason is to avoid damaging your health. The inside of your car is a closed environment and dust, dirt particles, fungus or mold spores, bacteria, or allergens can create a poor quality of the air.

 Many allergies and respiratory problems can be avoided by keeping a clean car interior. Also, the overall health and mental health are influenced by keeping a clean and organized car.

 Last but not least important reason is safety. As cleaning products are used to clean the exterior windshield from debris that can obstruct the driver’s view so the interior needs cleaning to maintain safety for the driver by cleaning the interior part of the windshield, the rear-facing mirror, side mirrors, windows, the dashboard, and steering wheel.  

If we have already presented the benefits of cleaning your car’s interior now we will present a short description of what a good interior cleaning should mean and what types of products would be necessary and useful.

CPROSP Car Cleaning Gun Interior Washing Air Blow Gun


 The Tornador is an air blow gun that has a rotating straw that shoots air at high speed and pressure in a circular motion covering a greater area than a normal air gun.  

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Car cleaning gun review

 The rotation makes the air shoot from different angles cleaning dirt, dust, stains from several angles. It is highly effective in cleaning fabric and small gaps and crevices hard to get to.

The Tornador needs to be connected to an air compressor that has a high over 90 Psi capacity. Whit a high enough pressure we can use the Tornador by blowing the air through the really thin straw that is inside the tip that is shaped like a funnel.

  In this way the really thin straw will have a really high circular motion, that will diapers the air out through the funnel at a high pressure blowing over any surface that needs to be cleaned. It is easily maneuverable and can be used in any angle needed to get that stubborn dirt out.

  Pressurized air can be used combined with liquid cleaning solutions if you want. The recipient is filled with degreasing/spot-remover/liquids and mixed with air dispersed through the rotting straw and funnel in a fine high-pressure mist. The agitated cleaning liquids foam up impregnating surfaces.

 Water under high pressure is used to clean and rinse any surfaces like floor mats, interior carpets, gaps, and crevices, removing pets hair from boot carpet, on any interior fabric of the car

Car cleaning interior air gun Specifications

 CPROSP Car Cleaning Gun Interior Washing Air Blow Gun is an air blow gun used to clean the interior of vehicles. It can be used to clean dashboards, air conditioning, car consoles, GPS navigation, electronic buttons, DVDs, dry blow the slots, car label.  

This device will not damage the surfaces cleaned. It works with compressed air that can get in any tight and unreachable spaces to blow away all of the dirt and dust.

 It has a copper valve that can adjust the air pressure and airflow to disperse ultra-concentrated detergent that is diluted in water at a 1:10 ratio. The working pressure is of 87~133.4PSI (6.0~9.2 Bar) and the capacity of 0.264Gal (1000ml) and must be hooked up to an air compressor with a connecting flexible hose.

 The used detergent has some lipid-lowering biological properties that can remove fast and easy stains. Can clean materials like wool car seats, door leaves, leather car seats, steering wheel, dashboard, floor mats, and carpet.

 This cleaning gun is only compatible with US connection. It comes packed as one pressure air cleaning gun, one white brush, 2 nozzles,2 hoses.

The air pressure gun is made off nickel-plated metal to ensure it against corrosion.


  • shoots the air in a circular motion (tornado)
  • breaks up dirt more efficiently
  • can shoot compressed air and solution and compressed air in a spray form and has a selector to switch to the one you need
  • high PSI breaks up dirt easily
  • it is effective in using the cleaning solution with a well-adjusted consumption
  • has several accessories and cleaning products that can be used with it


  • will need a good compressor over 90 PSI and a dial to fine-tune the pressure
  • will produce a lot of mist in the air but with good ventilation is solvable
  • the cone will wear out but is easily and low cost available to purchase
  • the rotating straw can brake being fragile
  • thick liquids clog the sprayer
  • when is blown out the dirt can fly in any direction


 CPROSP Car Cleaning Gun Interior Washing Air Blow Gun is a highly effective cleaning device that can have many purposes besides being used to make the interior of your car look perfect and clean.

If you need a good air gun to clean effectively at a really good price the tornador would be the perfect choice for you. This product is the best in its class being a good recommendation due to its efficiency.

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