Universal Blind Spot Detection

Universal Blind Spot Detection Review

Blind Spot Detection System
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This Universal Blind Spot Detection System is ideal for any drivers that wants to get another pairs of eyes that focuses on the vehicle’s blind spots.


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Universal Blind Spot Detection

Driving a car isn’t as easy as some people think. Today we’re driving more than ever while the cars are getting faster and drivers are distracted by phones. You can do everything right and still end up in an accident because someone else didn’t pay attention.

And lack of attention can be fatal, especially when someone enters in your car’s blind spot. Legally, the driver that merged into another car’s blind spot is usually to blame. However, that doesn’t take back the tragedy. This is why a lot of people invest in various blind-spot detection systems.

A blind spot is the area around a vehicle where drivers can’t see anything, even if the mirrors are adjusted adequately. There are countless drivers in the entire world and it’s terrifying how many people don’t pay attention to them. There are over 840,000 accidents because of blind spots yearly, in the United States alone. And over 300 of them are fatal.

Besides not being able to see another vehicle when changing lanes, blind spots are the most dangerous when backing up. This is because it’s impossible to see anything below the trunk’s level. And up to 5 children a year pay the price for that. Small children and animals are very hard to see when backing up.

Sadly, any vehicle has its own blind spot, or more, and it’s up to the driver to pay attention to them. Sometimes, a blind spot can easily push other cars either off-road or onto the oncoming traffic.

A Blind Spot Detection system can change that entirely. It will allow you to continuously stay alert of other vehicles, objects, or people.

What is Blind Spot Detection?

Universal Blind Spot Detection

Most new cars feature some type of Blind Spot Detection. They’re, as their name suggests, a system that detects blind spots and warns you about them. There are two main types, Active and Passive Blind Spot Detection Systems.

Le’s begin with the Active Blind Spot Detection Systems, as they’re the fanciest and technologically advanced ones. Most of them use a type of electronic detection gadgets that can be installed on both sides of a vehicle. Generally, they should be mounted around the outer rear-view mirrors, or very close to the rear bumpers.

A device like this can send electronic electromagnetic waves, usually in the radar wavelengths. But they can also take computer-processed pictures, using a digital camera, and analyze them.

However, regardless of the type of detector used, when another car, person, or object gets too close to your vehicle, it alerts you. These alerts can be visual, audible, and sometimes both. You can get a flashing light in the driver’s peripheral vision, or get loud alarms.

The warning alarms depend on how close another vehicle is to you. The closer it gets, the louder and often the alerts get.

Vehicles equipped with an internal high-end system may even try to steer themselves back into the safety zone. Luxury cars are very likely to have Active Blind Spot Detection Systems. A BMW will vibrate a wheel to warn you the moment you try to make an unsafe lane change.

Now let’s talk about the Passive Blind Spot Detection Systems that come in forms of mirrors. You can install it in the corner of your current rear-view mirror. Then it will allow you to minimize the blind spots as much as possible.

The mirrors also require professional installation.

How to Choose a Blind Spot Detection System?

Universal Blind Spot Detection

Choosing a Blind Spot Detection System can be a little tricky if you’re new to this type of technology. These gadgets use cameras, radars, or ultrasonic sensors to detect vehicles, objects, and people. So you have to think thoroughly, what type of system do you want.

A system that sends visible warnings can send them in the outboard mirrors, or in front of the pillars. They’re subtle but clearly visible at first, and become more and more strong if they’re ignored. However, they can also distract your driving if you’re an easily-distracted type of driver.

Audible warnings, on the other hand, will not distract you visually. You will also receive faint warnings at first which get more aggressive the more you ignore them. Their downside is that they can slightly startle you if you’re easily startled.

But if visual and audible alarms don’t bother you, getting a blind spot detector with both systems might be the best choice.

Another thing to take into consideration is your vehicle’s size. If you have a big vehicle, like an SUV or Minivan, you might want to consider a high-quality one. This is because it can be hard to pay attention to every inch around your vehicle.

A big vehicle has a lot of blind spots, and a high-quality system can work faster and cover more ground. But if you only need an extra set of eyes below your trunk’s level, you can settle for a more affordable one.

Blind Spot Detection Systems are a must if you’re frequently driving on multi-lane roads or highways.

In this article, we’ll talk about a Universal Blind Spot Detection System.


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This Universal Blind Spot Detection System can be easily installed without requiring any drilling. However, the bumper needs to be removed if you want to hide the sensors inside the bumpers. They’re very small and don’t take up much space.

Since their placement is crucial, it’s highly recommended to go to a professional technician to have them installed. If you accidentally put them in the wrong spots, they might not work.

It as an IP 67 approval and is specified as high-quality. It meets or exceeds all the required regulations and certifications.

Thanks to their ODM-LIKE LED indicators, they can offer much safer alerts without distracting you from driving. This gadget’s design is also based on the grading of the vehicle.

The Universal Blind Spot Detection System is automatically activated when you start on the engine. And then it shuts itself off a few minutes after you stopped the engine. It has a 24GHz Microwave Radar and while they’re small, their accuracy is excellent. This will minimize false alerts.

You’ll also benefit from a Lane Change Assistant. It monitors the car’s position on the road and detects if you’re trying to accidentally leave the lane at the wrong time. It will send you various warnings if there’s another vehicle in your blind spot.

Thanks to the Rear Cross-Traffic Assistant, you will receive warnings if anything approaches you while you’re backing up. It’s very helpful when you’re pulling out of a perpendicular parking spot in front of other cars.

If the system considers them critical threats, you will be continuously warned. This will keep you safe from any tragic accidents.


  • Easy To Use
  • High-Quality
  • Highly Accurate
  • Compact Design
  • Auto ON/OFF Feature
  • Has a 24GHz Microwave Radar
  • Minimum False Alerts
  • ODM-LIKE LED Indicators
  • Lane Change Assistant
  • Rear Cross-Traffic Assistant


  • Requires Professional Installation


This Universal Blind Spot Detection System is a very decent monitoring system. It’s a 3-in-1 combination of a Blind Spot Detection System, Lane Change System, and a Rear Cross-Traffic Assistant. It does exactly what it says it does, making it a good value for money. The only downside is that it’s very hard to install. If you’re looking for a good blind spot detector, you should give this product a try.

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